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New Moon In Leo — Ruby Slipper Astrology

New Moon In Leo — Ruby Slipper Astrology


The Leo New Moon (23 deg, 5:38 am EDT) conjoins Black Moon Lilith (24 deg) and squares Uranus in Taurus (23 deg). The taboo lady is topped unexpectedly. BML is the witch, the outcast, the highly effective expression of feminine sexuality that most individuals disapprove of. 

The sq. to Uranus makes this new chapter jarring and dramatic. This may very well be an abrupt public show that shocks and offends. There’s additionally an simple drive for freedom.

Whilst you will not have management over all the pieces that happens, know that careless expression of BML’s power might be harmful, particularly when agitated by a tough side from Uranus. There is a disaster right here and it is pushing you into new territory. However you possibly can preserve self-awareness and verify a few of your extra excessive impulses. Weigh the necessity for liberation in opposition to perverse wishes to shock for no motive (or to get revenge). 

BML all the time entails some anger. Used constructively, that anger can publicize some ugly truths or injustices – corruption is burnt to ashes. Used destructively, that anger is focused at somebody as a result of they ignored or judged you and now you are going to damage them. Know that when BML is used for vengeance, she finally ends up twisting round and biting the vengeance seeker.

Mars in Virgo trines Uranus (23 deg) offering a secure outlet. Relatively than impulsively doing one thing you will remorse later, strive cautious, calculated, bodily actions which are geared toward making small upgrades to your state of affairs. You are beginning recent so begin off appropriately with a concentrate on enhancing fairly than tearing down.

Venus in Leo sextile Ceres in Libra (18 deg) provides a softer contact. Compromise, social niceties and stability are nurtured. Whereas this side could get misplaced behind the electrical New Moon, it is nonetheless there and might be tapped into. For those who really feel like issues are getting uncontrolled, fall again on small actions that break the required modifications down into doable objectives (Mars/Uranus). And, strive some caring social grace – sure, this appears superficial subsequent to BML’s truths, however a little bit of sugar might be soothing with out glossing over the primary situation. 

Photograph by Lucas Ricardo Ignacio: https://www.pexels.com/photograph/photo-of-person-holding-snake-2679440/



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