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A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon strikes by means of the faint, outer a part of Earth’s shadow, the penumbra. This kind of eclipse shouldn’t be as dramatic as different forms of lunar eclipses and is usually mistaken for an everyday Full Moon.   Penumbra lunar eclipses  might be onerous to see, because the Moon will solely be a bit fainter.   With the nodes at 21 Pisces/Virgo and the total moon at Virgo 10 levels, this can be a minor eclipse.

Within the Midwest, it begins on Sunday, March 24th at 11:53 pm, peaks at 2:12 am, and ends at 4:32 am so most of you’ll sleep by means of it.  It’s seen in North and South America, elements of Japanese Australia, and in Western Europe and Western Africa.  Examine with timeanddate.com for occasions and places for you

That is eclipse and can impression  Virgo and Pisces rising probably the most with the precise diploma at 10 levels Virgo so if in case you have key planets just like the Solar, Moon, Rahu/Ketu, or the ascendant round these levels it is going to impression you and notably in case you are additionally must run a Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon or Solar/Rahu or Rahu/Solar interval for it to have a big impact and principally it’s quite a lot of emotional noise.  Individuals concern eclipses however they’re powerfully religious for meditation and private revelations.

Eclipses are good for meditation and that’s the greatest solution to spend time throughout an eclipse because the meditation might be deeper. Outwardly the feelings and thoughts get a bit frazzled so by no means a superb time to make main choices throughout an eclipse.  Once I watch Lunar Eclipses, I are inclined to have wild and irrational fears operating by means of my head. The rule is rarely to behave on something or concern something throughout an eclipse.  Nonetheless, an eclipse can convey to gentle hidden unconscious patterns and if in case you have revelations, think about them after the eclipse.

Each of my Gurus have advocated meditation throughout eclipses over time.  One among them just lately  commented on this one:

“The thoughts is linked with the moon, the physique is linked with the Earth, and the Solar is linked with each. The time when all three are available alignment is nice for religious practices. It’s not a superb time to eat or take pleasure in pleasures. It’s a good time to preserve vitality. So, from historic occasions it’s mentioned that you shouldn’t eat in the course of the eclipse, and you need to meditate.

Eclipse is an excellent time for mantra chanting and meditation. Chanting mantras on the time of the eclipse is way more highly effective. That is the traditional saying.  Mantras are mentioned to be 1000 occasions extra highly effective in the course of the eclipse.

Unconscious patterns can come up throughout eclipses that present deep insights into your life. Largely you’ll get quite a lot of rubbish ideas throughout eclipses so ignore them however if in case you have an aha expertise after the eclipse and it appears very legitimate, then it’s time to make modifications round these patterns that aren’t helpful.

Eclipse is a really auspicious time for sadhus; it’s not a foul time. It’s a unhealthy time for enjoyment and pleasure. And if you chant 108 occasions throughout this era it’s equal to 10,000 occasions or extra! So meditation and chanting are extremely really useful throughout this era.

Once we are in an exercise, our thoughts is at all times centered on the entrance of the physique. Shut your eyes now, you’ll really feel your thoughts is in entrance as a result of the thoughts goes by means of the eyes to have a look at the world, and thru the ears. In the course of the exercise, the thoughts is generally centered on the frontal a part of the physique. For enjoyable, we take our minds to the background. You will notice that all of a sudden there’s something completely different occurring. That is crucial, on occasion. (SSRS)

So relying on what a part of the world you might be in, benefit from the eclipse with deep meditation and chanting, and bear in mind a lot of the noise and rubbish going by means of your thoughts is Maya or phantasm.   Typically after an eclipse, you’ll get a glimpse into some deep unconscious sample that you’ve got and the eclipse can reveal and enable you dive deeper and heal.

   The lunar eclipse is on a Sunday night time and most of you’ll simply sleep by means of it.   It has a large conjunction with Mercury which is within the emotionally knotted space of Pisces at 28-29 levels, known as the Gandanta so in case you are up, there could also be plenty of bizarre psychological perturbations and wild feelings going by means of your head.

  The eclipse is on the Pisces/Virgo axis which is the pure indicators of the zodiac 12th and 6th homes highlighting challenges between service and sacrifice and well being and letting go. It’s within the constellation of Hasta, linked to

   Lunar eclipses have an effect for no less than two weeks however fortunately we is not going to have planets going over the eclipse level as a result of a lot of the planets are on the opposite aspect of the sky.   

By way of Mundane Astrology, this eclipse may be very minor and we are going to write intimately concerning the extra main Photo voltaic Eclipse on April 8th throughout the US in per week or so.


This Lunar Eclipse collides with the start anniversary of Goddess Lakshmi who signifies wealth and prosperity.

    You’ll be able to take heed to Sri Suktam as many occasions as you possibly can on at the present time to invoke the blessings of abundance and prosperity of Goddess Lakshmi.

    The day earlier than the Lunar Eclipse, it’s suggested to wash your property and your altar. Wherever there may be purity signified by Lord Vishnu the vitality of Goddess Lakshmi is current.

    Supply flowers (lotus) and Coconut to Goddess Lakshmi. Coconut can be known as Shri Phalam – The fruit that’s expensive to Shri (Lakshmi)

Highly effective Treatment for this Eclipse Season

Write the mantra “Om Dum Durgaye Namah” 11 occasions every day utilizing a darkish blue ink pen. Whereas writing the mantra mentally repeat the mantra in your thoughts. This strategy of writing a mantra is named Likhita Japa. Concern is the theme of this eclipse season, Goddess Durga is revered for her means to dispel concern and supply safety, making this observe particularly related and potent.  (Particular due to Cosmic Insights for his or her Cures. )




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