Home Astrology Astrology and Planets Massively Aspected Sagittarius Full Moon: June 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

Massively Aspected Sagittarius Full Moon: June 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

Massively Aspected Sagittarius Full Moon: June 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast


Sagittarius Glyph

A Sagittarius Full Moon with three facet patterns and Pluto retrograding into Capricorn spotlight the primary half of June. There are additionally highly effective facet patterns, together with a financially auspicious Mystic Rectangle, a mentally Empowering Kite, and a Thor’s Hammer that helps trauma therapeutic!

This forecast covers this half-month’s most essential astrological occasions. Additionally take a look at my award-winning This Week in Astrology audio podcast and YouTube video forecasts!

Click on astrology graphics to see bigger pictures. Some useful resource hyperlinks could happen greater than as soon as. It’s because many individuals hyperlink to a particular day’s forecast from social media, and won’t see an essential useful resource hyperlink elsewhere on this web page.

As of June 1 …

The Moon is waxing (there was a Taurus New Moon on 5/19).

Pluto is retrograde through 10/10.

A Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-Sq. continues through 6/6.
A Mars-Jupiter-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Grand Cross continues through 6/6.
A Venus-Ceres-Neptune-Pluto Mystic Rectangle continues through 6/11.
A Venus-Jupiter-Pluto-Lunar Nodes Grand Cross continues through 6/16.
A Jupiter-Pluto-Lunar Nodes T-Sq. continues via 7/2.

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6/2 (Fri)

It’s simpler to obtain and categorical your impressed creativity with Venus trine Neptune (27°28′ Most cancers-Pisces). This harmonious facet may provide help to extra esaily mix with different individuals, the world round you, and your personal divine consciousness. You may even get some monetary inspiration!

6/3 (Sat)

Sagittarius Full Moon with 3 Side Patterns!

2023 06 03 Full Moon

A Full Moon illuminates the sky at 11:42 pm EDT (13°18′ Sagittarius). Any Sagittarius Full Moon is nice for launch or adjustment in a wide range of areas:

You possibly can dive extra deeply into larger schooling, formal or self-guided, as a scholar. You can too bless others as a professor, thinker, guru, or different wisdom-giver.

Sagittarius guidelines international journey. This might imply a bodily tour. However with at present’s applied sciences, different nations and cultures can simply come to you!

Do you crave a deeper understanding of life? Sagittarius guidelines faith, philosophy and life’s that means.

Are you dwelling life as a quest or journey? Sagittarius would adore it should you did. And are you experiencing sufficient celebration, euphoria and enthusiasm? These are Sagittarius’ most joyful expressions!

Endlessly expansive Sagittarius is the signal most certainly to overdo issues, so watch out to not put too many irons within the hearth. Sagittarius may imagine it has the One True Method, even when it doesn’t, so don’t succumb to “road nook preacher syndrome.”


This Full Moon makes an enormous variety of facets! It connects to eight of the 13 different celestial our bodies I exploit in my interpretations.

Luckily, all these facets are a part of three facet patterns. To maintain issues manageable, I’ll interpret these facets with these patterns in thoughts.

Onerous Rectangle

A Onerous Rectangle is bordered by 45° semi-squares and 135° sesquares. It additionally contains two oppositions. Since all of the facets are exhausting or semi-hard, it tends to convey up difficult conditions.

This Onerous Rectangle is the strongest Full Moon facet sample, each due to its tight facets and its planetary lineup. It comprises the Moon, Solar, Venus, and Pluto.

In case you expertise relationship problem, think about following the battle decision course of described in Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication guide. For therapeutic previous traumas that such conflicts fire up, I like to recommend my free, field-tested Therapeutic Invocation.

This Onerous Rectangle may convey life-affirming power to relationships. Pluto’s affect will help you be extra trustworthy, genuine, and psychologically clear. He may convey ardour to sexual relationships, and provide help to expertise the heightened bliss of soul-blended sacred intercourse. Venus’ placement in Most cancers will help you open your coronary heart extra fully.

Venus additionally represents cash, whereas Pluto can convey monetary feast or famine. Keep alert to profitable alternatives, whereas exercising cautious due diligence earlier than making any funding or dedication.

Creativity is one other Venus theme. It may be empowered by Pluto and expanded by the Sagittarius Moon. The Gemini Solar encourages selection in your inventive expression, and in addition helps writing.


The only Full Moon facet sample is a T-Sq., with Saturn making proper angles to the luminaries. Saturn’s squares to the Solar and Moon are unfastened — greater than six levels – so this facet patterns results are restricted.

Saturn may create delays, detours or roadblocks that have an effect on your Full Moon objectives. With Saturn in Pisces, you will have enhanced entry to your instinct. Use it to find out should you ought to change course, or should you’re being examined to see should you can persevere sufficient to realize a worthy purpose.

Saturn’s placement in Pisces can empower your Regulation of Attraction visualization and manifestation work. This placement can be ultimate for reaching and sustaining embodied awakening.


This Full Moon’s third and remaining facet sample is a Kite with the luminaries, Juno, Pallas Athena, and Chiron. As with the T-Sq., extensive facets restrict its affect.

The obvious theme of this Kite is relationship therapeutic. Juno represents dedicated partnerships, Chiron represents therapeutic, and Pallas Athena invitations you to make use of an assertive method that’s additionally well-crafted and diplomatic. (I as soon as once more suggest Marshall Rosenberg’s globally confirmed Nonviolent Communication technique.)

This Kite is a harmonious facet sample, and may make relationship therapeutic simpler. However don’t anticipate a cakewalk. For the very best end result, you and your companion ought to come to this course of with the best strategies doable, in addition to a willingness to unflinchingly face your private traumas.

This Kite may provide help to share your knowledge or therapeutic presents with others.

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Financially Auspicious Mystic Rectangle Peaks

2023 06 03 Mystic Rectangle Venus Ceres Neptune PlutoA financially auspicious Mystic Rectangle began on 5/26, peaks at present (6/3), and ends on 6/11.

This harmonious facet sample focuses on Venus, the ruler of cash. It additionally contains Ceres, the asteroid goddess who guidelines harvest and abundance. Pluto helps wealth and energy, whereas Neptune encourages you to obviously envision what you wish to manifest.

Venus additionally guidelines connections with others, so this Mystic Rectangle may convey move, inspiration, and abundance to your relationships. If any relationship therapeutic is required, it could proceed with extra ease and concord. If a relationship is sexual, the improved ecstasy of sunshine physique mixing is supported.

Venus additionally guidelines creativity, whereas Neptune guidelines divine inspiration. So artists of every kind can use this facet sample to strongly and easily companion with their muse.

6/4 (Solar)

Mentally Empowering Kite Begins

2023 06 10 Kite Mercury Ceres Neptune Pluto

Able to take your studying, pondering, instructing, and writing to the subsequent degree? A mentally empowering Kite desires that can assist you! it contains Mercury, Ceres, Neptune, and Pluto. It begins at present (6/4), peaks on 6/10, and ends on 6/14.

Mercury is the planet of all issues psychological. Neptune provides divine inspiration, Pluto provides energy, and Ceres will help you reap a bountiful harvest out of your psychological efforts!

Thor’s Hammer Helps Trauma Therapeutic

2023 06 07 Thors Hammer Sun Pluto South Node

There’s per week of enhanced help for trauma therapeutic, due to a Thor’s Hammer that begins at present (6/4), peaks on 6/7, and ends on 6/10. It contains the Solar, Pluto, and the South Node.

Pluto and the South Node, on the rear of this facet sample, each characterize unhealed psychological wounds. The Solar represents the core of your identification, and his placement in Gemini will help you focus your thoughts on this essential shadow work.

Due to the “Nice Onion of Consciousness,” psychological therapeutic robotically deepens your non secular awakening. You possibly can consider your unhealed traumas as darkish layers across the shiny core of your woke up larger self. Each layer you peel reveals extra of its magnificent mild to your human self.

My free Therapeutic Invocation is a fast and easy approach that has helped hundreds speed up their psychological therapeutic.

Pluto additionally provides considerable wealth and energy, whereas the South Node comprises the fantastic presents and skills you develop all through life. Remember to maximize these fantastic Thor’s Hammer alternatives!

What occurs when the planet of human thoughts conjoins the planet of divine thoughts? It’s simpler than ever to obtain intuitive hits out of your interior steerage!

These flashes of perception are essentially the most reliable info a human can obtain, and are generated by at present’s Mercury-Uranus conjunction (20°24′ Taurus). This facet may assist your pondering be extra sensible and authentic. With each planets in Taurus, you may maintain and develop these ideas with larger depth and persistence.

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6/7 (Wed)

Thor’s Hammer Peaks

The Solar-Pluto-South Node Thor’s Hammer that began on 6/4 peaks at present (6/7) and ends on 6/10.

6/8 (Thu)

Venus-Targeted Grand Cross Peaks

2023 06 08 Grand Cross Venus Jupiter Pluto Lunar Nodes V2

Venus is the focus of a robust Grand Cross that began on 5/29, peaks at present (6/8), and ends on 6/16. This potent facet sample additionally contains Jupiter, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes.

First, it’s essential to notice that, apart from its remaining 5 days, this Grand Cross overlaps the Venus-focused Mystic Rectangle that peaked on 6/3. Plus, a Venus-Pluto opposition seems in each facet patterns.

So, this Grand Cross companions with and amplifies the ability of the Mystic Rectangle. In case you haven’t learn that interpretation but, click on right here to evaluation it earlier than persevering with.

Within the Grand Cross, Jupiter amplifies Venus’ beforehand described monetary, relational, and inventive potentials. The Lunar Nodes amplify your monetary potentialities, and encourage you to act in alignment together with your life goal. Pluto performs the identical function as within the Mystic Rectangle.

Venus entered Leo on 6/5, so she’s in that signal throughout most of this Grand Cross. This provides further help should you’re doing something that entails management, efficiency, or play.

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6/10 (Sat)

Kite Peaks

The Mercury-Ceres-Neptune-Pluto Kite that began on 6/4 peaks at present (6/10) and ends on 6/14.

As we speak’s Neptune-Ceres opposition (27°34′ Pisces-Virgo) may give you the divine inspiration you have to obtain larger abundance, and provide help to extra simply visualize prosperity utilizing the Regulation of Attraction. It will probably additionally provide help to name in divine help that can assist you with any psychological therapeutic you select to do. (For extra on a way that’s helped hundreds do that extra shortly and simply, take a look at my free Therapeutic Invocation.)

6/11 (Solar)

Pluto Retrogrades into Capricorn

Pluto GlyphThe largest astrological occasion of 2023 was Pluto coming into Aquarius on 3/23. Pluto will spend about 20 years in Aquarius, and can profoundly affect the subsequent twenty years!

However, as we see with at present’s occasion, Pluto isn’t locking into Aquarius instantly. As we speak (6/11) he retrogrades again into Capricorn for seven months, then returns to Aquarius 1/20/2024 via 8/31/2024. Then Pluto will retrograde into Capricorn one final time for 2 and a half months, earlier than locking into Aquarius for eighteen and a half years: 11/19/2024 through 3/8/2043.

So the information at present isn’t actually a lot about Pluto retrograding into Capricorn, which he entered means again in 2008. It’s that Pluto is regularly settling into his long-term residency in Aquarius. Be taught extra about that right here.

Something to do with relationships, creativity, and funds will be amplified by at present’s Venus-Jupiter sq. (5°37′ Leo-Taurus). With Venus in Leo, it’s also possible to step proudly into the highlight together with your creativity!

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No matter your Solar Signal, my forecasts will help you make the very best use of the present astrological energies.

All dates and instances are within the U.S. japanese time zone. Occasions are strongest on the dates listed, however their affect shall be energetic for at the very least per week earlier than and after.

Everyone seems to be affected by these world transits. Nevertheless, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when transferring planets activate delicate factors in your natal chart. Uncover how these transits will personally have an effect on you by reserving a session with me.

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