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Pining For Reuben – Seduction, And Who’s Utilizing Who?

Pining For Reuben – Seduction, And Who’s Utilizing Who?


Catbird seatThis Pining Over Reuben sequence is supposed as an example a Venus Neptune trade from quite a lot of angles. For one factor, with Venus Neptune it’s hardly ever clear who’s utilizing who.

As I discussed in the unique submit, Reuben was a guitarist and the lead singer in a neighborhood band. He had quite a lot of ladies, women actually, as we had been all very younger. The ladies made a degree of dancing proper in entrance of him; dancing for him versus dancing with the person who had escorted them to the dance ground.

I watched all this, finding out the impact of the catbird seat. I knew that anybody on stage was enhanced. I labored day bar and I loved being on the stage by day however within the shadows at evening. I used to be working various angles.

Venus Neptune is about seduction. The ladies who danced in entrance of, Reuben did rating. He usually selected one every night, however he had an eye fixed on me, sitting alone in the back of the room, as I knew he would.

I knew he would as a result of once you’re within the catbird seat, most individuals deal with you a sure method and it’s the anomaly that catches your consideration. Reuben would look over the gang in my path, questioning why I wasn’t shaking my ass for his too. I intentionally created the a scenario.

I did the identical factor with the bartender on this place. There are solely so many varieties that come right into a bar and right here once more I made myself the anomaly. I used to be amused when he requested me varied questions so he may categorize me, as I ordered my customary orange juice and soda water.

It was merely unimaginable to inform what the hell I used to be doing on this bar, displaying up for the primary set when the bar was half-empty, not consuming, not shaking my ass for, Reuben however clearly, clearly having fun with the music as I did benefit from the music! Venus Neptune *is* music.

I preferred this confusion for various causes. I used to be undoubtedly finding out. I’ve at all times needed to be taught all the pieces I may and you must admit that is attention-grabbing nevertheless it was additionally a fantastic protection (Saturn Neptune) and distraction.

Heartbroken and confused generally round males after my (eventual) husband and I cracked up they method we did, I simply didn’t need to become involved with anybody so this labored out for me. It was best, truly.

Reuben would come off the stage and dance with the ladies who danced for him however he couldn’t strategy me, in the back of the room, even when he needed to. Not with out risking rejection that will not be good for his picture.

Plain and easy, I used, Reuben. He was fodder for my fantasies and his precise character by no means entered the equation.  Matter of truth, I actively, consciously, filtered something I didn’t like.

To be continued.




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