Mercury transits into Libra Oct 18-Nov. 6th .  Mercury is comfy in Libra and the transit is troubled within the early a part of the transit with the conjunction with Ketu at present and it is going to be impacted it for an additional 3 days and in addition the conjunction with the Solar which is precise Oct 18th.   This may occasionally result in buzzy and busy and scattered thoughts. Late within the transit, when Venus goes into Virgo on Nov. 3rd, there will probably be a quick alternate of indicators or Paravartana Yoga on Nov. Third-6th which can cancel the debilitation of Venus. 

As we speak on Oct. 18th, Mercury and the Solar and Ketu are conjunct at 0 Libra.  It could create a way of lack of issues linked to the Solar like father or management and may scale back shallowness and confidence. It’s necessary to spice up your self-talk up the remainder of the week.

If you happen to have been born with Mercury in Libra you are typically fun-living, pleasant, courteous, inventive, and humanist and have a deep curiosity in inventive expression, comedy, and the inventive facet of the mind comparable to an artwork or movie critic might need.   Good transit for inventive writing of poetry, songs, video manufacturing weblog writing, and internet design.  A few of these qualities will come out in transit notably for Virgo and Gemini rising and in addition Libra rising.

Mercury in Libra is unafflicted after it goes into Swati nakshatra  Oct 23-31st  and that may convey out its optimistic qualities of fun-loving, love of philosophy, musical and inventive pursuits, and humanitarian energies.  It can also foster comedic sensibilities, persuasive talking, love of golf equipment, and non secular performances.  Mercury stays in Libra till Nov. 6th   and can profit Virgos and Geminis most with 2nd and fifth home transits from the ascendent bringing the love of household for Virgos and inventive expression, romance, and theatrical expression for Virgos.

From time to time, we get what Western Astrologers name a mutual reception or alternate of indicators and in Vedic astrology, it is called a Parivatana Yoga (abbreviated PVY).  It may be very highly effective and it permits a connection and affiliation between the homes concerned and is usually stronger than a planetary side. On this case, from Nov. 3-6th it’s taking place.

When you’ve got this in your natal chart, it may be learn as a conjunction. On this case, they’re pals and Western astrologers would say that the alternate could convey out stronger dignity though Vedic astrologers will focus extra on what homes are being exchanged.

It’s thought that an alternate of indicators must be learn as a conjunction and since Venus is debilitated, the darker facet will come out for just a few days Nov. 3-6th  creating an incapability to not be critical concerning the activity at hand in enterprise, too easy-going when shrewdness is required in enterprise and supporting inventive expression however with the weak Venus, these poems and songs is probably not nearly as good as you assume they space.  Once more debilitated planets simply have to work 3 instances as exhausting to provide good outcomes however they will do it!  Venus’s debilitation which causes important relationships will probably be cancelled for the primary a part of the transit Nov. 3-6th

In Vedic astrology, the homes exchanged have essentially the most impression and enliven a connection between them.  Therefore Sagittarius rising will do finest with this alternate between their tenth and eleventh home and this may assist positive factors at work, success of wishes, and achievement at work, and profitable funding with the side onto the fifth home. This could be true in case you have this in your natal chart however I discover these exchanges are highly effective in transit.

For Virgo Rising, it’s a optimistic alternate of 1st and 2nd homes making a dhana yoga supporting positive factors from household, articulate speech, ability in managing cash and belongings, and the household enterprise. A few of that is taken down by the debilitated Venus however with further exhausting, work it could possibly manifest.

For Scorpio rising, the alternate is between the eleventh and twelfth home and is is a Dainya Yoga which might create unrest in group actions and monetary issues, danger of debt, bills from international exports or duties.  Earnings could also be eaten up by matching expenditures so save more money and keep frugal.

Capricorn Rising additionally does higher with this alternate between the ninth and tenth homes and this helps profession, increased schooling, ethics, and non secular and philosophical research.

We can not take the time to undergo all of the mixtures however usually, mix the homes concerned and if they’re optimistic home mixtures like 1,4,7,10,5,9,2,11 then the alternate is optimistic but when they mix with homes 3,6,8 or 12, then the alternate is harder.


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