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Mercury is related to the Greek god Hermes and is among the planets related to laughter and humor.   If we don’t discover the humor in conditions that Mercury creates when retrograde and conjunct Mars at zero Sagittarius into Dec. twenty eighth , we’re going to be actually flustered and pissed off.  Watch out along with your Christmas journey and bear in mind to be affected person as stuff at all times occurs on the airports throughout Mercury retrograde and mechanical issues and repairs have a tendency to extend across the Mercury/Mars conjunction on Dec. twenty eighth.

This  Mercury retrograde till Jan 1st could appear difficult as a result of it’s related to Ketu by way of the Nakshatra of Mula and Ketu is in Mercury’s signal of Virgo.   Mercury/Ketu associations can create scattered and forgetful pondering and you need to depend on instinct if you will survive.   Mercury conjuct Mars into Dec. twenty eighth can create arguments and disputes and violence isn’t out of the query within the harmful Gandanta space.  The FBI is warning us already about threats due to the Israeli / Hamas battle.

Mercury in Mula may be indecisive and vacillating and Geminis and Virgos and Sag. Rising could expertise extra self-doubt than ordinary.  Use the transit to breakaway from the fabric energies of Christmas and discover the deeper non secular realm–which Mula nakshatra at all times desires you do.   Keep away from combating with siblings and kinfolk that are dominated by Mercury and the Mars conjunct could make Christmas dinner a bit feisty.  Fortunately the trine from Jupiter onto Mercury on Dec. 18th and onto the Solar on Dec. twenty seventh will assist the scenario.

Mula consists of 9 stars on the finish of Scorpio and is the place of the middle of the galaxy which Western Astrologers are keen on calling the Galactic Middle as that great a part of the sky that appears like a white river within the evening sky.  Mula means “root” or “the middle” and individuals who have a solar, moon or ascendant lord on this constellation are very direct and don’t wish to beat across the bush. That is the core of the galaxy and it’s dominated by Ketu who desires to get to the core of all the pieces: hidden motives, occasions, core roots. Ketu is related to previous lives and Mula desires to tie up all the abilities from one’s previous lives and produce them collectively. It seeks deeply for the reality of existence. It is usually place the place whistleblowers have a tendency to come back out so anticipate extra secrets and techniques to come back out within the persevering with scandals and corruption escapades.

When you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, it could possibly make you  extra intuitive folks and reverses Mercury’s regular logical thoughts.  This can be triggered in transit for some.

Mercury retro is sweet for Geminis and Virgos because it strengthens their rising signal and Taurus rising could do higher with because it owns the 2nd fifth home. Cancers have probably the most troublesome time with it as Mercury owns the twelfth home.

The cobra pose is sweet for balancing Mercury and the shoulder stand can type out a confused thoughts so these could assist the following few days.




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