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Managing Our Reflection, Solar in Libra

Managing Our Reflection, Solar in Libra


After transferring by a 4 week cycle of deep analyzation, fear and perfection-seeking; we’re being led to create peace by the artwork of relating, compromise and beauty as Solar (id, ego) strikes from important Virgo; into balancing Libra on the Fall Equinox, Saturday September 23. 

Apply kindness all day to everyone and you’ll understand you are already in heaven now. Rumi

We are able to rating factors by consciousness, calm, diplomacy, manners, aesthetics, cooperation, inspiration and excessive principals. With out making an effort, we will fall into the shadow of indecisiveness, separation, indulgence, laziness, insincerity and victimization.

To draw power, integrity and kindness; change into a fantastic instance of power, integrity and kindness. To magnetize love and lightweight, we should BE love and lightweight.

Relationship is the mirror during which you see your self as you’re. In case you are able to taking a look at your self as you’re with none analysis, then there’s the cessation of worry, and out of that comes a unprecedented sense of affection. Love is one thing that can’t be cultivated; love isn’t a factor to be purchased by the thoughts. In case you say, “I’m going to apply being compassionate,” then compassion is a factor of the thoughts, and subsequently not love. Love comes into being darkly, unknowingly, totally, after we perceive this entire technique of relationship. Then the thoughts is quiet, it doesn’t fill the center with the issues of the thoughts, and subsequently that which is love can come into being. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Whereas judgment could also be poor with a foggy Solar/Neptune opposition on Tuesday September 19; deep change may turns into a necessity below the demanding Solar/Pluto trine September 21. Will you empty and make house, as a way to mirror one thing shiny and new?

Weekly tarot message: An unanswered prayer turns into a blessing. [WheelRx/KingPentacles]. For extra perception, try your month-to-month tarot card within the September 2023 Tarotscope. A lot love. ~Suzi



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