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Pining For Reuben – And Then What Occurred?

Pining For Reuben – And Then What Occurred?


roller rinkI’d been within the bar eight or ten instances. I used to be hell on wheels on the rink by now. Generally I’d keep for the primary track of the second set. The Who’s “Goin’ Cellular”.

I favored that track. I favored to listen to it however typically I couldn’t handle as a result of I used to be not that within the bar hijinks. I used to be a really outdated teenager. I had labored in a bar so lengthy; there was nothing new to see. I’d get unhappy and I’d get bored. Everybody was assembly and mating, ? Ack.

I didn’t tire of Reuben although. He was a assured payoff. Ooh la la, did I like that man. I used to be residing off him once you get proper right down to it. He was how I knew I used to be nonetheless alive, however I by no means upped the ante or moved any nearer to the sting. This was due my religion.

I wouldn’t have known as it that on the time however that’s what it was. I’d been by a lot for therefore lengthy I knew  one thing would break my manner. I used to be not carried out for. I’d discover a manner out ultimately so I used to be simply mendacity low ready for the fog to raise and it wasn’t all unhealthy. I am going cell on my skates, . I’d fly.

I used to be at my standard desk within the again, first track, first set. I used to be absorbing and consuming Reuben, per my behavior. Rattling was he one thing, when a tall skinny man walked into the bar to boisterously be part of a big group of associates. This was twenty individuals sitting with their  tables pushed collectively, celebrating one thing, I imagined. I noticed him on the door. He noticed me too, so I appeared away. Normal process. Sorry man. I’m somebody’s girlfriend.  That is what I labored to challenge.

After I glanced again he was standing over his associates, speaking to them however taking a look at me, so I did it once more. I appeared down.

This at all times labored however not this time. As a substitute of reluctant acceptance which was the standard response from males who needed to have interaction, this one made a beeline to me after which circled the desk as soon as earlier than he turned a chair backwards and sat down, straddling it. The circling factor was humorous so I used to be already laughing.

“Are you right here alone?” he requested.


“You’re kidding. You’re right here alone?” he requested, exaggerating his shock.


“No shit,” he stated. “Effectively how about that? I suppose that that is my fortunate day. Look. I’m assembly a bunch of individuals over there,” he stated, indicating his associates. “It’s a celebration. Do you wish to come sit with us? You don’t have to sit down right here alone.”

“No. No thanks.”

He laughed. “You simply wish to sit right here alone?”

“Proper,  I do,” I stated, however I smiled and he laughed.

“Effectively that’s okay. I don’t have emotions anyway. Good factor or they’d be harm, huh?”

He cocked his eyebrow at me and I laughed. He stood up as if he had been going to depart and I didn’t react which left him standing, not sitting. Whoops! He screwed up. I knew I’d gained the primary spherical, however I didn’t gloat. Poker face.

“Er… so can I discuss to you? Miss… Miss…”


“Elsa. I’m Jaime. And I don’t get it. What are you doing right here alone?” he requested, probing.

“I used to be skating.”


“Skating,” I stated.


“Proper. I’m getting fairly good too. I’m studying to skate rather well,” I stated, smiling. I laughed slightly as a result of I knew I had his chain. This boy was mine.

“You might be, huh?” He drank from his beer. “I can’t consider this. You’re studying to skate, uh….rather well?”


“How nicely?”

“Rather well.”

“Rather well?”

“That’s what I stated.”

“Effectively I ought to pay higher consideration.”


He laughed. “You’re a hard-ass.”

“Proper. And also you’re cocky,” I stated, smirking.

He laughed and I laughed too however not with him. I laughed at him, simply because.

“Effectively, the place do you skate? Are you on TV or one thing? Are you well-known? Are you some type of well-known skater?”

“No. I skate down the road,” I stated. “The rink. There’s a skating rink. A brand new one up the street. I skate on the skating rink.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me?” he stated, flabbergasted. “The curler rink? You got here right here from curler skating on the curler rink with all the youngsters?”

“Uh huh. However it’s grownup evening,” I stated with one other smirk.

“Grownup evening?” He slapped himself on the brow. “Grownup evening on the curler rink? Who’d have thunk? Have you learnt how lengthy I’ve been on the lookout for you?”

“All of your life?”

“Proper!” he stated with a snort. “That’s proper. And no marvel I by no means discovered you. That’s the place girls such as you go? To the skating rink? Effectively, fuck me! I’m an fool. I by no means considered that. If I had been smarter I’d have met you final week. And also you go there alone? You go there and skate alone?”

I nodded, raised my eyebrows and smiled huge. “Sure. That’s what I simply stated.”

“Sure. Sure you probably did say that. I’m not listening. Effectively I’m however I can’t consider this.”

“You may’t?”

“I can’t. Let me get this straight,” he stated. “So that you had been skating and also you simply determined to come back in right here and have a…” He picks up my drink with a questioning look. “Is it vodka?”


“Hmm… Gin? Is it gin?”

“It’s soda water. Give it to me,” I stated as a result of he was mocking.

He handed the drink to me and I sipped from the straw and smiled.

“What? It’s soda water?” He was shocked.


He pointed on the glass. “That’s soda water?” He snorted. “Give it to me.”

I handed him my glass and he sniffed it and smiled. He took a sip along with his eyes open huge. “You don’t lie, do you?”

“Uh… No. Probably not.”

“Okay. I don’t get this. You go to the curler rink on grownup evening since you wish to skate reeeally nicely.”


“And then you definitely are available in a bar on the best way house to have a soda water? Uh… pardon my stupidity, however why? Why come to a bar to sit down alone and drink some soda water?”

“Uh. It’s the music. I like this music.”

He smiled. “These guys? He cocked his thumb on the band. “You want them?”

“Uh…yeah. Effectively really, it’s the singer. I’ve a crush on the singer,” I stated, smiling.

“On Reuben? You will have a crush?” He laughed. “Oh. Oh, nicely I see. Simply my luck,” he stated, shaking his head. “Effectively are you aware him? Are you a pal of his?”


“I see. Effectively, shit. Shit! Oh nicely, that’s the breaks. Er…you’re in luck. And so is he, apparently. See, he’s a pal of mine. And you want him? If you happen to like, Reuben, I’ll introduce you. That’s what I’ll do.”

“No thanks.”

“Whaat? You don’t wish to meet him?”

“No. No thanks.”

“Wait a minute. You say that you’ve got a crush on him however you don’t wish to meet him?”


“You’re positive?”


“Don’t you wish to exit with him?”




“Okay. I’ll chew. Why don’t you wish to exit with him?”

“Uh… I simply don’t.” I waved my hand round. “He can exit with these different women. I’m too busy,” I stated.

He snorted. “Busy, skating?”


“I see. Uh… can I sit down now?” I didn’t reply. “I can’t? You don’t need me to? Okay. I believed you would possibly invite me to sit down since we’re speaking however that’s okay. Hey. Would you like me to depart you alone? I can return to my associates. I’m positive that they’re over there laughing at me as a result of I’m over right here attempting to speak to you and also you gained’t let me sit down.”

I smiled. He may do no matter he needed but when he left he must come again, wouldn’t he.

“Effectively because you didn’t reply, I’m staying. However because you didn’t invite me to sit down, I’ll stand, okay? I don’t wish to impose.” He leaned on a chair. “I imply, I’ll lean if that’s okay. Pay attention. You’re not the traditional type of woman that is available in right here. I come right here most nights this band is right here. How come I’ve by no means seen you?”

“Uh…  I am going house early?”

“Early? How early?”

“I solely see the primary set.”

“One set? What? Why do you do this? These guys don’t get warmed up till the third set. The primary set sucks. You need to stick round. Nothing to do with me, after all.”

“I’ve to go to work at six within the morning.”

“Six, huh? Effectively so do I.”

He picked up my soda water once more and turned it in his hand, analyzing it.  “So who’re you? Some type of Cinderella or one thing? Need to be house by midnight? What does a man should do to be invited to sit down with you? Do I’ve to search out your shoe?”

I laughed however I didn’t reply as a result of I didn’t should.

“That’s it. I feel you’re a fairy story. So pay attention, Cinderella. Can I name you that?”


“Lastly. Lastly she doesn’t give me a tough time. Effectively pay attention, Cinderella. Let’s lower to the chase. Do you wish to meet the band? Do you wish to meet the man you want? His identify is Reuben and I’ll vouch for him. He’s a great man. I’ve recognized him a very long time. He’s an excellent pal of mine, really.”

“I stated no. No, I don’t.”

“Why not?”

“I might moderately not.”

“You simply wish to hear them play for one set after which what? You go house?”


“Effectively do you dance, Cinderella?”


“Boy, you don’t give a man an inch. Will you dance with me?”

I put my hand out to him. “Let’s go.”


I wound up residing with Jaime for 3 years. Reuben turned our bargaining chip. Like this:

“Come on, Elsa. Don’t be such a hard-ass. If you happen to’ll do that for me, I’ll take you to go see your boy, Reuben…”

That is my quirky story or a few of it, anyway.

The Finish



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