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Mercury Trine Jupiter — Ruby Slipper Astrology

Mercury Trine Jupiter — Ruby Slipper Astrology


  • Waning Sextile between the Libra Moon and Sagittarius Solar (15 deg)

  • Moon reverse and Solar trine Chiron Rx in Aries (15 deg)

  • Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter Rx in Taurus (6 deg)

  • Venus in Scorpio trine Vesta Rx in Most cancers (3 deg)

The Waning Sextile permits a transition between previous and future by way of harmonious interactions. One thing new beckons within the type of beliefs, journey, data or growth and your profitable progress will depend on a balanced, sociable approach- discover your allies, embrace your accomplice, hearken to and replicate what others are saying. 

Nonetheless, the Moon opposes Chiron so there shall be a problem within the type of damage emotions – somebody could also be additional delicate or chances are you’ll really feel unloved/unappreciated. It is troublesome to keep up stability within the face of this, however the Solar’s trine to Chiron says an trustworthy and optimistic embrace of what hurts can assist. Acknowledging the wound and making it a part of your goal and journey ahead will truly strengthen your ego. This occurs by compassion for your self and others – make your self an instance (educate others the way you dealt with your ache) and you will find that others seem to assist you in your journey. 

Mercury/Jupiter provides optimistic however sensible communication to the above- guarantees and plans are convincing as a result of they sound good and supply stable proof. A message/messenger might ship some constructive information about materials assets. The large thought unfolds naturally and works as a result of it is reasonable. 

Venus/Vesta attracts your focus in direction of a sacred home challenge. What you’re keen on/need is strengthened by way of a core matter involving dwelling, household, the previous or your main safety wants. This can be one thing personal and valuable for you alone, otherwise you and a choose individual. The harmonious vitality of the trine makes it straightforward to establish what’s sacred- the factor that has essentially the most worth and must be handled as such. Intensive love pours into one container however there is no worry of overflow as a result of the container is deep (the underside lies in your distant previous). 

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