Home Horoscopes Mounted Star Algol, Medusa’s Head ~ Birthdays Might 15 To 19. A True Darkstar!

Mounted Star Algol, Medusa’s Head ~ Birthdays Might 15 To 19. A True Darkstar!

Mounted Star Algol, Medusa’s Head ~ Birthdays Might 15 To 19. A True Darkstar!


The pinnacle of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by the notorious Algol fastened star at 26º Taurus. The Solar aligns with this star from round Might fifteenth to nineteenth. So in case your birthday falls close to these dates it’s possible you’ll discover recurring Algol themes in your life.

As a part of constellation Perseus, Algol was regarded by the ancients as essentially the most evil star within the heavens, however is its fame warranted? If Algol was really so malevolent then we might discover it widespread in serial killers. We simply don’t discover it there. Algol is nonetheless current in some dictators and it is usually true that Algol has a reference to loss of life and ache.

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The medical time period Algology means the examine of ache. “You won’t be able to disregard struggling and horror, or brush it apart… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of those harsh features of human expertise on this lifetime.….

Algol, like different stars, confers duties upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, provide nice rewards of energy and creativity. These stellar challenges are to not be feared, however understood and utilized in a constructive method.”  Diana Rosenberg [1].

Algol is located within the constellation Perseus, the place this hero is depicted slaying the gorgon Medusa’s head off. Algol is positioned within the brow of Medusa. I like to consider it as her third eye. The ancients mistrusted Algol’s blinking and inexplicable 8 hour disappearances. But it surely seems it’s a binary star, eclipsing itself each 3 days.

Mysterious certainly and solely provides to its attract. The poor star seems to die, however then it’s reborn. Medusa’s deathly look is impressed by the looks of a corpse, the pores and skin dries and tightens over the bones of the face making the eyes big, huge and staring.

Demon Alcohol

The Arab phrase for alcohol means “the Demon”. Alcohol comes from the phrase Algol. Alcohol disintegrates and dries us out, so it actually petrifies. It turns us into zombies, we free our heads and our sovereignty. It’s straightforward for a dictator to brainwash a nation of drunks. On the identical time crime can also be fuelled by alcohol, giving us a false sense of bravado. Morals develop into loosened.

“The shaft of the abyss, from which smoke rises like an awesome furnace, reeks of alcoholThat girl of the Apocalypse of Saint John, wearing purple and scarlet and adorned in gold, valuable stones and pearls, drinks alcohol. She holds a golden cup in her palms filled with abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. That’s the nice whore whose quantity is 666.” [2]

Algol threads the positive line between life and loss of life, insanity and knowledge. Wine could make you heat and sociable at events or flip you right into a lecherous fiend. It may be a fact serum, but it may possibly make you inform the filthiest lies.

When alcohol pierces our aura it may possibly let in these evil spirits, they take possession of us, now we have been invaded. Within the Greek fable, being invaded by Poseidon (Neptune) was precisely what occurred to Medusa within the first place.

Neptune is after all additionally related to alcoholics and the blurring of boundaries between worlds. So the God of the ocean raped Medusa, however what’s extra horrifying was Pallas Athena siding with the Gods in condemning her. This essential a part of the story is commonly omitted.

Medusa Fantasy

Medusa began out as a temple Virgin. She was stunning, charming and admired for her superb, lengthy, shiny hair. Poseidon, overcome by lust, ravished her within the temple. Pallas Athena was not amused so she cursed Medusa for defiling her sacred grounds.

Out of jealousy or possibly simply to show she was one of many boys, Pallas turned Medusa into the hideous serpent headed gorgon with the petrifying stare she is known for. Courageous Perseus succeeded in decapitating her and returned her head to Pallas Athena to be used as a strong defend in battle, the Aegis.

Medusa grew to become much more highly effective after her loss of life (see Diana), collectively together with her rival Pallas Athena she grew to become invincible. Perhaps there’s a message right here, when former adversaries are united they develop into stronger.

Algol can also be positively a star of transformation. The blinking binary star goes from gentle to darkish in cycles, like Persephone. So she is one other resurrection Goddess and like Persephone, she was additionally raped by a God…

The serpents in Medusa’s hair join her to the Ophiuchus constellation (the snake charmer) also referred to as the drugs man.

I wrote that “Drugs comes from the identical root as Medusa, the identify of the sorceress Medea additionally comes from this root. The blood from Medusa’s left aspect was toxic and the precise aspect was used to heal.”

So the paradox once more, if you happen to dabble in shamanism it may possibly kill you or enlighten you. Medusa’s blood additionally gave delivery to Pegasus, the place lies one other story about hubris. Each the Lilith star and the Lilith constellation of Ophiuchus have the darkest fame throughout the fastened stars. And each characteristic…serpents. What is it about serpents?

With Ophuichus the serpent is about linking sexuality to enlightenment, and that appears to fret Christianity. With Algol it’s extra about taking that knowledge and turning into your personal god. Now science is the fear. Nowhere is that this Medusa hubris extra evident than within the medical career, the place now we have medical doctors enjoying god with genetics.

Algol Key phrases

Creating monsters, Frankenstein, splicing, cosmetic surgery, mutation, genetic manipulation, enjoying god, bizarre heads, uncommon hair, irregular intercourse drive, perversion, warped thoughts, exaggerated manner, deformities, a creation that turns into harmful to it’s maker, regeneration, montaging, efficiency versus impotence, brewers droop, hanging, gorgeous, spine-tingling, thoughts blowing, getting out-of-your-head, thoughts over matter, ultra-creative, being your personal god, soothing ache, caring for the struggling, haunting voice, talking for the under-dog, exorcising ones demons, working with the shadow.

Algol guidelines heads of states and beheading, it guidelines treason and changing one ideology with one other. The pinnacle comprises the mind so it’s about knowledge and naturally snakes within the hair characterize increased data, even antennae additionally.

Even the product of Medusa, Pegasus signifies far out concepts method forward of their time. I believe Algol can also be about info that blows your thoughts. That is the place Algol turns into horrific, when our intelligence evolves faster than our consciousness.

Algol & Artists *

Algol is distinguished amongst those that work in the mass media. Once more we get a reference to Medea, medication, anti-venom, snakes. Media is communications and speaks out. This isn’t shocking since Medusa was identified for her screaming mouth and protruding tongue. It additionally guidelines the throat.

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Algol & Planet Mixtures

Algol Ascendant

Relationships can be dramatic and intense; there generally is a tendency to sex-addiction.  They’ve a wierd sort of enchantment regardless of not being classically stunning or good-looking. The looks might even be surprising or disturbing at instances but nonetheless by some means alluring. Outspoken about taboo topics, they don’t seem to be afraid to be controversial.

Margaret Witlam (03’); Outspoken Australian PM’s spouse, former champion swimmer and social employee. Advocate of womens rights, abortion and conservation. Mae West (08’); Outrageous actress, display screen author and continued to be a intercourse image effectively previous center age. Well-known for her sexual innuendos.

Linda Marshall (28’); Main cosmetics entrepreneur. Toni Morrison (30’); Nobel prize successful novelist. Wilt Chamberlain; Promiscuous basketball participant claimed to have bedded 20 000 girls. Albert Ayler; avant-garde free jazz musician and suspicious loss of life ; Princess Louise; Queen Victoria’s creative daughter. Edgar P Jacobs; Comedian ebook author and artist. Subterranean (Underworld) themes. Brian Wilson; Lead singer-songwriter of the Beachboys, supremely gifted and progressive. Psychological sickness and drug dependancy.

Algol Midheaven

The topic will make their identify with their mystique. There’s something very hanging about them. They’re should not classically interesting, so those that admire them possibly drawn to them as a result of additionally they determine with being the misfit or outsider. Even when these folks do occur to be stunning they could nonetheless really feel ugly. They’re typically mistaken for being useless, however actually they’re extremely self-conscious and will really feel individuals are always watching them. Medusa’s stare is projected onto others.

Dolores Cannon (02′); Hypnotist who discovered a lot of her topics had lives off planet! Guillaume Apollinaire(08’); Coined the time period “surrealism”. Poet, journalist, artwork critic. Elena Ford (11’) Heiress to Ford Motors fortune. Charged with drunk driving. Marlene Dietrich (16’) Actress/singer remained standard as a consequence of always re-inventing herself. Uma Thurman (31’); “She’s greater than just a little haunted” in keeping with John Malkovich [3]. Thought herself as ugly as a teen and really performed Medusa within the movie “Percy Jackson & the Olympians”.

Frida Khalo; Surrealist painter suffered polio and a bus accident as a young person. Her self-portraits had been a curious mix of advanced, dreamlike imagery with an express and fairly gory depiction of her accidents. Henry Ford; Runs within the household see Elena Ford. Agatha Christie; Homicide thriller author was well-known for her psychological suspense.  Prince Albert. Extravagant and outspoken Donald Trump. Woody Allen; Neurotic misfit.  William Hopper and Pierre/Marie Curie Davison.

Algol Solar

These folks destroy or create, generally with the intention to create they need to destroy. They may connect themselves to a trigger with nice zeal and keenness. Their lust can encourage them to nice artwork or it may possibly generally develop into so intense as to be harmful. There could also be a have to be worshipped and thought to be an awesome determine“head”. This idolization can develop into like a drug to them.

Liberace (10’) with Mars, Born with a caul, a “head helmet”. Beauty cosmetic surgery left him with a spooky monster face.  Hugh Clapperton (17’); 18th Century Explorer. Marshall Applewhite (18’); Founding father of suicide cult “Heavens Gate” and prophet. Debra Winger (19’); Outspoken actress. Pierre Curie (31’); Physicist and pioneer in radioactivity. Ayatollah Khomeini; Extremist, charismatic non secular chief and politician. Efron/Hudgens Davison; Excessive College Musical teen showbiz couple.

Margot Fonteyn; Prima ballerina with Mars. Don Bachardy; Portrait artist, met life companion, author Christopher Isherwood at 18, 30 12 months age hole.  Georges Braque; Cubist painter and “Fauvist” (Which means “Beasts”).  David Byrne; Singer with “Speaking heads”! Brian Eno; Experimental musician and artist. Innovator of ambient music. George Lucas; Star Wars Director.  Eric Satie; Vibrant, avant-garde classical composer. Heavy drinker, died of Cirrhosis of the liver. Trent Reznor singer of 9 Inch Nails.

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How To Discover Algol in Your Chart

If you happen to don’t have a chart, but get a free one right here: FREE HOROSCOPE MAKER. To work out the precise place of Algol, stars transfer ahead by the zodiac at one diploma each 72 years. You’ll find all of the star positions right here: The Mounted Stars in Longitude Order. *Algol positions:

1900 – 24° 46′ Taurus*
1950 – 25° 28′  Taurus
2000 – 26° 10′ Taurus

1. Diana Rosenberg. Medusa’s Head
2. Revelations. The Holy Bible.

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