EYE ON THE SKY: LUNAR ECLIPSE for  OCT 28-29th (revised)    

There’s a partial lunar eclipse through the October Blood Moon working from 5:50 pm to six:26 pm East Coast Time in New York.  Will probably be fully seen in Europe Asia and Africa and will probably be seen for a short while close to Sundown because it rises over the East Coast.   You’ll be able to view occasions in your native space at   https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2023-october-28 to see when the precise most eclipse will happen the place you reside.    They aren’t thought-about auspicious to observe when you dwell in areas the place they’re seen and higher to be in meditation.

That is eclipse and can influence  Libra and Aries rising essentially the most with the precise diploma at 12 levels Aries so in case you have key planets just like the Solar, Moon, Rahu/Ketu, or the ascendant round these levels it’s going to influence you and significantly if you’re additionally must run a Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon or Solar/Rahu or Rahu/Solar interval for it to have a big impact and largely it’s quite a lot of emotional noise.  Individuals concern eclipses however they’re powerfully religious for meditation and private revelations.

Eclipses are good for meditation and that’s the greatest solution to spend time throughout an eclipse because the meditation will be deeper. Outwardly the feelings and thoughts get a bit frazzled so by no means a very good time to make main choices throughout an eclipse.  After I watch Lunar Eclipses, I are likely to have wild and irrational fears working via my head. The rule isn’t to behave on something or concern something throughout an eclipse.  Nonetheless, an eclipse can convey to mild hidden unconscious patterns and in case you have revelations, think about them after the eclipse.

Each of my Gurus have advocated meditation throughout eclipses through the years.  One in every of them not too long ago  commented on this one:

“The thoughts is linked with the moon, the physique is linked with the Earth, and the Solar is linked with each. The time when all three are available alignment is sweet for religious practices. It’s not a very good time to eat or take pleasure in pleasures. It’s a good time to preserve power. So, from historical occasions it’s mentioned that you shouldn’t eat through the eclipse, and it’s best to meditate.

Eclipse is an excellent time for mantra chanting and meditation. Chanting mantras on the time of the eclipse is far more highly effective. That is the traditional saying.  Mantras are mentioned to be 1000 occasions extra highly effective through the eclipse.

Unconscious patterns can come up throughout eclipses that present deep insights into your life. Largely you’re going to get quite a lot of rubbish ideas throughout eclipses so ignore them however in case you have an aha expertise after the eclipse and it appears very legitimate, then it’s time to make adjustments round these patterns that aren’t helpful.

One or two hours earlier than an eclipse, cease consuming in order that the meals will get digested effectively through the eclipse time you have got an empty abdomen, and on an empty abdomen chanting and mantras are finished for optimum outcomes.  It’s not good to eat meals that was cooked throughout an eclipse so not a very good day to take take-out from meals cooked through the eclipse.

Eclipse is a really auspicious time for sadhus; it isn’t a foul time. It’s a unhealthy time for enjoyment and pleasure. And whenever you chant 108 occasions throughout this era it’s equal to 10,000 occasions or extra! So meditation and chanting are extremely really useful throughout this era.

After we are in an exercise, our thoughts is at all times centered on the entrance of the physique. Shut your eyes now, you’ll really feel your thoughts is in entrance as a result of the thoughts goes via the eyes to take a look at the world, and thru the ears. Throughout the exercise, the thoughts is generally centered on the frontal a part of the physique. For enjoyable, we take our minds to the background. You will notice that instantly there’s something completely different taking place. That is mandatory, now and again. (SSRS)

So relying on what a part of the world you’re in, benefit from the eclipse with deep meditation and chanting, and bear in mind a lot of the noise and rubbish going via your thoughts is Maya or phantasm.   Generally after an eclipse, you’re going to get a glimpse into some deep unconscious sample that you’ve and the eclipse can reveal and enable you to dive deeper and heal.

   The lunar eclipse is on a Saturday with the Moon opposing Mars and Mercury in Libra and they’re conjunct sooner or later in a while Sunday, Oct 29th.  This power can amplify arguments and disputes which might flip into accidents if you’re working the fallacious dasha or have key planetary signatures at 12-13 levels Aries or Libra.  

  The eclipse is on the Aries/Taurus axis highlighting challenges in relationships and sudden explosions and outbursts from companions who could also be instantly shocked when the eclipse reveals the reality. The eclipse is within the constellation of Ashwini dominated by Ketu may additionally herald main therapeutic occasions that must occur or be accomplished. 

  Lunar eclipses have an effect for at the least two weeks however fortunately we won’t have planets going over the eclipse level as a result of a lot of the planets are in Libra. 

In case you are in Europe or Asia, a lot of you’re going to get to sleep through the eclipse however when you get up, sit up, and do some meditation your experiences will probably be extra profound than regular. 

By way of Mundane Astrology, with the eclipse extra seen in Europe and Asia, it’s going to have extra an an influence there and on the East Coast of the US the place is seen for a really brief time. 





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