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New Moon Leo: Hear Me Roar

New Moon Leo: Hear Me Roar


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NEW MOON [23 Leo 17] 

Wednesday 16 August (10:38 GMT+1) 

This week, there’s a strong New Moon in Leo, an emblem of latest beginnings. The Solar shines brightly in Leo, the star signal linked to glamour and royalty. The essence of Leo is to be on the coronary heart of proceedings, the centre of consideration, identical to the Solar is on the centre of the universe.  

Leo is a artistic star signal, so that is about your id, your distinctive abilities and abilities, what makes you ‘you’. Make your mark, be audacious, have enjoyable, have a good time. Do your factor, discover your ardour, comply with your coronary heart. That is in regards to the issues in life you ‘give start’ to. It’s a super New Moon for dreaming and conjuring up magic. 

Let the Solar and Moon in Leo empower you to take centre stage and exhibit your abilities and abilities. Be cautious of slipping into bossiness or smug behaviour, however don’t miss out on this opportunity to shine.

New Moon Vitality

A New Moon is the beginning of a brand new Moon section. It’s the perfect time to set your intentions, flip to a recent web page and take into account the place in life you’re beginning over. New Moon vitality is proactive, forward-moving and nice for taking the initiative. 

Make a want once you first see the crescent Moon within the night time sky, on Thursday seventeenth or Friday 18th.

The New Moon takes place on Wednesday sixteenth August at 10:38 GMT+1 – it’s after this time that’s most potent for New Moon needs – communicate them out loud or write them down.

The New Moon section stays lively up till the Full Moon in two weeks time. The subsequent Full Moon takes place on August thirty first.

The Wild Ones

That is no extraordinary New Moon, nonetheless, as a result of the Solar and Moon at 23° Leo sit between Lilith at 24° Leo and Venus retrograde at 18° Leo. 

There are totally different Liliths in astrology however the one I’m referring to right here and the most well-liked one is Black Moon Lilith. Lilith is commonly regarded as the ‘wild one’, the darkish and shadow facet of ourselves and nature. 

Lilith refused to evolve and obey. In some myths, she was an evening demon. No matter you consider her – and it may be useful to see the place Lilith falls in your individual chart – there’s a wild, untamed aspect evident right here.

This isn’t dissimilar to what’s occurring with Venus, one other image of girls, the divine female, as she dives deep into her retrograde section. 

The Solar/Venus cazimi conjunction on August thirteenth was the mid-way level of the retrograde section, the deepest a part of her journey by means of the underworld. But, the Solar illuminates and the second a part of Venus’ retrograde section is a time of perception and gathering power. Venus stays in retrograde section till September 4th.

Two fierce feminine, goddess influences – Lilith and Venus retrograde – conjuring up photographs of wildness in alignment with the New Moon in Leo. 

Will this be your individual embodiment, a potent ‘warrior pose’ vitality? Or, will you encounter somebody in your life who embodies the Lilith/Venus retrograde energies? It feels artistic, uncooked and fierce – go along with it and see what emerges.

The Uranus Issue

There’s one other aspect to this New Moon, nonetheless, as a result of each the Solar and Moon are sq. Uranus. This provides the X issue to new beginnings. 

Additionally all through August, Uranus is stationing, i.e. on the point of flip retrograde on August twenty ninth. Uranus spends the following two weeks at 23° Taurus. If you’ve key planets/angles near 23° Taurus or the opposite three fastened indicators, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius, you’re prone to really feel Uranus’ vitality strongly. 

Uranus represents freedom, riot, new developments, change and the surprising. It’s not a time to keep put doing the identical factor.  Occasions on or close to this week’s New Moon may very well be controversial or deliver the surprising. You might have to vary plans and quick.  Discover the place in life you’re feeling rebellious.

There’s one other main planetary facet throughout the New Moon section and once more it entails Uranus. The supportive trine facet between motion planet Mars and modern Uranus falls on the identical day because the New Moon. Wednesday sixteenth is when it’s all occurring.

Mars and Uranus have comparable traits. For instance, Mars represents motion with out thought or consequence – a ‘simply do it’ aspect. Whereas, Uranus is spontaneous and impulsive. 

Collectively, these two planets signify the liberty fighter, the insurgent, the innovator. They’re in earth indicators, Mars in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus, linked to nature, cash, work and the fundamentals of life.

This affirms that this New Moon week is a perfect time to ring the adjustments, begin one thing new, flip to a recent web page. The winds of change might blow in quick mid-week encouraging or forcing you to reorient your compass.

What Does It Imply For You

The place does the New Moon fall in your horoscope? The place are new beginnings ripe for alternative? Learn your Solar signal and your Ascendant signal, if you recognize it.

  • Aries: amorous affairs, youngsters, creativity, leisure, luck
  • Taurus: dwelling, household, your previous, the place you come from
  • Gemini: communication, schooling, area people, siblings and neighbours
  • Most cancers: private cash, possessions, values, assets
  • Leo: private objectives, bodily physique, picture and look
  • Virgo: retreat, secrets and techniques, inside work, self-undoing
  • Libra: buddies, teams, social networks, hopes and desires
  • Scorpio: profession, vocation, standing and popularity, the place you’re heading in life
  • Sagittarius: journey, exploration, increased schooling, information, the larger image
  • Capricorn: joint funds and shared assets, intercourse, cash, loss of life and rebirth
  • Aquarius: relationships, one-to-one interactions, contracts and joint ventures
  • Pisces: work, way of life, well being, service to others

Bear in mind to make a want once you first see the crescent moon within the sky a day or two after the date of the New Moon. 

Glad Fierce New Moon!

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