Home Astrology “Large Change Now!” New Moon in Scorpio: November 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

“Large Change Now!” New Moon in Scorpio: November 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

“Large Change Now!” New Moon in Scorpio: November 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast


Scorpio Glyph

A “Large Change Now!” New Moon in Scorpio highlights the primary half of November. We even have an impactful Solar-Mars-Ceres Triple Conjunction … which turns into a part of a potent Cradle with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

We even have Saturn turning direct, a Jupiter-Neptune semi-square, a Mars Uranus opposition, and far more!

This forecast covers this half-month’s most essential astrological occasions. Additionally try my award-winning This Week in Astrology audio podcast and YouTube video forecasts!

Click on astrology graphics to see bigger photos. Some useful resource hyperlinks might happen greater than as soon as. It is because many individuals hyperlink to a selected day’s forecast from social media, and may not see an essential useful resource hyperlink elsewhere on this web page.

As of November 1 …

The Moon is waning (there was a Taurus Lunar Eclipse on 10/28).

Saturn is retrograde via 11/4.
Neptune is retrograde via 12/6.
Chiron is retrograde via 12/26.
Jupiter is retrograde via 12/30.
Uranus is retrograde via 1/27.

A Kite with Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto continues by way of 11/9. 
A Yod with Pallas Athena, Uranus, and Neptune continues by way of 11/10.

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A number of Days

Triple Conjunction & Cradle

One thing’s taking place in November that’s too advanced and far-ranging to be pinned all the way down to a single day. So, I’m going to interpret it right here as we begin this forecast.

For starters, now we have a Triple Conjunction of the Solar, Mars and Ceres. It lasts greater than a month, and all three planets change indicators earlier than it’s completed. Not solely that, these three planets kind Cradle side patterns with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto!

Let me break this down piece by piece so it’s straightforward to know.

The Triple Conjunction

2023 11 20 Triple Conjunction Sun Mars CeresThe Solar, Mars, and Ceres kind a Triple Conjunction for greater than a month. It begins on 11/3, peaks on 11/20, and ends on 12/7.

In any side sample, the planet with probably the most particular which means normally turns into the focus. On this case it’s Ceres. Since she’s the grain goddess, she represents harvest and abundance. And each the Solar and Mars enhance her with their gentle and vitality. To date, so good!

However Ceres, a/ok/a Demeter, additionally has a tougher aspect. In a well known delusion, Pluto abducts Ceres’ beloved daughter Persephone all the way down to his underworld house to be her queen.

Due to this surprising loss, Ceres mourns inconsolably. She’s so misplaced in sorrow that she neglects her duties because the grain goddess. This creates a major problem, as a result of nothing on Earth can develop with out her assist. All life is threatened.

Luckily, the gods and goddesses are in a position to work out an answer. Ceres will get Persephone again for half the 12 months, creating spring and summer time. However Persephone should return to Pluto within the underworld for the opposite six months, creating fall and winter.

Due to this, Ceres additionally represents trauma therapeutic. Throughout this Triple Conjunction, you would possibly expertise one thing that triggers an previous psychological wound.

Therapeutic previous emotional wounds is named “shadow work.” Most individuals haven’t but discovered how to do that successfully. So, when previous traumas get triggered, they may numb or distract themselves. In my expertise, even people who find themselves doing shadow work one of the best they know the way aren’t utilizing strategies that lead to a whole and closing therapeutic.

So, for those who get triggered throughout this Triple Conjunction, you would possibly need to strive my free Therapeutic Invocation. It delegates the therapeutic to your larger self, which might do it way more shortly and successfully than any human working with out divine help. All you need to do is say seven phrases, then passively witness your larger self work its therapeutic magic.

I do know this sounds too good to be true. However I’ve facilitated this system with hundreds of individuals for over 12 years, and it really works nearly each time. So I encourage you to droop your disbelief and give it a strive!


The Solar, Mars, and Ceres are all in Scorpio as their Triple Conjunction begins on 11/3. And so they’re nonetheless in Scorpio as this side sample peaks on 11/20.

Scorpio guidelines psychology and private transformation, so this placement additional empowers the shadow work energies I simply described. Scorpio additionally guidelines wealth and energy, so this signal placement additionally boosts this Triple Conjunction’s abundance potentials!

These three planets shift into Sagittarius over 4 days. The Solar makes its transfer on 11/22, Mars on 11/24, and Ceres on 11/25.

Sagittarius guidelines enlargement, hope, and pleasure. When you’re specializing in the Ceres themes, enhanced abundance could be simpler to provoke or manifest. When you’re doing shadow work, you’ll be able to accomplish it extra simply.

You possibly can get pleasure from comparable empowerment for those who give attention to the elemental themes of Mars: performing as a warrior, pioneer, entrepreneur, or sexual being.

The Cradle

2023 11 15 Cradle Sun Mars Ceres Uranus Neptune PlutoNow, ultimately, we’re prepared so as to add within the Cradle I discussed earlier. On the most simple stage, this harmonious side sample supercharges the Solar, Mars, and Ceres with the divine energy of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto!

Pluto has the identical meanings as Scorpio. So it’s supporting your shadow work and boosting your skill to realize wealth and energy.

Neptune guidelines religious awakening, making it simpler so that you can preserve embodied awakening as you do all this. This can make all the things you do a lot simpler, and be sure that you obtain extra divine inspiration to information you.

Uranus might help you do all this in a means that’s genuine to your true self. He also can pop down intuitive hits to gentle your means.


The Cradle with all six planets begins on 11/12, peaks on 11/15, and ends on 11/22.

Lastly, in case you’re , listed below are the timings of the Cradles for the Triple Conjunction’s particular person members:

  • The Ceres-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto Cradle begins on 11/1, peaks on 11/12, ends on 11/26.
  • The Mars-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto Cradle begins on 11/9, peaks on 11/16, ends on 11/24.
  • The Solar-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto Cradle begins on 11/12, peaks on 11/16, ends on 11/22.

To maintain issues easy, I received’t point out the beginning or peak dates of those four-planet Cradles once more. I’ll simply be aware the start and peak of the six-planet Cradle on 11/12 and 11/15.

I’ve spent a lot time on this Triple Conjunction, and the Cradle it’s a part of, as a result of it provides large alternatives – particularly for abundance and shadow work. I sincerely hope you make the most of them!

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11/3 (Fri)

Triple Conjunction Begins

2023 11 20 Triple Conjunction Sun Mars CeresA strong Triple Conjunction of the Solar, Mars, and Ceres begins in the present day (11/3), peaks on 11/20, and ends on 12/7. For an in depth interpretation, together with the bigger Cradle side sample it should turn out to be a part of, click on right here.

Venus Kite Peaks

2023 11 03 Kite Venus Uranus Neptune PlutoRelationships, creativity, and finance are supported by a Kite that features Venus and the three outer planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This harmonious side sample began on 10/27, peaks in the present day (11/3), and ends on 11/9.

With Venus in Virgo, you’ll be able to scrutinize these areas in your life and take them to the subsequent stage. This placement can also be good for relationship therapeutic and serving others.

Pallas Athena Yod Peaks

2023 11 03 Yod Pallas Uranus NeptuneA Yod that includes Pallas Athena began on 10/28, peaks in the present day (11/3), and ends on 11/10. Pallas is on the tip of this slim triangle, whereas Uranus and Neptune maintain down the again finish.

This “Finger of God” side sample empowers your female assertiveness. It additionally makes it simpler so that you can have interaction in skillful technique, negotiation, and mediation. Uranus and Neptune encourage you to comply with your instinct and take a look at unconventional approaches.

Venus Reverse Neptune

You possibly can get pleasure from extra impressed creativity as Venus opposes Neptune (25°10′ Virgo-Pisces). This side also can assist you to join extra deeply with the divinity inside you and in all the things round you!

Venus’ placement in Virgo also can assist you to serve others along with your divine items and fine-tune your artistic tasks.

11/4 (Sat)

Saturn Direct

Saturn Glyph 720x377Saturn turns direct at 3:03 am EDT (0°30′ Pisces). The Time Lord turned retrograde 4 and a half months in the past on 6/17 (7°12′ Pisces).

This can be a nice time to improve Saturn’s optimistic qualities in your life. Do you handle your time effectively? Are you performing maturely and responsibly? Are you able to “plan the work and work the plan”?

What about Saturn’s darkish aspect? Are you working so arduous that you simply’re neglecting your loved ones or private life? Is extreme ambition inflicting you to shut your coronary heart, or be chilly and ruthless?

Saturn’s retrograde was totally inside Pisces, the place he’ll stay by way of mid-2025. This placement might help you make higher use of the Legislation of Attraction and deepen your embodied awakening. (My free Embodied Awakening Invocation might help you merge along with your larger self shortly and simply.)

Saturn in Pisces additionally helps acutely aware dissolution, which might help you clear issues out of your life which have outlived their usefulness.

Saturn is one among my most useful astrological allies. I encourage you to additionally develop an important relationship with this supremely useful planet!

Mercury Reverse Uranus

Prepare for flashes of brilliance as Mercury (human thoughts) opposes Uranus (divine thoughts) (21°26′ Scorpio-Taurus). Intuitive hits come simpler when these two planets join. That is additionally a good time for studying, writing, and communication.

Mercury’s placement in Scorpio additionally empowers analysis, investigation, and detective work.

11/5 (Solar)

Jupiter Semi-Sq. Neptune

Jupiter NeptuneWhen can a minor arduous side have a serious upside? When it connects Jupiter and Neptune!

I’ll inform you its which means in a second. First let’s talk about the timing.

At present’s Jupiter-Neptune semi-square (10°8′ Taurus-25°8′ Pisces) has been in orb (shut sufficient to be felt) since 6/27. At present (11/5) is their second actual semi-square, following their first on 7/22. The orb of this semi-square will final by way of 12/16.

After a brief break, Jupiter and Neptune will come again into orb in 2024 on 1/3. They’ll make a closing actual semi-square on 3/3 earlier than finishing this side on 3/29 – 9 months after they first linked.

Jupiter Boosting Neptune

Jupiter amplifies no matter it touches. So you need to use it to enhance Neptune’s life-affirming qualities. These embody deeper religious awakening, receiving extra impressed creativity, working in circulation state extra persistently, and having fun with extra vivid and significant desires.

Take care that Jupiter doesn’t amplify Neptune’s decrease expressions. These embody substance abuse, habit, extreme escapism, aimless drifting, and “taking part in the sufferer.”

Neptune Influencing Jupiter

What if we consider Neptune influencing Jupiter? Neptune can add divine inspiration and circulation state experiences in these areas:

  • Larger schooling.
  • Performing as a professor, thinker, guru, or different wisdom-giver.
  • International journey and influences.
  • Faith, philosophy, and the which means of life.
  • Quests and adventures
  • Celebration, euphoria and enthusiasm!

Watch out to not put too many irons within the fireplace, or succumb to “road nook preacher syndrome.”

Let’s Add the Indicators

You possibly can profit from much more life-affirming alternatives, thanks to those planets’ signal placements. Jupiter is in Taurus and Neptune is in Pisces. This auspicious mixture of indicators and planets can empower Legislation of Attraction manifestation. (Neptune and Pisces excel at visualizing, whereas Jupiter expands Taurus’ energy to floor concepts into bodily actuality.)

These planets and indicators additionally assist embodied awakening. Neptune and Pisces assist religious awakening, whereas Jupiter and Taurus need to amplify this euphoric consciousness and make it constant in your on a regular basis life. (My free Embodied Awakening Invocation has helped hundreds do that with stunning ease and pace.)

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11/11 (Sat)

Mars Reverse Uranus

A potent Mars-Uranus opposition (21°8′ Scorpio-Taurus) needs to be used with nice mindfulness!

On the difficult aspect, this side could be chaotic and destabilizing. Unstable leaders usually tend to do loopy issues.

Mars’ warlike tendencies can strike violently and unexpectedly. Avoid harmful folks and conditions as a lot as attainable.

On the excessive aspect, this side can energize you to behave instantly in your intuitive hits. You possibly can take ingenious, impressed motion as a warrior, pioneer, sexual being, or entrepreneur. And you may boldly present the world your truest self.

Lastly, Mars is particularly highly effective in Scorpio, an indication that it guidelines. You possibly can embrace Scorpio’s potentials by diving into private transformation, together with efficient shadow work to heal previous traumas as soon as and for all. You possibly can deepen your immersion into the occult arts, domesticate the soul-deep ecstasy of sacred intercourse, or take steps to extend your wealth or energy.

11/12 (Solar)

Six-Planet Cradle Begins

A Cradle that includes the Solar, Mars, Ceres, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto begins in the present day (11/12), peaks on 11/15, and ends on 11/23. For an in depth interpretation of this side sample, click on right here.

Artistic Writing “Finger of God”

2023 11 16 Yod Mercury Venus JupiterArtistic writing will get a particular enhance from a “Finger of God” that includes Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. This side sample, additionally referred to as a Yod, begins in the present day 11/12, peaks on 11/16, and ends on 11/19.

Mercury represents writing, whereas Venus and her placement in Libra symbolize creativity. Jupiter amplifies the opposite two planets.

Getting your message out into the world can also be supported, since Mercury is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is on the tip of the Yod. Each Sagittarius and Jupiter empower publication. Lastly, you need to use this side sample to juice up harmonious one-on-one communication.

11/13 (Mon)

“Large Change Now!” New Moon in Scorpio

2023 11 13 New Moon

One in all 2023’s most potent lunations strains up at 4:27 am EST (20°43′ Scorpio).

What do you get with a Scorpio New Moon tightly conjunct Mars, with all three tightly opposing mighty Uranus? Large change now!

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Any Scorpio New Moon is nice for brand spanking new beginnings of any sort. However you’ll be able to get pleasure from additional power in these areas:

  • Transformation, together with emotional or shamanic demise and rebirth processes. This can be a nice time for therapeutic previous traumas. (Hundreds do that work with stunning ease and pace with my free Therapeutic invocation.)
  • Enhancing wealth and energy. Wealth could be something you worth. These strolling the excessive street will need to use energy in a means that advantages everybody.
  • Intercourse, which might embody soul-blended tantric or sacred eroticism.
  • The occult, which might embody the high-vibration apply of delicate arts corresponding to astrology, tarot, and power therapeutic, in addition to mediumship and psychic abilities.


Any Scorpio New Moon is highly effective unto itself. However this one is dramatically stronger due to its points!

As I’ve already talked about, this lunation’s largest power-ups are its Mars conjunction and Uranus opposition.


Mars is tightly conjunct the luminaries, with an orb (exactness) of lower than two levels. Mars can also be in Scorpio, one among two indicators that it guidelines. This locations it in dignity, a planet’s strongest signal placement.

One in all Mars’ planetary meanings is similar as a New Moon’s: new beginnings. This offers additional efficiency to your New Moon initiatives.

Since Mars’ planetary conferences additionally embody being a warrior or entrepreneur, your effectiveness in these areas can also be boosted. Mars additionally reinforces the Scorpio theme of sexuality.


The opposition between Uranus and the luminaries is that this New Moon’s tightest main side. Its orb is lower than half a level.

Uranus invitations you to incorporate these three themes in your New Moon aspirations:

1. Internally embrace no matter’s particular about you, nonetheless radical it could be! Then share it with the world to assist others to the best extent that serves highest good.

2. Comply with your intuitive hits. These come direct out of your larger self, which might see your preferrred future path much better than your ego. You’ll by no means go improper following these “intestine emotions” that you simply “know in your bones.”

3. Serve others utilizing your particular abilities you most love to make use of!

What occurs if you mix the power of Uranus with all this Scorpio power? Large change now!

Scorpio energizes profound transformation, and Uranus can convey it about with the pace of a lightning strike. Even when it takes a bit longer, this New Moon is good for boldly stepping ahead in your soul-aligned path. When you’ve been considering an enormous transfer – even a radical one – significantly contemplate for those who ought to do it now.

Such nice energy will also be unstable or harmful. Darkish expressions of those energies might embody violence, sexual abuse, or sudden explosions of rage. Avoid harmful folks and conditions as a lot as you’ll be able to.

Different Main Points

Ceres is a part of a Quadruple Conjunction with Mars and the luminaries. Its conjunction to the Solar and Moon is pretty robust, with an orb of about 4 levels.

You possibly can give attention to two themes that Ceres shares with Scorpio. One is therapeutic previous traumas. The opposite, since she’s the grain goddess related to harvest and abundance, is enhanced abundance.

This New Moon’s different main side is a reasonably robust Neptune trine. This easy side could make it simpler so that you can deepen your religious awakening, obtain impressed creativity, and function “within the zone” extra persistently. It’s additionally nice for acutely aware dreaming and dream interpretation.

Minor Points

This New Moon additionally has two minor points. An especially tight Venus semi-square can assist your relationships, creativity, and funds. If problem arises in any of those areas, search for artistic options to enhance the state of affairs.

This New Moon’s closing side is a Vesta sesquare. Are you selflessly supporting any worthy causes? In that case, is it time to present them extra assist, or maybe get entangled with a brand new one?

Sabian Image

Soldier Resisting Orders Sabian Symbol ImageThis New Moon’s Sabian Image is, “Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.”

This image is simple to interpret: it encourages you to comply with your interior steerage when it conflicts with outer authority.

This image dovetails with this New Moon’s points to the 2 planets of interior steerage. Uranus sends occasional intuitive hits, whereas Neptune can present a steady circulation of divine route. Both planet can present you one of the best plan of action.

The deeper your religious awakening turns into, the extra simply you’ll obtain an automated circulation of interior steerage. You’ll turn out to be much less involved about what others need you to do, and can comfortably step into your energy as an authority unto your self.

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11/13 & 11/14 (Mon & Tue)

4 Vesta Points

Selfless service to a worthy trigger is empowered by 4 Vesta points in two days. I wouldn’t have included any of those points on their very own, however the sheer variety of them received my consideration!

Are you proud of the worthy causes you’re supporting? Are there any that have to be dropped or added? Is it time to regulate the way you’re interacting with any of them?

These are good inquiries to ponder whereas these Vesta points are taking place:

  • Mars sesquare Vesta on 11/13 (22°7′-7°7′ Scorpio-Most cancers).
  • Solar sesquare Vesta on 11/14 (22°0′-7°0′ Scorpio-Most cancers).
  • Venus sq. Vesta on 11/14 (7°0′ Libra-Most cancers).
  • Mercury quincunx Vesta on 11/14 (6°59′ Sagittarius-Most cancers).

11/15 (Wed)

Six-Planet Cradle Peaks

A Cradle that includes the Solar, Mars, Ceres, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto started on 11/12, peaks in the present day (11/15), and ends on 11/23. For an in depth interpretation of this side sample, click on right here.

Pluto Sq. Pallas Athena

You possibly can empower your female assertiveness and strategic planning as Pluto squares Pallas Athena (28°11′ Capricorn-Libra). This side additionally empowers your potential as a win-win mediator or negotiator.

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No matter your Solar Signal, my forecasts might help you make one of the best use of the present astrological energies.

All dates and instances are within the U.S. japanese time zone. Occasions are strongest on the dates listed, however their affect shall be lively for at the very least every week earlier than and after.

Everyone seems to be affected by these world transits. Nevertheless, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when shifting planets activate delicate factors in your natal chart. Uncover how these transits will personally have an effect on you by reserving a session with me.

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