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Important Oils For Scorpio | Aromatherapy Astrology

Important Oils For Scorpio | Aromatherapy Astrology


Natalie Delahaye Provides Us Cosmic Perception On Stellar Scents…

How can we use therapeutic oils in the course of the season of Scorpio – late October to late November – and what are one of the best important aromatherapy oils for Scorpio themselves?

Let’s look to the celebrities for solutions! As a complementary remedy, we are able to work with aromatherapy, with beneficial blends for various seasons.

Throughout Scorpio Season, we would like to contemplate the important oils which have a balancing, therapeutic impact on Scorpio: Lavender, Patchouli and Frankincense.


Lavender is an ideal aroma for Scorpio season, being a herb devoted to Hecate, the queen of the underworld who assists in transitory phases in life, and is the goddess of witches and sorcerers.

Add 5 to 10 drops to a night bathtub to soften away the stresses of the day and soothe the soul.

For insomnia, mix a drop of lavender right into a smidgen of base oil and therapeutic massage onto the soles of the ft to induce deep sleep. Lavender is likely one of the few important oils that may be worn neat and is a superb addition to your first help field. Hold near your cauldron when cooking, it’s a magical healer for burns.


Frankincense offers therapeutic and purification for Scorpio.

It’s an historical, non secular plant, and one that may assist Scorpio launch fears. Use frankincense to sever ties to the previous which might be blocking progress.

This scent assists in rebirth and empowerment by means of dealing with buried problem. Apply to an oil diffuser or inhale immediately from the bottle.

Frankincense helps deepen the breath and clear muddle from the thoughts. Right here you’ve an ideal incense to your yoga, prayer or meditation session.


Patchouli resonates with Scorpio’s character.

It’s deep, sensual, and has a strong impact on all those that catch its musky scent. It deters moths and even psychic vampires.

It’s a grounding, earthy resin, that brings you again you from the heavenly heights, proper again into your physique, making it an ideal oil for spaced out personalities that want some terra firma.

It makes an unique, comforting room perfume, when subtle or added to a shower to revive the spirit.

Directions and Security!

There are a lot of methods to soak up important oils. You may both use a diffuser, add as much as 5 drops to bathtub or have an Aromatherapy Therapeutic massage. I recommend utilizing 10 drops to each 40ml service oil for a therapeutic massage.

All the time do a pores and skin check for oils you’ve by no means used, within the unlikely occasion of an allergy. To do that, add a drop to the again of your wrist, through a cotton bud, apply a plaster and wait for twenty-four hours.

There are some oils that are wonderful to make use of throughout being pregnant, although a lot of them aren’t. Please test earlier than use and don’t ingest or apply the oils neat…

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