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Neptune Sensitivity To Images | ElsaElsa


single parent 2The solar is squaring Neptune at the moment, I’ve definitely been feeling this over this final week or so. The music, and earlier than that, the flicks.  In the present day, it’s photos and particularly, photos that I’m erasing.

I’ve a well-known sensitivity to all of these items.  For instance, the final time I used to be inconsolably unhappy, I had quite a lot of folks attempting to assist me on my toes, however I simply couldn’t cease my heaving sobs. Everybody was disturbed. Finally I used to be helped… by a film.

One my helper folks, a Virgo man, instructed I see a film. He had no different concepts.  Determined for aid, I went to see the film (Huge Fish). This man advised me he’d learn all my tales and issues all the time ended nicely.  That is what that film is about. Positive sufficient, I left the theatre, in wonderful spirts. Finish disaster!

So the photographs I’m erasing are from this weblog.  For the document, although I’ve mentioned it earlier than, I’d by no means destroy an earthy image? One you possibly can maintain in your hand? I’d by no means deface anybody or rip them up or something as a result of I can really feel a lot once I maintain a picture in my hand.

I would favor to maintain digital photos however I can’t as a result of it’s lawsuit time.  I’ve been running a blog practically 25 years and I had uploaded all types and all sizes of images, each day.  Different folks have additionally uploaded photos within the discussion board.  Whereas the weblog posts and discussion board posts my have been deleted, the pictures (of celebrities, for instance) which I don’t personal the rights to, are sitting in folders, circa 2013 or 2007 or each time. I’m responsible for this!

Additional, this can be a wordpress weblog.  For quite a lot of years, wordpress made 5 copies of each picture uploaded.  Bloating, okay? Plus I’ve to search out them – all variations of their obscure folder that’s been sitting there for fifteen years or no matter.

That is tedious for probably the most half however it additionally makes me really feel unhappy.  I’ve collected astrology graphics for 25 years. It’s all the time been a factor on this weblog. Again within the day, should you looked for an astro pic, and hit “photos”, the entire web page can be photos from my weblog. I’ve obtained to let these items go now, together with a lot extra.  It’s not the illegality of it, essentially. There’s simply no motive to maintain them.  Can I take them with me once I die, lol.

It kills me as a result of you possibly can’t discover good pics of something anymore. Every part is generic and owned.  Actually, I hate this to a stage, I doubt you possibly can think about.  There’s a sure aesthetic that’s acceptable to view.  It’s simply so damned boring. So I’m deleting historical past which may’t be recovered and isn’t prone to be seen once more.  It makes me Neptune-sad, which is it’s personal model, in my view.

The factor is, I’m very linked to my work. I delete the image and whereas I can’t see the picture, the title usually sees me name what it was connected to. I bear in mind… so it’s all fairly haunting. I used to be doing or considering or feeling, X, once I wrote, Y, and paired it with image. X.  All washed away now, Saturn Neptune.

From 2010.

Neptune…. Do You Have One other Individual’s Photos?

I can’t bear in mind if I’ve talked about this: I don’t assume I’ve aside from not directly. I can really feel issues once I maintain somebody’s image in my hand. It’s the identical as a chart.  An individual’s chart is their {photograph}.

That is why I don’t do consults on digicam.  Once I work with you, I’ve your chart in my hand I want to have a look at it. I’d say what I do shouldn’t be efficiency artwork – look how I look, blathering about astrology. No, I’m accessing your true essence. I’ve the map in my hand and the very last thing I would like is a distraction. It’s simply means too essential to convey a superb and proper message within the time allotted.

That’s Henry and my mom within the pic. He’s a single mum or dad.  The image from the linked weblog publish is my mom, together with her mom. Each photos are from the 1940’s.  Exhausting to fathom; practically 100 years outdated.

Do you’ve gotten Neptune sensitivity? How about Neptune unhappy?



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