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My Daughter Has Her Moon sq. Venus – Assist!

My Daughter Has Her Moon sq. Venus – Assist!


mom clothingHello Elsa,

My daughter has Moon in Most cancers sq. Venus in Libra in her chart. Each planets in domicile however in a sq.. I’ve learn the interpretation of this side in my many alternative Astro books, and so on. Lots of the interpretations present many difficulties.

Any recommendation on how one can assist her assembly these planets wants? I’m conscious Moon-Venus facets relate to the moms’ actions and attitudes (to self and little one) typically.

Mother in England

Hello, Mother. It is a nice query.

Moon sq. Venus is a troublesome side to cope with. Venus is in regards to the sweetness in life. With the sq. to the moon, it’s as if the sweetness of life shouldn’t be emotionally satisfying. I do know that is harsh, however I’m spelling this out, to make my level and in addition as a result of adults who’ve this of their chart, are usually not going to need to learn a fluffy lie.

Your daughter’s scenario is helped by having the our bodies within the indicators they rule, as you talked about. The very fact her mom is right here, asking about this and wanting to assist, illustrates this benefit.

I do suppose you’ll be able to assist however it will likely be difficult. Be mindful, this side will play out each day over the course of her lifetime. I can’t cowl all of the potentials so let me provide you with one instance of what occurs with this side, in addition to an concept the way you may mitigate the scenario. Will probably be like a template – you’ll be able to take it from there.

This side may create a scenario the place your daughter falls in love (Venus in Libra), however her mother doesn’t just like the accomplice.


Or perhaps your daughter develops her aesthetic and once more, you don’t prefer it. Like my son and his tattoos! There’s the conflict.  However in the event you let her have her love and her personal tastes, you’d reduce her her a break on this side. It will be a loving (Venus), mother (Moon) factor to do.

I suppose you may say somebody goes to get crushed on this scenario. It’s doable so that you can take up the blow to spare her.

Good luck!



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