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Mars formally combusts inside 17 levels of the Solar and that influence is there till Jan 16, 2024.  The precise conjunction is definitely auspicious is Nov. 18th  close to midnight.  Mars combustion will not be an enormous drawback till it’s inside 5 levels of the Solar which begins round Oct. 31st till Dec. 6th.  From an astronomical perspective, Mars’s combustion implies that Mars can’t be seen within the night time sky till January and it begins an interior journey.

Combustion can deliver out the darker qualities of Mars however it may possibly additionally spiritualize Mars and rework the ego.  The spiritualization will happen most  Nov. 15-20th when Mars is inside 1 diploma of the Solar. Western astrologers name this Cazimi or being within the coronary heart of the Solar or the Divine and I usually discover this could be a highly effective non secular transformation time for Aries and Scorpio rising. 

The darkish aspect of Mars will come out first.  Fireplace vitality, ardour, and confidence will emerge as some management however it may possibly additionally inflate egos and create egocentric behaviors, aggressive energies, and egos related to bodily prowess.  This may result in entitlement behaviors, extra fights, and arguments.  Aggressive nations like China and Russia could also be emboldened to maneuver ahead with extra zeal and gusto.   We have now to look at the China/Taiwan state of affairs which can even be irritated by Rahu transiting from Aries into Pisces. 

When Mars is  weak and too near the Solar could make one obstinate, domineering, poor at closing, wanting to vary jobs, impatient, tough, overbearing, wanting instantaneous gratification, being impulsive.  Mars can be transferring towards Ketu into the Oct. 4-5th conjunction rising fireplace vitality but in addition pushing ego to extremes of low vanity that is perhaps compensated by false bravado.   The full Photo voltaic Eclipse at 28 Virgo on Oct. 14th can be very near Mars which will probably be at 6 levels of Libra simply as Mars goes into Swati Nakshatra dominated by Rahu on Oct. 13th – Nov. 1st.  All of those influences  will deliver out the darkish aspect of Mars as mentioned above.  Jupiter will come to the rescue to assist Mars after Nov. 1st as Mars strikes into Vishakha (Libra 20-Scorpio 3) Nov. 1-20th and a Jupiter opposition from Aries onto Mars will probably be felt strongly into late October. It will assist Mars however damage Jupiter and normally poor monetary planning and considering occur with Mars/Jupiter oppositions.

It’s essential to not repress anger as it may possibly explode. We wrote about this a couple of weeks again on coping with anger. Scream in an empty home or automobile.    A couple of years again we had race riots in St. Louis when Mars was very bothered and combusted by the Solar.

Anger and social outrage could be a good factor however need to be expressed peacefully. Don’t get bottled up. Categorical your emotions, allow them to out, after which drop them. Write letters, do posts on Fb, or name your Congressperson. Within the excessive, this side can result in accidents, fires, and explosions if the vitality just isn’t launched. Watch out round your private home and driving and keep alert and never misplaced in your thoughts and feelings. The warrior poses in yoga might help focus Mars higher to be alert. The frog pose might help you with fatigue and assist the adrenals. Get to mattress earlier and know your limits.

The photo voltaic eclipse on  Oct 14th  is more likely to be an enormous set off. Finally terrorism conflict occasions and craziness will fireplace the flames of irrational fears and the media will use the vitality to whip us up right into a frenzy in order that our leaders can take away extra human rights and attempt to management us by means of worry. Flip off your TV and hunt down the reality in dependable web blogs.

On a private stage, use the transits to remodel your deep unconscious fears, which is what’s coming as much as heal. What are you afraid of? What are you avoiding coping with? What are you able to do to get unstuck? Normally yoga and train are good to get issues transferring however be light on your self as an excessive amount of will improve the air component or vata and create extra nervousness. Additionally simply use the Nike slogan, “Simply do it,” to get transferring.

Scorpio and Aries will probably be most impacted by Mars’s combustion and should watch their egos and vitality ranges and never get burned out.  Libra will even really feel it with Mars transferring towards the debilitated Solar and anger might get uncontrolled.  Mars is an efficient planet for Most cancers and Leo Rising and Leo could do a bit higher than Most cancers. 

Go deep into your soul and do the transformational work and it is going to be very transformation.  For bothered Mars, from an Ayurvedic level of you, steer clear of sizzling spicy meals and drink coconut water and milk to calm pitta. Bananas and milk with their kalpha affect can even calm pitta.  Take up meditation and that may carry lots of karmic stress.

So keep cool and calm and discover a technique to take care of an excessive amount of fireplace vitality as we transfer out of the summer time.




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