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Mars moved into the final part of Sagittarius this morning and is preparing for Capricorn into Feb. 5th.    Planets on the finish of an indication are a bit weak and drained and this can significantly be true  Feb. 4th so get extra relaxation.  Nonetheless, Mars is now related to the Solar by the Nakshatra channel and the Solar is stronger in Capricorn and needs to work laborious for its targets.

Mars strikes into Capricorn on Feb. 5th .  Motion is fast and efficient; stamina and better power are there for main duties. Exhausting work will convey fruits and Martian allure can result in touchdown key offers. Technical savvy will prosper. For moveable indicators, Aries, Most cancers, Libra, and Capricorn, this creates a Ruchaka Yoga and brings out Mars’s highest qualities.

Mars in Capricorn will increase drive and ambition and permits for the completion of targets. Folks may have 3 occasions the traditional power and can keep up late and get issues accomplished

The Transit is just not with out affliction as Mars is conjunct Pluto on Feb. 17th which is a signature for earthquakes or ruthless energy and ambition and Mars is conjunct Venus on Feb. 22nd so intense ardour could develop with a accomplice and if it doesn’t go effectively it might result in a serious struggle.

Mercury remains to be in Capricorn till Feb. 19th and which will nonetheless promote verbal arguments and fights however they’re unfold extra aside in levels and in numerous nakshatras by Feb. 8th so there may be not as a lot of an issue as late January.

Divine and within the enterprise signal of Capricorn, and is uncomfortable with Capricorn’s must face actuality and be within the materials world and needs to reject self-discipline and laborious work.

Mars in Capricorn for Feb is larger power so you may get away with doing 3 occasions as a lot work and have the power Aries and Scorpio will profit most however Capricorn will take pleasure in additionally.   Exalted planets have an excessive amount of gun and energy and have a tendency to blow over folks with their drive.  Ensure to tone down your energy as some folks will be unable to deal with it.

Exalted malefics grow to be extra highly effective to hurt sure rising indicators so Capricorn rising could have extra well being points associated to an excessive amount of fireplace or pitta and this may increasingly additionally influence Cancers and Leos due to the elements. 

Virgo moons and rising indicators could have challenges with kids or investments and romance. Libras should be careful for automotive or dwelling accidents and Taurus must watch out with overseas journey and points with father.  Gemini rising or moon may have a tough eighth home transit which can set off marital separation, disputes round earnings, and tough well being points.

Keep in mind transits are solely 20% of prediction so it’s all the time in context to your Dasha cycles.  In case you are operating a Mars interval or sub-period, you may be impacted extra by the transit.

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