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Mercury goes into the troublesome gandanta space or the emotional knot on the finish of Scorpio. Nov. 24th-26 because it will get able to transit into Sagittarius on Nov. 26th.  The tip of Scorpio, 27-30 levels known as the stinger’s tail and is called gandanta which suggests drowning.  Mercury is there Nov. 24-26th and the Solar shall be in that space Dec. 13-Fifteenth  it may be an intense zone for a number of days, notably Virgos and Geminis.    The hot button is to get in contact with the deep karmic unconscious patterns heal them and remodel them.  This transit will most influence you if you’re  Scorpio, Leo, or Taurus  rising indicators and when you have key planets 27-0

Go deep into the concern and acknowledge the phantasm of it. You might be secure and safe and nobody or nothing can hurt you. 99% of that which we concern by no means occurs.  The final 40 minutes of Mercury in  Sagittarius on Nov. 26th is especially intense.  The following few days afterwards, Nov. 27-Twenty ninth Mercury is the primary 3 levels of Sagittarius, is the Mula Gandanta the place the fabric can unravel and the decision is for deeper non secular progress.  Time to remain on prime of your meditation and non secular apply Nov. 24-Dec.1 to maintain your heart.  Do not forget that it is a brief transit and can go rapidly.


We get a double whammy with this transit with Mercury within the star constellation, Mula, (Sagittarius 0-13.20) Nov. 26-Dec. 10th  after which once more Dec 16-26 and once more Jan. 7-20th   dominated by karmic Ketu.  Prash Trivedi tells us that Mula consists of 9 stars on the finish of Scorpio and is the place on the heart of the galaxy, which Western Astrologers are keen on calling the Galactic Middle as that great a part of the sky that appears like a white river within the evening sky.  Mula means “root” or “the middle” and individuals who have a solar, moon, or ascendant lord on this constellation are very direct and don’t wish to beat across the bush.  Nonetheless, it presents advanced vitality.  That is the core of the galaxy and it’s dominated by Ketu who needs to get to the core of every little thing: hidden motives, occasions, core roots. Ketu is related to previous lives and Mula needs to tie up all the skills from one’s previous lives and produce them collectively. It seeks deeply for the reality of existence.  Mula combines the vitality of Jupiter and Ketu and therefore it initiates non secular transformations for the higher. With Jupiter’s grace, it could confer magical powers to assist these in want of Grace. Mercury’s entrance into Mula can convey deep mental perception and knowledge however can result in a sense of not being supported. The Galactic Middle at about 4 levels Sagittarius can be related to whistleblowers so the Solar/Mercury conjunction on Dec. 20-22nd  close to 7 Sagittarius at that time could result in some main gamers coming forth to testify about corruption.  However then once more, that’s occurring repeatedly nowadays.   

Bear in mind to do your non secular practices and yoga to remain on prime of your recreation when speaking. If it isn’t occurring, relaxation, let it go, and be affected person. Power will not be there to push the envelope the subsequent few days as Mercury is within the early levels of Sagittarius. The cobra pose is nice for balancing Mercury and the shoulder stand can type out a confused thoughts so these could assist this week.



  Prepare for an enormous shift as Mercury will get related with Jupiter by side and signal for over 60 days growing optimism and supporting extra constructive communication.  As a result of it goes retrograde Dec. 13-Jan 1st, it should retrograde again into Scorpio Dec. 29-Jan. 7th and that shall be a troublesome time as will probably be within the troublesome Gandanta space the place emotional knots have to be untangled.   (The following Mercury retrograde shall be harder within the Aries gandanta beginning April 1st after which retrograding again into Pisces by way of April 25th.)

Mercury the trickster and lover of comedy and video games strikes into Sagittarius on Sunday, Nov. 26th.  .  Its affiliation with Jupiter by signal can convey out robust writing and it’s a great month for video games. It isn’t very bothered till Mars goes into Sagittarius on Dec. 27th after which they’re separated by a large orb till their conjunction on Dec. 28th.    Jupiter will trine it precisely into Dec. 8th making the primary week of December constructive for shares of shares, that are related to Mercury.   On the second go, Jupiter will trine it at 11 levels on Jan. 18th.   

Retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Solar on Dec. 22nd  which infuses it with Divine vitality however as a result of Mercury is behind the Solar in retrograde movement it isn’t thought of a disturbing combustion though the precise conjunction can create a buzzy and busy thoughts.

Mercury and Jupiter aren’t mates, so this transit is blended. There could be some hassle with focus, greater training, and misunderstandings with superiors, academics, or your father that will go away one feeling conflicted and uncertain. There is also authorized points so this isn’t a great time to signal contracts. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, he acts unreliable and superior.  So be aware of your Mercurial manners and soften your blunt speech, don’t be a know-it-all, exaggerate, or suppose an excessive amount of of your viewpoint. As a substitute, be respectful and lead by a decent instance. Being imprudent and dwelling a lavish life-style right now may result in well being issues associated to the hips, thighs, respiratory, and nervous problems, if the dasha you’re in is troubling for well being or in case you are Gemini rising.

It is a constructive 4th home transit for Virgos and it’s principally unafflicted later within the month.  Venus’ nakshatra of Purva Shadha (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40)  Dec 10-15 and Jan 21-30th    it should convey poetic and inventive writing and good enterprise growth.    Gemini rising will expertise a troublesome seventh home transit so karmic relationships that want closure may come up for therapeutic.   Virgos Sagittarius and Gemini shall be impacted most by this transit creating advanced conditions in relationships, home life, and attainable issues within the residence with sudden electrical issues for Virgo rising.  That is in fact all the time contextual to what dashes and Bhuktis you’re working with Mercury/Jupiter and Jupiter/Mercury combos being most impacted.

Particular due to Invoice Levacy and Komilla Sutton for a few of their insights on this mixture.

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