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Mabon Pagan Traditions and Tarot Unfold Fall Equinox 2023

The times of sunshine, out of doors swimming, and barbeque events are ending, and the times of cooler, crisp air, falling colourful leaves, hoodies, apple cider, and visiting pumpkin patches are coming. The autumn or autumn equinox is approaching September twenty second (within the Northern Hemisphere, as within the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the vernal equinox) when the solar enters Libra.

It’s also a time of Mabon celebrations, which is likely one of the eight pagan Sabbats, as there’s a fascinating historical past that comes with this sabbat. Let’s talk about that briefly, together with the customs, and finish the article with a collective Mabon tarot studying.

What Is Mabon, and When Did It Originate?

Mabon is a harvest pageant the place pagans have a good time the autumn equinox, and the title Mabon originates from the Welsh God, the son of the Earth Mom Goddess. The God Mabon was additionally the god of sunshine. As well as, Mabon can be related to Herne the Hunter, which is the graduation of deer searching in British Folklore. Nevertheless, the title of the festivity was not used till the Nineteen Seventies. Earlier than that, the traditional Celts honored the seasons and noticed the modifications from summer time to fall. After that, it grew to become widespread for a lot of cultures to have a good time the harvest across the autumn equinox, particularly the Bavarians.

The festivals started over the past week of September, and it was often known as Oktoberfest and included celebrations and feasting. Oktoberfest nonetheless occurs in lots of elements of the world, as it’s recognized to be a German festivity, nevertheless it stems from the pagan celebrations of the autumn equinox.

Mabon is the second harvest, as the primary is Lammas, on August 1st. The second harvest is when many cultures gave because of their crops and animals for offering meals. American Thanksgiving was round October third, coinciding with Mabon, and Canadian Thanksgiving is all the time the primary Monday of the month.

Many pagans have a good time Mabon in honor of “the Darkish Mom” or the Crone throughout this sabbat, as this goddess represents the shadow facet. Your shadow facet is the facet of you that you don’t want to acknowledge as a result of it means your darkish facet, the facet that society shuns. The facet of you that brings out anger, jealousy, resentment, and even darkish ideas and emotions is that you don’t want anybody to see and don’t wish to acknowledge it. Nevertheless, it might be greatest if you happen to embraced it as a result of it’s a part of you that makes you human. Now, let’s discuss in regards to the Mabon celebrations and how one can have a good time the sabbat, whether or not pagan or not.

How You Can Have fun Mabon

Mabon is the time to select apples, which symbolize the second harvest. Pagans do an apple harvest ritual to thank the gods for the considerable harvest. They might additionally arrange an altar with different harvested fruits and apples, similar to grapes, corn, oats, pomegranate, squash, pumpkin, potatoes, and different root greens. There’s all the time a Mabon feast with family and friends, as pagans additionally carry out a ritual to assist create stability of their lives as it is a time of equal day and evening, therefore, the Libra season.

Due to this fact, if you wish to have a good time Mabon, even in case you are not pagan, you may make the most of apples, whether or not you juice them, make cider, make apple pies or pastries, and even get apple-scented candles. It’s also a good time to declutter and to surrender one thing that’s now not serving you as Mabon is a superb time to set intentions.

Since it’s getting darkish sooner than it did throughout the summer time months, you may select to go to mattress earlier if that’s what you resolve to do. Since giving thanks is related to the sabbat, additionally it is a superb time to start a gratitude journal if in case you have not but already finished that. It’s also a good time to acknowledge your shadow facet and do some shadow work. One of many methods to try this is to do a tarot studying for your self for the Sabbat to realize some readability.

Now that you recognize about Mabon and its festivities, let’s do a collective tarot studying for the sabbat and see what the playing cards deliver out for you.

Mabon Pagan Traditions and Tarot Spread_pic_1

Mabon Tarot Studying for 2023

Doing shadow work is one thing to do throughout Mabon, and doing a tarot studying for your self is a technique. Nevertheless, I wish to do a collective Mabon tarot studying for you. Here’s a four-card Mabon tarot unfold, which makes it easy and concise. I received this unfold from New Age Hipster, and also you place 4 playing cards from left to proper, as card one is on the left, and the final card, card 4, is on the correct. You place the playing cards horizontally (or you may place them in any approach you select, as there isn’t a rule for the way you place these playing cards).

The primary card represents what has grown over the summer time. The second card signifies what you wish to preserve, the third signifies what you wish to give, and the fourth represents what you wish to obtain. That’s fairly simple! So, I’ll do a variety now:

Card one: What has grown over the summer time – Ace of Swords

Card two: What you wish to preserve: Lovers

Card three: What you wish to give: Six of Pentacles

Card 4: What you wish to obtain: Three of Cups


Let’s break the studying down.

Card One: Ace of Swords

The primary card represents what has grown over the summer time, and the cardboard that comes up for that’s the Ace of Swords. Meaning over the summer time, you had gained some readability and will have had some psychological breakthroughs. You might have come into the summer time with particular expectations that weren’t met, and as dissatisfied as you’ll have been, it opened your eyes and gained readability primarily based on these experiences. Due to this fact, because of the elevated readability, you’ve got totally different expectations for the autumn, and the reality is having too excessive expectations will solely result in disappointment. That may be a difficult realization, nevertheless it helps you see extra clearly and alter your expectations and requirements in sure conditions.

Card Two: Lovers

The second card signifies what you wish to preserve, and the Lovers got here up for that. No matter your selections, you wish to preserve them and people commitments. Due to this fact, if you happen to made good selections over the summer time, this card guides you to maintain them and decide to nurturing them. In fact, it has to align together with your true self, but when it does, preserve nurturing that dedication primarily based in your selections, as they are going to serve you properly within the fall and past. You may be glad that you just did on the finish.

Card Three: Six of Pentacles

The third card signifies what you wish to give, and the Six of Pentacles comes up. The Six of Pentacles represents the giving and receiving card. It doesn’t essentially imply giving cash, clothes, or different gadgets to charity or receiving issues from others. It might probably characterize time. You’ll want to present a while for anybody who means lots to you and something meaning lots to you. If in case you have a friendship you wish to nurture extra, and also you didn’t find time for them over the summer time, be certain that you find time for them within the fall, for instance. The factor with the Six of Pentacles is to not give something away that may trigger you to turn into depleted or resentful, as you wish to guarantee that you’re getting one thing again, so you recognize what and who will want extra of your time since you do get one thing from them.

Card 4: Three of Cups

Card 4 represents what you wish to obtain, and the Three of Cups comes up. Due to this fact, that represents celebrations, progress, and friendships; chances are you’ll wish to discover extra issues to have a good time, make extra associates, and discover areas the place you wish to develop. Some concepts for you’d be to affix networking teams to extend your possibilities of growing extra friendships; that approach, you may organize social gatherings to develop your social life. It might be greatest to create a few of these alternatives for your self this season.

Due to this fact, you wish to preserve the readability and smarts you’ve got gained over the summer time whilst you stick with your proper selections. You additionally wish to give extra time to the individuals and issues that imply lots to you whilst you take the chance to develop extra friendships to have a good time extra. That’s the Mabon collective tarot studying, and Mabon is the time to have a good time the second harvest and acknowledge your shadow facet as you have a good time the sunshine and the darkish as summer time ends and the autumn makes its approach by way of.



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