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New Moon In Gemini – Maybe There’s A Totally different Approach –

New Moon In Gemini – Maybe There’s A Totally different Approach –


On June 18th, 2023 now we have a New Moon at 26° Gemini

The New Moon is conjunct Juno, the asteroid of dedication and devotion. Mercury, the ruler of the New Moon, is whispering candy phrases into Venus’ ears. And Jupiter is making use of a pleasant sextile to Saturn, presenting us with sensible steps to show these targets into actuality.

This all sounds good, BUT there’s solution to go. A very powerful side the New Moon in Gemini makes is a sturdy making use of sq. to Neptune at 27° Pisces.

The New Moon in Gemini will remind you of what’s vital to you, portray an image of how issues might be. However Neptune will make you doubt your self each step of the way in which. 

Neptune Squares – Helpless Towards The Tide

Neptune transits can get a nasty rap as a result of Neptune is related to phantasm, deception, and issues that aren’t what they appear. 

Nonetheless, it is a limiting manner of taking a look at Neptune. Neptune’s finish purpose is to not deceive us – however to assist us discover a increased, extra integrative synthesis. 

A sq. is a tense side skilled as a “me in opposition to the world” situation. When now we have a sq. transit, we really feel that irrespective of how laborious we strive, there are exterior forces, or insurmountable circumstances that stop us from attaining our targets. We’re in a tug of warfare with the world. 

A Neptune sq. isn’t an Uranian surprising flip of occasions. Nor a dramatic Pluto energy battle.

Neptune squares really feel just like the world is slowly drowning and disintegrating. That issues are slipping via our fingers, leaving us floating with the tide, headless, directionless, on the mercy of the ocean. 

Initially, Neptune squares problem our actuality. “I’m simply helpless in opposition to the tide?” “Can I actually make this occur, or am I simply daydreaming?” “I knew this was too good to be true”. 

The Neptune sq. will make us doubt our Solar-Moon-Juno dedication. But when we cease at this preliminary, complicated stage, we’re lacking the upper objective of the transit.

Neptune – Connecting The Unconnectable

Neptune is an outer planet, and outer planets – not like private planets – are collective energies we are able to’t make sense of in the identical manner we make sense of Mercury or Mars. 

If Mercury is the way you or I feel, Uranus – as the upper octave of Mercury – is the sum of all our particular person brains, and extra. Uranus is the collective financial institution of ideas – it’s the supercomputer of humankind.  

If Venus is the way you or I really feel, Neptune is the collective financial institution of emotions. And If Mars is the way you or I act, Pluto is the collective financial institution of actions. 

Coming again to Neptune. Neptune is related to unconditional love, which is absolutely what occurs when all our particular person Venuses merge collectively to hunt increased unity. 

And the way in which Neptune finds this increased unity is by diffusing private identifications, you vs. me, what I need vs. what you need. Neptune is that ocean of oneness the place we join with the world at a soul stage. 

We will solely discover the upper love, this soul connection, after we transcend 3D identification layers.

Neptune is the God of the oceans. Consider the ocean. Nobody ‘owns’ the ocean. Oceans don’t have a reputation or an identification label in the way in which individuals or international locations do. 

How might they? Their function is to attach – individuals, issues, concepts – which might be in any other case very completely different, and really far aside. That don’t communicate the identical language, and don’t function underneath the identical legal guidelines. Neptune’s purpose is to attach the unconnectable. 

Gemini Vs. Neptune

The New Moon in Gemini sq. Neptune in Pisces will make us conscious of one thing that doesn’t make sense at first. 

Chances are you’ll learn one thing that challenges your understanding of the world. This can be one thing that’s so distant out of your definition of fact that you just instantly label it as a “lie”, “BS” or “conspiracy principle”. 

You’ll be able to inform your self “Ah, in fact, simply one other Neptune delusion, so good I do know astrology” …

OR you might have a look at it as a possibility to reframe your understanding of actuality. 

The New Moon in Gemini is wired for information and laborious information. “I see it or it doesn’t exist”. 

Neptune in Pisces is wired for locating which means past information and laborious information.

Gemini and Mercury rule researchers, and Neptune and Pisces rule scientists and theoreticians. 

Einstein was a Pisces! He got here up together with his inventive theories not by using Gemini, hard-data approaches, however through the use of his creativeness. Neptune helps us shut our eyes and “see” what’s in any other case invisible to the attention. 

It’s in Neptune’s fertile oceans that we are able to extrapolate numbers and notes, discover theorems, and make music. However to get there, now we have to transcend our Gemini filter.

Is just not that the Gemini strategy isn’t helpful. This can be very helpful – with out our Gemini pair of eyes and ears, we wouldn’t survive. 

However then we need to take issues a step additional. We will nonetheless use Gemini to tip our toes into the ocean. As soon as within the ocean, we then have to belief the tide and let it take us to locations we’ve by no means been earlier than

New Moon In Gemini – Maybe There’s A Totally different manner

The New Moon in Gemini is an invite to query our understanding of actuality, and reframe our perspective. 

Maybe there’s something you’re feeling very connected to. Juno conjunctions remind us of what issues to us. Juno is what we’ll by no means surrender on as a result of it’s a part of who we’re.

Maybe you all the time needed to be a author, or a display participant. Otherwise you’re nonetheless in love with somebody who’s now not in your life. Juno is our timeless devotion – what is going to all the time matter to us, the “guarantees we made out of the cradle to the grave”.

On the New Moon, Neptune squaring the Solar-Moon-Juno conjunction will initially make us doubt our Juno dedication: “Who am I to turn into a screenplayer?” “Some issues will not be meant to be”. “I’ve all the time been chasing this supreme, solely to be disenchanted”. 

If you happen to’ve been doing the identical factor time and again with no outcomes this doesn’t essentially imply you need to surrender. Maybe you’re not alleged to do issues that manner.

Maybe there’s a special manner. 

New Moon In Gemini Reflection Prompts

How do you react when confronted with one thing that challenges your understanding of the world? How are you going to reframe your preliminary ideas and discover new views?

Is there one thing you could have all the time held onto, it doesn’t matter what? How may the New Moon in Gemini sq. Neptune invite you to reimagine your strategy and take into account various paths to make your dream a actuality?

Think about your self metaphorically moving into Neptune’s ocean of oneness. What new views and experiences await you on this expanded house?

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