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Mercury The Trickster In Actual Life

Mercury The Trickster In Actual Life


Mercury trickster It is a sequence of posts, I wrote in 2007. Actual life vignettes. Get pleasure from!

~ One ~ Mercury The Trickster

My husband and I on the telephone circa 2007. We’re speaking a few time I attempted to kill him (and his crotch) with a bike helmet. He was dancing with a woman, proper in entrance of me. The actual fact I used to be dancing with a person, proper in entrance of him, was not think about my thoughts.

“That helmet factor… you had these two massive guys. They had been going that will help you,” he stated. “And also you instructed then no man. It’s okay. We’re okay. Not a minute later, you’re swinging that helmet at me.”

I laughed.

“You had been attempting to catch me off guard, however I by no means let my guard down,” he stated. “You don’t keep in mind this, do you?”

“No,” I stated, because the reminiscence light in.

“Properly I do. It’s okay. We’re okay. However I didn’t drop my guard as a result of I understand how tough you’re.”

I laughed.

“I’d performed blackjack with you, couple instances,” he stated.

I roared.

“Yeah. And my poor compatriots. You’d come on the bottom and play with them too. All candy and harmless Elsa, you’d are available there and take them for his or her nickels and dimes. No matter that they had, you’d take it.”

I simply shook my head. I used to be 17, and busted! 😛

~ Two~ Need Some Pancakes With That?

My husband awakened at some point in our condo. I used to be sitting on the mattress. We had been each youngsters. 17 and 19. He seemed on the clock and he was late.

“Els! It’s 6:07! What are you doing!” He was panicked. “Why didn’t you wake me up! Have a look at the time.”

“Oh. Properly you seemed so drained,” I stated, all candy and loving. “You seemed too drained to get up. I don’t suppose you need to go to work at the moment. You’re simply too drained for that.”

“What! What are you speaking about!?!” He was incredulous.

“Yeah, you’re drained. Hey! Why don’t you simply name in sick? Why don’t you? You don’t appear to be you bought sufficient sleep to me. I say, name ’em and let’s simply keep dwelling and lay in mattress all day so you will get some relaxation. The telephone’s proper there,” I stated, brightly.

He was up off the bed getting dressed. He was flingin’ garments. One thing about “formation” or perhaps a “bugle”. I used to be grinning.

“Are you kidding me? Are you out of your thoughts? Name who? The Navy? Howdy, Navy? Is that this you! I’m drained. I’m not coming in at the moment!”

He stopped and turned to have a look at me. “Are you loopy? You don’t name in sick to the navy! They’ll put your ass in jail!” he yelled, earlier than turning again to frantically search for his second shoe. “The place’s my socks! Els, get me some socks!”

I put the socks in his hand.

“Jail? Oh come on. Don’t you suppose that sounds somewhat excessive? Name in sick at some point and also you go to jail? I discover that tough to imagine. So would you like some pancakes? I requested.

“Pancakes?” He was actually in shock.

“Yeah. When you’re going to work drained, you positively higher eat. However it might be even higher if you happen to simply referred to as in sick…”

“I can’t name in sick, Els! Bye! Love you,” he stated as he ran out the door with one shoe in his hand.

I laughed my ass off.

He made it in with like a minute to spare. He needed to put his shoe on at a stoplight on his bike. And to today, he thinks I used to be critical. Yeah. He’s gone round for twenty years telling this story about his fool civilian girlfriend who instructed him to name in sick to the navy.

~ Three ~ The Well-known Musician, What’s His Face?

paganiniI messed with Scott too. Scott s a excessive falutin’ pianist. I’m after all, a dipshit.

We had been hanging out at some point… a type of days if you by no means get off the bed. And we had been speaking about every thing and music got here up.

Now granted, Scott is a complete connoisseur. Nevertheless, he’s additionally a idiot. The dialog went like this.

“Blah, blah, blah, Paganini,” he stated

“Paga-who?” I stated.

“Paganini,” He stated.

“Paaag… Paaagg… what did you say?”

“Paganini,” he stated with a smile spreading throughout his face. ‘What? You may’t say Paganini?” He launched into a sturdy speech about how nice he was.

“Um… yeah effectively I believe I can. Positive, I can say it. Um… Paga… parmesan?” I stated with a hapless smile.

He roared. “I can’t imagine it! What am I doing with a lady who can’t even say Paganini’s identify? Who would imagine this? Nobody!”

I shook my head. “Properly, wait. Let me strive once more,” I stated humbly.

“Properly, yeah. Why don’t you. Paganini was an important musician and everybody ought to have the ability to say his identify.”

“Oh. Properly, okay. Paga… paga… paganoozi,” I stated. “I imply, paga… what was it once more?”

He ultimately gave up. And yup. To today he thinks I can’t pronounce Paganini.

In reality after I instructed him fifteen years after the truth that I used to be simply messing with him that day, he didn’t imagine me.

~4 ~ Catch Me If You Can

My husband and I on the telephone, circa 2006. He was speaking about one thing, I don’t keep in mind what.

“Properly, you’re the good one,” I stated.

“Proper. And what’s that make you? The dumb one?” He laughed.

“Yep. I such as you considering that. I need you satisfied,” I stated. “That means I can disavow duty if one thing goes flawed. If something unhealthy occurs, it may be your fault. Properly gee. How did you let that occur? Sensible as you’re you need to have seen that coming. How do you suppose you missed…”

“Who’s it you suppose you’re speaking to?” he requested, interrupting.

“Er… the good one.”



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