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Mercury’s journey into Most cancers this 12 months shouldn’t be tough. The combustion by the Solar ends on July 13th and that may assist the busy and buzzy thoughts.  Probably the most tough a part of Mercury in Most cancers is the altering of the dispositor, the Moon,  each 2.5 days. If you’re born with an Mercury in Most cancers, it could trigger restlessness, nervousness, impatience, constraints with feelings, open to giving undue compliments, and topic to nervous problems.  Mercury considers the moon an enemy and the planet of the mind shouldn’t be snug within the emotional realm creating psychological confusion at instances.

Mercury has a really fast go to right here however will spend additional time in Leo from July 24-Oct 1st because of retrograde movement from August 23-Sept. 15th in Leo.

Mercury stays within the gandanta space July 23-25th within the constellations of Ashlesha the place one has to be careful for one’s sharp tongue or one will make many enemies. It’s time to watch out with poisons and toxins. This can be a troubled emotional space the place individuals must encounter their karmic previous and unravel tough knots and issues from previous lives.

Mercury is debilitated on the finish of Most cancers within the D-9 chart (Most cancers 26.40-29.59), so it can not use its mental superiority to unravel the previous and discover solace in non secular religion, which it doesn’t do nicely as Mercury likes to make use of his thoughts and mind. So essentially the most tough a part of the transit is July 23-25.

Gemini rising, and Virgo rising are prone to expertise deep emotional and troubling psychological turmoil in July however might discover sufficient non secular power to work via the psychological fray of points linked to residence, household, safety, and nurturing which are prone to come up in Most cancers.

The excellent news is that it is a 2nd and eleventh home transit of Mercury for Virgos and Geminis so there can be features when you sift via delays and blockages and arguments.  The transit is extra troubling for Most cancers rising which doesn’t want extra psychological confusion. 

Mercury does nicely with 2, 4, 6, 8, tenth and eleventh homes transits from the Moon or Rising signal so Virgos, Libras, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Aries, and Taurus will do higher with the transit inside the context of their dashas. 

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