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Mundane Astrological Highlights for 2024-25- A Look Forward

Mundane Astrological Highlights for 2024-25- A Look Forward




I’ve steered away from Mundane astrological predictions over the previous couple of years as they make nobody comfortable and there are at all times X-factors.  Nonetheless, I get many individuals asking me so that is what I noticed after I regarded into it.    You may activate the information, and you’re crammed with dread anyway however now we have to keep in mind that God is operating the present even when politicians and energy figures assume they’ll wield their energy and corruption.

Nonetheless, 2024 is a troublesome 12 months.  Within the 60-year cycle in Vedic Mundane astrology often known as Samvatsara. The Vedic New Yr which begins April 8 2024 with the New Moon in Pisces which can be this 12 months occurs to be the Photo voltaic Eclipse that’s hitting the US throughout the daytime and appears to be a reasonably inauspicious omen.

It’s the Yr of Krodhin which we final noticed in 1964-5 and 1904-5.

The Yr of Krodhin is described as follows:

Krodhī (क्रोधी) refers back to the thirty-eighth of the sixty-year cycle of Jupiter, in line with the Bṛhatsaṃhitā (chapter 8), an encyclopedic Sanskrit work written by Varāhamihira primarily specializing in the science of historical Indian astronomy (Jyotiṣa).—Accordingly, “The primary 12 months of the following yuga sacred to Viśvedeva is Śobhakṛt; the following 12 months is called Subhakṛt; the third is Krodhī; and the remaining years are often known as Viśvāvasu and Parābhava. In the course of the first two years, mankind shall be comfortable; throughout the third, they are going to really feel exceedingly depressing and over the last two years they are going to be neither comfortable nor depressing; however within the 12 months Parābhava there shall be concern from hearth and affected by weapons and illness; the Brāhmins and cows may also undergo”.

Supply: The impact of Samvatsaras: Satvargas

Krodhin (क्रोधिन्) refers back to the thirty-eighth saṃvatsara (“jovian 12 months)” in Vedic astrology.—The native born within the ‘samvatsara’ of ‘krodhin’ is cruel-eyed, merciless natured, has nice love for his spouse and is expensive to her, is extraordinarily haughty or proud, places obstacles in the way in which of another particular person and is hot-tempered or susceptible to anger.

In line with Jataka Parijata, the particular person born within the 12 months Krodhin (2024-2025 AD) shall be an adulterer, hooked on evil methods, artful, and of an indignant temperament. (Wikipedia, https://www.wisdomlib.org/definition/krodhin.

In trying traditionally at 1964-5 and 1904-5, there have been main occasions however not as dire because the Jataka Parijata would counsel.  In 1964, Vietnam fired on US ships within the Gulf of Tonkin ultimately resulting in retaliation and the Vietnam struggle.  Main Civil Rights Laws was signed by Lyndon Johnson and Martin Luther King obtained the Nobel Peace Prize.  In 1904-5, Teddy Roosevelt was re-elected and the Japanese-Russian Battle held the headlines.  January 1905 was very important with the beginning of the Russian Revolution. Wikipedia highlights it: “The Russian Revolution of 1905, also called the First Russian Revolution,[b] started on 22 January 1905. A wave of mass political and social unrest then started to unfold throughout the huge areas of the Russian Empire. The unrest was directed primarily towards the Tsar, the the Aristocracy, and the ruling class. It included employee strikes, peasant unrest, and army mutinies.”   For these of you who studied movie historical past, the well-known movie Battleship Potemkin is a reminder of these occasions.

Given this background noise, the possibility of a struggle involving Taiwan appears to be growing into 2025.

Right here is the New Moon Chart and Photo voltaic Eclipse chart  for the New Yr is April 8, 2024 at 2:20 pm, in Washington, DC

We’ll analyze it as a later date.   The ruler of the 12 months must be Mars because the New Yr is after Dawn with Mars/Saturn conjunct inside 2 levels within the 8th home. The chart lord the Moon is within the ninth home with Venus and Rahu which may assist information a profitable and clean transition and transformation of the USA.

We are able to take a look at the transits of the bigger planets to get a deal with on the 12 months.  Jupiter goes into Taurus, Might 2, 2024, and can trine the Pluto return to the US natal chart at 7 levels in June.  This shall be a protecting issue for June with Jupiter trining natal Pluto as Pluto goes over the natal Pluto of the US chart, June 4, 1776 at 6:18 pm, Philadelphia.  Jupiter’s guiding trine shall be there in 2024-25 however its waning side later within the 12 months is not going to have as sturdy affect because it hits Taurus 27 into October when it goes retrograde on Oct. 9th.   Nonetheless, I feel it protects the 12 months with some grace.

The US disaster into Might 2024 with the Pluto return and the twond Photo voltaic Eclipse over the US is more likely to set off one thing extra dire and it could imply a short lived financial collapse in order that the federal government can take extra management.   How else do you resolve a disaster with trillions of {dollars} of debt and never change into Zimbabwe? Battle? Pandemics? Plainly authorities is all about energy and management and never serving to the individuals. Will new leaders rise as much as change our deteriorating state of affairs?   There’s some hope within the annual chart with Jupiter within the 10th home in Aries.

Taurus is about finance and meals and Jupiter in Taurus will discover artistic options to banking and meals issues however it’s in an enemy’s signal.   We can’t assist however assume that the 34 trillion {dollars} in US debt will begin inflicting issues by the spring.

Trillions of {dollars} of debt creation around the globe can solely be managed by an financial reset and the CBDC Central Banker advocates know learn how to take management of you amid a disaster.  The excellent news is that the Central Banks can create cash out of skinny error and offer you entry to it electronically. The dangerous information is that they’ll management and watch the way you spend that cash. Some individuals assume that even by 2024, this might manifest so preserve shopping for these baggage of silver quarters.  We don’t assume Bitcoin will save the world as it could actually simply regulate it out of existence and it ought to prime in January 2024 with a secondary excessive. Among the dasha cycles are sturdy into 2026 however after we take a look at the historical past of gold throughout the Despair, it’s a must to marvel.

Saturn in Aquarius shall be in direct movement till June 29th this 12 months and can get to 25 levels within the new constellation of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20). Jupiter is fiercer throughout its retrograde movement on June 30-Nov. 15th however nonetheless it beckons us to cope with humanitarian points and assist pure disasters with compassion and motion.   Nonetheless, the symbolic God of Purvabhadrapada is Aja Ekapada which is related to penance and Lord Rudra and nearly means that if there are financial challenges, we must perserve with  a stoic nature. It’s good to change into extra self-sufficient and plant your gardens and get your personal power sources from photo voltaic and wind energy so you probably have been placing it off, one thing to do that 12 months.

Rahu is in Pisces till March 2025 and might create issues with floods and Tsunamis whereas Ketu in Virgo will enhance earthquakes. Any 12 months this will occur, however one has a way it is going to be amplified throughout the Yr of Krohdin.  As Rahu strikes towards Neptune into the Spring of 2025, it could provide artistic options to the earth’s new challenges on the similar time it is going to foster new escapism and religious bypassing to tune it out.

Uranus strikes into Taurus on June 1, 2024, and goes into Krittika Nakshatra (Aries 27-Taurus 10) on April 1, 2024.  It is going to be conjunct Jupiter on  April 20th.  Normally this can be a good side for expertise shares and should market the final excessive for Nasdaq for the 12 months in late April.  Nonetheless, the inventory market will appropriate till late Feb. as soon as it peaks by Jan. 14-16th.  Nonetheless, Uranus in Taurus is more likely to disrupt the financial and banking system which is centered in Taurus and we will see that increase with trillions of {dollars} in world debt.   The trine from Pluto in Capricorn to Uranus in Taurus shouldn’t be actual till August 2025 however its affect over 2024-25 will counsel sturdy financial and world restructuring. Jupiter in Taurus till June 14, 2025, will give the world’s financial construction some artistic energy and  Divine assist.

So keep in mind that the Divine hand of God is there behind the scenes guiding and supportive.  Even when the architect is demolishing an previous constructing he has a imaginative and prescient of what new one shall be created on the positioning.  We can’t dwell in concern however should be artistic and sensible and ready and know that higher issues will come.  The Divine can solely deal with a lot corruption and disrespect for the air pollution and disrespect for the life on the planet and one thing has to set it proper.  Bear in mind that you’re at all times protected and proceed to develop good karma by serving to others.









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