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Mercury Conjunct Mars: Marker For Sexual Abuse

Mercury Conjunct Mars: Marker For Sexual Abuse


There are a variety of markers for sexual abuse. A Mercury Mars conjunction is one in all them.  I’m so glad, I discovered this outdated class. It’s from 2001. That is the type of astrology that’s being misplaced right now

I’m going to current this, almost unedited. Take note, issues have been completely different again then; evening and day, from my perspective.  It’s the distinction between saying what you need vs saying what you possibly can.  Conversations like this may solely be had one on one.

I particularly wished to get the C.F. Perez quote out right here.  It’s from a personal e mail so not out there, at massive.

Right here’s the copy from the category… which was about chart-reading.



She says she was singled out for abuse in her household. The scapegoat. She needs to know why. Effectively I could take some warmth for this ala “blame the sufferer” but when I do, it’ll be as a result of I’m misunderstood and in any case, I can take it.

Truth is we come into the world and we’re have already got power. We already exude *one thing. In case you have ever been current when somebody is born… properly, the air adjustments when this individual comes into the room. This isn’t some innocuous blob being born. It’s a full human being, albeit in uncooked kind.

Now here’s a little reality. Some youngsters usually tend to be abused than others. That is primarily as a result of their power in provocative in a roundabout way. Particular to this chart… this gal’s power is extremely erotic.

First she’s acquired the Mars Mercury conjunction:

“When the Mars and Mercury are current collectively in any mixture, it does place the shrewish aspect of a girl’s psychology into susceptible place for receiving assaults from the Oppressor Figures, fairly often the daddy. Why is that this so? Due to improper administration of all of the free Mars that she has working round with out supervision. She is just not aware of this extra power nonetheless untapped and out there for her personal creativity. It goes out. Her father sniffs it and finds it extremely inappropriate for his daughter whom he a lot train to undergo him as a result of the unruliness of her untapped power hits him like an inspiration to torture her: she receives the beatings of an unconsciousness about her personal femininity. We’re all on a path attempting to redeem the Female.”
                                         C.F. Perez

The conjunction is within the eighth home, the intercourse home… alongside along with her Solar so what sort of vibe do you suppose she places out?

Reply? One which goes straight to the crotch. Straight to the pit within the abdomen. She exudes a vibe that goes proper to the un-comfort zone of different folks and do you suppose she will do something about it? She’s 5! She will be able to’t do something about it. Now’s she’s ten… Now she hits puberty…

With this chart, the eighth home is only the start. The place is Venus? Conjunct Pluto in Virgo. So that you’ve acquired a maiden in a white gown, coated in blood and worse but, the entire thing is amplified as a result of have a look at the sq. to Jupiter. In Scorpio no much less! On the Midheaven!! This implies it’s public, people.

So, she’s exuding from the eighth home, a kind of sexual undertow. She’s broadcasting extra intercourse through Jupiter bullhorn on the high of the chart, which is fed (exacerbated) by Venus Pluto conjunction.

Taboo anybody?

That’s not all. Consider Neptune in Scorpio. What in regards to the Aquarius rising? It simply goes on and on. When this little lady walks via the mall folks see her. They’re triggered by her. They’re very doubtless disturbed by her and this provokes a response based mostly on their nature.

To some, she turns into a goal. They wish to take her energy. To somebody like me? Effectively I’d see this little lady and instantly scan the periphery for the perps who I do know can be shut by! And what did she do improper once more?? Nothing.

So that is my reply. Assume Elizabeth Good.

Examine her chart.
Mars Mercury!
Solar in Scorp conjunct Pluto
Venus in Scorpio
Prime of the chart.. Public.
And so on……

And you probably have a child like this? Woman or boy, doesn’t matter. Get them hip to rape and the abuse of energy basically as a result of the chances they’re going to need to cope with it all through their life is roughly, 100%.

Upside? Effectively, she has entry to the whole lot Scorpio, for good or ailing. Large capability to make use of different folks’s power for no matter function. Large capability to remodel herself and others. For my part all of this potential goes proper down the tubes so long as she maintains sufferer stance and I’ll demystify this with a helpful instance.

<massive snip>

So again to this chart… And sure, I’m attempting to catapult you…

Take into consideration shedding the “why me”, as a result of it’s you! Attempt embracing your power and the power you entice.

Take into consideration Elizabeth Good. Consider what she has been via. Might she soar for the remainder of her life. I imply, give it some thought. She will be able to both say “look what occurred to me” and play sufferer all her life, OR…. Effectively after what she’s been via I wouldn’t precisely mess with this little chick, you understand? She’s acquired some power, and what if she runs the power via and transforms it?

Assume Obi Wan Kenobi. “Strike me down, and I’ll grow to be extra highly effective than you possibly can probably think about.”

In the event you perceive this, you actually don’t have to fret about no matter somebody is doing to you. Nevertheless, you’re going nowhere so long as it’s, “why me?” Power involves you since you are you. After that, it’s a alternative.

Focus on!

*Inexperienced persons… Pluto / Scorpio / eighth home are associated. All of them need to do with depth, intercourse… test your cheat sheet.

And another factor. Discover this individual is a Libra. A lot for Solar signal astrology, eh?


If it’s not clear, I’m speaking about this, right here:

eighth Home Perspective: Stabbed In Again? No Drawback!

Do you have got a chart like this?  Inform us!?



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