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New Moon In Aquarius – Some Folks Are Extra Equal Than Others

New Moon In Aquarius – Some Folks Are Extra Equal Than Others


“Animal Farm” by George Orwell is an allegorical novel about some animals on a farm.

In the future, the animals, led by a pair of pigs (Snowball and Napoleon) lead a rise up in opposition to the human proprietor of the farm. 

The animals efficiently drive him out and set up the “Animal Farm”. They comply with undertake the Seven Commandments of Animalism as their structure. An important of those is the final commandment: “All animals are equal.

However issues don’t go as easily as anticipated.

Napoleon runs Snowball off the farm and offers himself full management. He step by step violates increasingly more of the commandments as his habits turns into more and more like that of their earlier human grasp. 

The climax comes just a few years later when the animals spot Napoleon carrying a whip (violations of the commandments) and uncover that every one the commandments have been decreased to easily “All animals are equal, however some animals are extra equal than others.

What does this imply? 

New Moon In Aquarius – Some Folks Are Extra Equal Than Others

The “Animal Farm” metaphor means that the beliefs of social justice and equality that impressed the animal’s revolution finally crumble underneath the corrupting affect of energy.

Napoleon and the pigs have turn out to be identical to the people they overthrew.

Equally, our beliefs initially sound lofty and promising, however in actuality, they usually fail to resist the corrupting forces of energy and self-interest. 

Reflecting on the fragility of our beliefs and their susceptibility to corruption is extra essential than ever, particularly when we now have a New Moon in Aquarius and an Aquarius stellium. 

Aquarius guidelines our hopes, goals, and social causes we resonate with; at a deeper stage, Aquarius guidelines humanity – that place the place our particular person aspirations intersect with the collective imaginative and prescient for a greater world.

New Moon In Aquarius – What Makes Us Human

The New Moon occurs on February ninth, 2024, at 20° Aquarius. The New Moon is tightly sq. its ruler, Aquarius, at 19° Taurus. 

This alignment prompts us to ponder the essence of humanity itself.

What defines our humanity?

There’s a distinction between what makes us a person, and what makes us human. 

Being human shouldn’t be what makes us distinctive (that’s Leo) – however what makes us related (Aquarius). Being human is that deep understanding that we’re all on this collectively; if certainly one of us is hurting, humanity as a complete is hurting. 

If there’s a conflict, is it human to take sides? Is it okay for some folks to die as a result of they’re the ‘enemy’?

The world shouldn’t be a Counter Strike area. Each human being is somebody’s son or daughter.
“There’s no different approach”. There’s at all times a greater approach, if we’re keen to search out it.

However this requires us to cease working from a “good” vs “dangerous”, “proper” vs. “mistaken” state of affairs. 

Batman and Joker are fictional characters. It’s the wanna-be heroes that create the Jokers. 

Something may be justified by means of the great vs. dangerous paradigm. Once we combat for some folks, objectives or beliefs (on the expense of others) – it’s value re-evaluating our motivations. Are we actually pushed by our humanity? Or is there one other motivation?

New Moon In Aquarius And Pluto In Aquarius

We’re all people – and this comes with nice energy, and nice accountability.  

It’s remembering our humanity that can assist us keep away from simply one other “Animal Farm” state of affairs. 

Overthrowing the previous – with out compassion and respect for our shared humanity – can result in a looping state of affairs the place new Pluto in Capricorn-like energy buildings exchange the previous ones, however there’s no actual change. 

How will we do higher? 

I imagine that earlier than attempting to vary the world, we first have to embrace our personal duality – the great, and the dangerous. 

When the great and the dangerous are 2 separate entities, we now have Batman and the Joker. When the Ego and the Id are reconciled, we now have a human being. 

Once we make peace with our so-called darkish facet, we not undertaking it onto others. As a substitute of directing our power onto supporting “good causes” and combating “dangerous folks” – we channel it into self-improvement and cultivating a balanced perspective.

From that place, it’s then simpler to maintain our humanity in verify, and function on this planet from a extra aware, and fewer polarized place. 

New Moon In Aquarius – Human 2.0

The New Moon in Aquarius will increase some vital questions round how we relate to society, beliefs, and our idea of humanity. 

The New Moon is in a tense facet (sq.) with Uranus in Taurus. The New Moon sq. its personal ruler creates a clumsy “watch out what you would like for” state of affairs the place our personal beliefs, objectives and hopes for the longer term appear to show in opposition to us. 

We’d face some uncomfortable truths. We could also be required to do work we don’t like doing, or method our aspirations from a distinct angle. 

There’s assist! The opposite ruler of the New Moon, Saturn makes a supportive sextile facet with Jupiter.

As at all times, the Universe offers us the instruments to navigate challenges and develop into the following greatest model of ourselves. 

We are able to turn out to be a extra aware human – right this moment, tomorrow, and each single day.

That is the primary New Moon in Aquarius with Pluto within the signal. This can be a distinctive alternative to attach with our inside energy and rework the paradigm by means of which we understand and interact with the world. 

The New Moon in Aquarius on February ninth, 2024 may be the start of a totally new chapter of our lives. 

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