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Mars Sq. The Nodes — Ruby Slipper Astrology

Mars Sq. The Nodes — Ruby Slipper Astrology


  • Waning Inconjunct between the Virgo Moon and Aquarius Solar (8 deg)

  • Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus (19 deg)

  • Venus in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus/sextile Saturn in Pisces (6 deg)

  • Mars in Capricorn sq. the Libra South Node/Aries North Node (18 deg)

The Waning Inconjunct brings up particulars or flaws which can be annoying however have to be attended to. You might need to ignore these points in favour of the massive image or the longer term, however one thing is demanding correction. It is a small repair and you may see how necessary it’s when you zoom out once more and look down at what you have corrected. 

Mercury/Uranus presents straightforward innovation that is additionally sensible. New concepts do not must be challenging- you may fold them into your routine whilst you proceed to play by the principles. Definitions are stretched however not bent out of practice.

Venus’s trine to Jupiter is lux however not extreme – cash and bodily manifestations of standing develop alongside predictable strains. There’s an easy alternative so that you can entice what you need should you focus. Venus’ sextile to Saturn provides quiet however substantial underpinnings- the dedication, the proof. The small sacrifice made to make sure the present is acquired. A pleasant stability for relationship, cash or vanity issues as a result of you may benefit from the fruits of your dedication with the reassurance that that is actual and lasting. 

Mars’ sq. to the Nodes will be difficult as a result of it presents actions that convey you to a crossroads- persist with the previous (South Node) which is commonly simpler, or stride in the direction of the longer term (North Node) which will be daunting as a result of it is new. Venus-ruled Libra South Node suggests an previous relationship, unbalanced connections with others, passivity, people-pleasing. Mars-ruled Aries North Node says taking targeted, disciplined motion is the best way to go though you could hesitate as a result of circumstances do not seem to assist definitive motion (it might really feel like folks/occasions are pushing in opposition to you). The second of hesitation, the wrestle, the pull in the direction of what feels simpler (Venus’ trine to Jupiter) is critical.

Notice that Venus’ points to Jupiter and Saturn can allow inertia however Jupiter can be the planet of enlargement. So you may use these influences to widen the definition of a relationship/useful resource/type of happiness, thereby making it simpler to behave in new methods. Or, you may persist with what’s cozy and do nothing.

Mars sq. the Nodes connects to Jan twenty seventh’s Mercury/Mars conjunction and Mercury sq. the Nodes. 

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