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MERCURY IN AQUARIUS   Feb 19-March 6th

Mercury moved into Aquarius on Feb. nineteenth and stays there till March sixth. It’s an stricken transit as it will likely be combusted by the Solar your complete time which implies it’s not seen within the night time sky. It additionally will get conjunct Saturn into Feb. 28th on the identical day Saturn and the Solar are in a planetary battle in Aquarius.   When Mercury is just too near the Solar inside 5 levels Feb 22nd-March sixth, it creates extra nervousness, fear, out-of-step considering, or being caught in small particulars.  It’s in Jupiter’s nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) on March 2-9th which might create sturdy power for writing and talking about causes pricey to them however the important thing with the constellation is all the time taking motion to learn humanity and never simply writing or complaining about world issues.

The transit this month is a bit stricken as Mercury will get hit by Saturn in side Feb. 28th The orb of adverse affect is Feb. Twenty seventh-March 1st    creating communications issues and scattered considering however for some it might create very deep considering.  No less than Mercury is just not in  Pisces the place it goes March 7-Twenty fifth  the place considering logic and communication have been a bit dysfunctional.

The Saturn side on Mercury into Feb. 28th  creates the lack of the large image, obsessive conduct, being too detailed, being cussed, being distracted, and minor despair. The Cobra pose helps steadiness Mercury and the plank pose can energize Mercury and assist it via this power March 1-4th  when this affect is strongest.  Meditation will assist focus and preserve you from being scattered or unfavorable considering. Even a shoulder stand might assist get you out of a troubled head however in fact, do these poses with the care and support of an excellent yoga teacher when you have no idea them. A month to remain on high of your meditation routine.

Aquarius is without doubt one of the extra karmic indicators of the zodiac as it’s dominated by Saturn and Rahu and it could deliver up deep struggling in its darker moments however can have a tendency towards nice technological development, therapeutic, and deep philosophical and astrological probings.  Good time to take an astrology or philosophy class and get deep into your laptop programming.

As Mercury strikes farther away from Saturn, it would improve in energy.   Let’s say it’s an advanced month for Virgo and Gemini rising indicators and Gemini moons and other people you probably have a whole lot of malefic natal chart planets in Aquarius like Rahu, Saturn, Mars, or Ketu. For Gemini, it’s a ninth home transit that helps spirituality, and overseas journey, and for Virgos, it’s a sixth home transit which can deliver up disputes and minor diseases and issues with co-workers.

Nonetheless, keep on high of computer systems and electronics this month with so many influences on Mercury and Aquarius, and ensure to be redundant with communications as it’s possible you’ll be misunderstood at occasions in the course of the month inflicting issues.

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