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Mars Aspecting Saturn In A Lady’s Chart

Mars Aspecting Saturn In A Lady’s Chart


What you probably have Mars in side to Saturn or another harsh signature in your chart?  And what if you happen to’re a girl?

I’ve a shopper with an depraved opposition in her chart. She’s additionally acquired Venus in Taurus within the seventh home which is a robust placement.  However this Mars. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto gash ‘cross her chart dominates. When she interacts with individuals, she simply slips right into a dynamic that makes me consider two Gladiators, squaring off.

That is troublesome for her not solely due to the Venus placement however she’s additionally acquired a Pisces Moon!  Are you able to think about? Yesterday she requested me if she was going to recover from of eliminate this and I needed to inform her no. You’ll be able to’t have one thing like that in your chart and never have it play. Nonetheless it could possibly managed.

My husband has an identical side in his chart. Most of your know he’s a consummate soldier and an ex-green beret. This gal wants an identical outlet and she or he has the muse for this already laid. She’s acquired to search out expression for that opposition, at work most probably, after which not carry the work dwelling.

I defined to her how disastrous it will be for my husband’s love life if he introduced his prowess dwelling. I imply his bodily prowess in addition to his eager, crafty thoughts. If he beats his spouse and performs psych warfare on her, what do assume goes to occur? He’s not going to have a spouse!

You see the important thing right here. You probably have one thing like this in your chart it’s as much as you to handle it. Nobody can do it for you. My husband could be very cautious. He received’t give me a therapeutic massage as a result of he’s afraid he may break a bone. He goes out of his means to not scare me as a result of he actually is scary.

This gal has to make use of (and never use) her prowess in an identical means. I say it’s attainable – that is what Saturn is for, eh? With Mars and Saturn mashed, you have to take command. Not of me, however of your self.

Do you might have a harsh signature like this in your chart. How do you’re employed with it?



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