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Mounted Star Vega, Constellation Lyra By Darkstar Astrology

Mounted Star Vega, Constellation Lyra By Darkstar Astrology


Vega is the principal star of Constellation Lyra. In case your birthday is between January  4 to eight, your Solar is conjunct this stunning Sapphire star. Constellation Lyra the harp is discovered between 10º – 29º Capricorn. So the Solar aligns with this constellation from January 1st to twentieth every year.

It’s from the celebs  of Lyra that give the Zodiac signal of the goat its aspirations, the urge to rise above mediocrity and the should be seen in the suitable locations with the suitable folks. This space of the sky craves excessive standing and desires to affect. Constellation Lyra’s delusion; Mercury made just a little harp with three strings and gave it to Orpheus who used it to allure the beasts.

Jupiter positioned Lyra within the heavens to honor Orpheus’s demise. “It’s stated to provide an harmonious, poetical and developed nature, keen on music and apt in science and artwork, however inclined to theft.” [1] Ptolemy stated it’s like Venus and Mercury. The theft will come from its associations with Mercury. The constellation clearly has a trickster component to it.

As you’ll be able to see under, crime and punishment and being a legislation unto your self can also be a function of this stellar zone. It’s stated that when this constellation rises in a chart;

lyra constellation

“There shall be born a person to research wrong-doing and punish the responsible…he’ll resolve crimes by sifting the proof for them and convey to mild all that lies hidden beneath the silence of deceit. Therefore, too, are begotten the cruel torturer, the dispenser of penalties…..” ~ Manilus

The Latin phrase fidicula, generally related this constellation, additionally signifies an instrument of torture. This explains the eclectic mixture of artists, media “whores”, and politicians alongside some sadistic murderers. The Australian Lyrebird was mistakenly thought to have a tail formed similar to a Lyre and this “lie” was commemorated on a postage stamp.

This extraordinarily shy hen IS the truth is a liar although, it’s famed for its extraordinary potential to imitate any number of hen and any sound. That is becoming since its precept star Vega is related to pretentiousness.

Vega Key phrases

Blood is thicker than water, household honor, loyalty, musical, theatrical, arty and artful, waxes lyrical, charming the birds from the bushes, pied piper, paying the piper, songbirds, lullaby, lair, aspiring, social climbers, class acutely aware, divas, wannabies, followers, stalkers, admirers, excessive standing, flash vehicles, spectacular, political clout, gangsters, greedy, publicity hungry, media whores, ancestral abilities, dynasties, forging, faking, cosmetic surgery, perfection, idealism, the top of success, snobbery, rags to riches, riches to rags, thieving, felony exercise, torture, punishment, legislation unto themselves.

Stars of the Lyre

The alpha star of this small constellation is an exquisite pale Sapphire star known as Vega discovered at 15º 19’ Capricorn.“It provides beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement and changeability, and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and normally lascivious.” [1]  

“Vega is meant to provide creative abilities particularly for music and performing, but additionally a liking for good residing. With eccentric artists, this will likely result in a debauched life. Tied up with Jupiter or Venus, Vega is alleged to pave the best way to riches and fame. Nonetheless, if different influences play an element, this wealth could also be misplaced once more” [2]

The star appears to be related to wealth, snobbery and a sure pretentiousness. Vega has excessive aspirations and likes to affiliate with the wealthy, glamorous and well-known. it’s the final wannabe, which might develop into both a groupie or within the worst instances a stalking fan. I might assume this star additionally has a expertise for mimicry (There are a stunning quantity of feminine impersonators) and in addition the type of voice that may lull an individual to sleep.


The opposite two vital stars of Lyra are Sheliak: 18º Capricorn 53’ and Sulaphat: 21º Capricorn 55’. I believe these two stars could have much less of the creative Venusian abilities of Vega and lean extra in the direction of the Mercurial vitality.

So right here there will likely be vocalists, those that use their our bodies as devices, the torch-song singers but additionally tortured souls, or those that prefer to torture. Early depictions of Lyre have it nestled within the breast of a Vulture.

This hen, like Mercury, is an ambivalent image, it may be protecting and maternal but additionally damaging. In nature the scavenger may be cleaning and purifying, however it additionally offers with the soiled jobs that nobody needs to do. It has that vigilante really feel to it.

These are individuals who take the legislation into their very own palms, the best way that gangsters do. They’re doing it for the “household” and defending their very own blood. Of their thoughts it’s honourable, by no means thoughts who else’s guts will get bust within the course of. You’ll be able to see this mentality I believe in Sulaphat and Sheliak, each these stars fall across the talons of the Vulture. These stars are extra tenacious, sensible and hands-on than the extra idealistic, visionary vitality of Vega

Vega The Planets

 Vega Ascendant

“Excessive success is promised if Vega is positioned on the Asc or MC. One can discover Vega in corresponding points in delivery charts of statesmen, politicians, individuals of significance.” [2] ”Avengers of crimes and in control of public courts and inquires. If Saturn is in any facet with Vega when rising, the native will pursue this vocation with a fanaticism to the purpose of using tortures and executions to stamp out what he considers evil.” [3]

Vega on the Ascendant appears to provide it extra of an edge and makes it work like the celebs within the vultures claws. Perhaps this placement sums up the entire of Lyra’s energies since it’s such a powerful place. For all stars right here, it appears to make the topic need to use their inventive abilities to make the world a greater place, and there’s a political agenda behind their artwork. It’s true that there are a superb variety of highly effective figureheads right here and individuals who champion a trigger. Taylor/Burton Davison (12’)*; Hollywood couple. Derek Jarman (13’); Acclaimed British Avant Garde filmmaker. Hans Bethe (17’); Nuclear Physicist. Archie M Griffin (17’); American Footballer. Barbara Fortress; British socialist politician. Paul Newman; Sapphire-eyed movie actor and philanthopist. Meg Ryan; American actress. Bobby Brown; R & B Singer. Jay Rockefeller; Nice grandson of Oil tycoon and Senator.

Sheliak: Dustin Hoffman (02’); Oscar successful American actor. Dick Healey (04’); Australian politician. Kevin Rudd (25’); Australian Prime Minister. Roy Fortress (25’); British selection entertainer, file breaking musician. Emperor Nero (27’); Notorious eccentric Emperor and lyre participant. Nero beloved the theatre and was a champion of the humanities. Enoch Powell; Controversial proper wing British politician with robust views on immigration. Invoice/Hilary Clinton Davison; Political duo.

Sulaphat: Lynda Hill (06’): Astrologer who popularized Sabian symbols. Napoleon III of France (21’); Final Monarch of France. Chairman Mao (22’); Chinese language communist revolutionary. Clark Gable (24’); Matinee Idol and star of the largest grossing movies of all time. Queen Elizabeth II of UK (29’); Longest lived Monarch in British historical past. Napoleon IV of France (35’); Son of Napoleon III died aged 23. Elizabeth I of UK; “Virgin” Queen and final of the good Tudor dynasty. Bono; Lead singer of U2. Musician, humanitarian and collaborator.


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