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MARS IN CANCER AND CANCER/LEO GANDANTA: Most cancers 27-Leo 3 levels:

In case you have been scuffling with exhaustion and fatigue blame it on the two-year cycle of  Mars in Most cancers.  Mars governs the threerd chakra and is related to the adrenals and you probably have hassle with power anyway, the Mars transits have been amplifying it. Come July, there will likely be a sudden elevate of power as Mars goes into its pal’s signal of Leo, and the hearth of ardour and goal-setting and shifting ahead will likely be ignited. 

The ultimate 3 levels between the water and fireplace indicators is a deeply emotional transition level. It is named a knot. In case you are born with planets within the Gandanta (Pisces 27-Aries 3;  Most cancers 27-Leo 3 or Scorpio 27-Sag. 3) then these planets pose troublesome karmic knots which can be troublesome to unravel.  When planets transit by way of these factors, all of them current deep karmic and psychological knots to untangle.

Mars would be the first planet going by way of the Most cancers gandanta which begins June 26-July 4th  however is most intense June 29-30.  Not solely is Mars on the deepest level of debilitation at 28 levels Most cancers on July 26th  the place fatigue and why trouble power may be very robust however it’s on this tangled emotional and psychological knot.   Venus will undergo that knot additionally July 1-14th.

The Most cancers gandanta is June 26-July 30 (Most cancers 27-30) with the max. power level  (Most cancers 29.20-29.59 on June 29-30th )  within the constellation of Hydra (Ashlesha, Most cancers 16.40-29.59) is a spot the place the toxins of the previous are accumulating in a giant knot that’s troublesome to untie.  Deep unconscious patterns and troublesome issues appear to come up that appear daunting and crammed with regrets.  Keep in mind you have got the facility of free will within the current second to maneuver by way of into new mild and should not have to stay within the shadows and errors of the previous. Allow them to go.  They appear tangled and troublesome to take care of however you might be robust sufficient to get by way of them.  In case you are Aries or Scorpio rising or have main planets on this space in your natal chart, not a great week to beat your self up because it doesn’t assist the scenario.  Errors occur and we simply must let go of them and begin a brand new day dwelling the current.

The precise knot of the Leo gandanta ( Leo 0.00-0.40) that occurs for Mars on July 1-2  is within the constellation of Regulus (Magha, Leo 0.00-13.20) is extra materials and the soul is troubled in its choice to maneuver ahead now right into a extra profitable materials life and start a cloth journey by way of the extra tamasic or materials constellations that dominate into Dec. fifteenth that are extra eager about cash and safety. 

So be simple on your self in case you are Aries or Scorpio rising as Mars completes its 2-year journey to the purpose of deep debilitation and into July 3rd.  Keep rested and subsequent week when the thoughts will get crammed with deep issues and regrets, keep in mind you have got the facility and the braveness to maneuver by way of them.   Use the Frog pose to extend power and braveness and stimulate the adrenals.  Hearken to Hanuman Chalisa or do Hanuman mantras to extend connection to the archetype of braveness and repair to get by way of the difficulties of subsequent week.   Particular because of Komilla Sutton for her research and writings on the Gandanta.  



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