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Mundan Muhurat 2024, Auspicious Time for Shaving head of the Child

The idea or apply of shaving the hair (mundan) on one’s head has been prevalent for ages. In lots of communities, it’s thought-about a non secular customized. Flaunting a clean-shaven head can be a style assertion as nicely. On this article, we might be wanting into mundan muhurat 2024, an auspicious time for the primary mundan of the child, its historical past, myths, and extra.

What’s the which means of getting a mundan?

In easy phrases, it’s the apply of slicing or shaving some or the entire hair on the scalp as an indication of spiritual devotion. In sure civilizations, it symbolizes mourning, whereas in some it’s seen as a gesture of help. If the mundan muhurat by date of delivery is taken into account then it needs to be performed within the Uttarayan months.
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Auspicious time for the primary mundan of the child/Mundan Muhurat 2024

Mundan Muhurat 2024 – February

  • Wednesday -14 February – 10:43 am to 12:10 pm
  • Monday – 19 February – 06:43 am to 10:33 am
  • Wednesday – 21 February – 11:28 am to 1:22 pm (subsequent day)
  • Tuesday – 27 February – 04:31 am to six:40 am
  • Thursday – 29 February – 4:19 am to six:22 am (subsequent day)

Mundan Muhurat 2024 – March

  • Friday – 08 March – 1:20 am to 9:58 pm
  • Monday – 18 March – 10:49 pm to six:30 am (subsequent day)
  • Wednesday – 20 March – 6:29 am to 1:19 pm
  • Wednesday – 27 March – 06:25 am to six:05 am (subsequent day)

Mundan Muhurat 2024 – April

  • Wednesday – 3 April – 9:47 pm to five:26 am (subsequent day)
  • Thursday – 4 April – 4:14 pm to 1:29 pm (subsequent day)
  • Monday – 15 April – 6:16 am to 12:12 am

Mundan Muhurat 2024 – Might

  • Friday – 03 Might – 1:53 am to 12:41 pm
  • Friday – 3 Might – 11:24 pm to 12:06 am (subsequent day)
  • Friday – 10 Might – 10:47 am to 2:50 am (subsequent day)
  • Tuesday – 14 Might – 2:50 am to six:06 am
  • Monday – 20 Might – 3:59 pm to six:06 am (subsequent day)
  • Friday – 24 Might – 7:25 pm to six:06 am (subsequent day)
  • Thursday – 30 Might – 12:43 am to 11:44 am

Mundan Muhurat 2024 – June

  • Friday – 7 June – 4:45 pm to 7:43 pm
  • Monday – 10 June – 4:15 pm to 9:39 pm
  • Monday – 17 June – 6:08 am to five:39 pm
  • Wednesday – 26 June – 6:10 am to eight:55 pm

Mundan Muhurat 2024 – July

  • Friday – July 12 – 4:08 pm to six:14 am (subsequent day)
  • Monday – July 15 – 7:19 pm to 12:29 am (subsequent day)

Auspicious time for the primary mundan of the child

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As per Vedic astrology, mundan ceremony is likely one of the 16 sanskars to be undertaken by an individual. Particularly, it’s the eighth ritual or sanskar within the 16 sanskaras. Going by the kundli of the kid, the mundan ceremony ought to happen on the finish of the primary 12 months, or earlier than the top of the third 12 months. If not, the subsequent good day for mundan arrives solely within the seventh 12 months.
The next are the completely different favorable and unfavorable components to be thought-about whereas choosing probably the most auspicious time for the primary mundan of the child
Beneficial Weekdays – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Beneficial Stars – All movable stars (Punartham, Chothi, Thiruvonam, Avittam, Chathayam), all dynamic stars (Aswati, Pooyam, Atham), Makayiram, Revathi, Chithra and Thrikketta
Unfavorable Tithis – Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi, and Trayodashi
Unfavorable Nithyayogas – Vishkamba, Athigandha, Soola, Gandha, Vyaghata, Vajra, Vyathipatha, Parikha, and Vaidhrithi
Unfavorable Karanas – Vishti
Other than these, frequent Panchanga shuddhi checks, the overall astrological high quality based mostly on the Kundli can be analyzed. Additionally, components similar to photo voltaic and lunar eclipses, Sankranti, and sandhyakalam are thought-about.

Precautions to be noticed earlier than mundan of infants

The primary mundan for a child is each particular and essential for the mother and father. It’s believed that shaving the primary hair ensures higher hair progress sooner or later. Shaving off the weak hair offers room for brand new, stronger hair follicles to develop out of the roots. The expansion sample of the hair can be made extra even.
Annaprashan Muhurat 2024 – Auspicious Time for Feeding Rice
To make sure the mundan perform will get performed correctly, the following tips are to be thought-about.
Feed the child correctly and guarantee he/she is well-rested. It is a important step as little or no relaxation could make kids cranky or stressed, and their abrupt actions could cause them harm.
Choose a barber who has expertise in working with infants and youngsters. Additionally, make sure that the tools he’s utilizing is clear and sterilized to keep away from infections. Give the kid a heat bathe as soon as the mundan perform is full to take away the mud or tiny strands of hair caught to the pores and skin. Any negligence on this half can hurt the child and result in rashes. Apply antiseptic cream or a home made paste to reduce the influence of an allergic response the child may need as a result of first-time contact with a blade or metallic. Making use of the cream will assist their pores and skin heal quicker and keep away from rashes.

How do completely different communities apply mundan?


Most Hindu communities nonetheless apply mundan as a ritual. In accordance with Vedic astrology, the Chudakarana ceremony marks the primary haircut for the kid and is taken into account his/her first step in the direction of hygiene and cleanliness. As per customized, it’s mentioned that the mundan ceremony ought to all the time be carried out both within the first or the third 12 months of the kid. Most Hindus endure head tonsure additionally as an indication of mourning for his or her deceased member of the family and to finish the final rites.


In Buddhism, it’s part of the ceremony of changing into a monk. It entails shaving the top and face, and the apply of the head-shaving ceremony is repeated a number of occasions to maintain the top clear. As bizarre as it could sound, many Chinese language Buddhist monks have 6, 9, or 12 dots on their heads on account of burning their shaven scalp with an incense stick.


In Islam, it’s customary for Haji pilgrims to shave their heads earlier than coming into Mecca as an indication of cleanliness and their rejection of self-importance.


Like Buddhist monks, even Jain monks consider in protecting a tonsured head, imitating the act carried out by their trainer Lord Mahavira. Nevertheless, as an alternative of shaving, Jain monks pluck their hair to maintain the scalp naked and devoid of lice. They don’t consider within the idea of utilizing a blade or knife.

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