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Rahu is in Pisces beginning Oct. thirty first within the imply node system and Nov. twenty eighth within the True Node system.  Rahu will influence the water indicators Pisces, Most cancers, and Scorpio with its elements most but in addition Aries nonetheless with its sneak 30-degree side.  Ketu will influence Virgo most and has no elements in keeping with my custom as a result of elements are linked to need and Ketu solely wishes liberation.  We have now a sequence of articles popping out about these crucial transits.

The North and South Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, create eclipses and govern our need for nature within the materials world and the need to go away the world and uncover the Divine.
Jupiter is the one planet that may tame Rahu and therefore Rahu in Pisces can create a bit extra stability for the node and calm its craziness greater than Mars might with Rahu in Aries.  Rahu in Pisces can assist good ends in the fabric planes.

Ketu is taken into account the co-ruler of Pisces and therefore it might probably promote vitality round enlightenment and transferring towards liberation.  The darkish facet of Rahu in Pisces is that it might crave enlightenment and religious experiences an excessive amount of and fail to remain grounded in sensible issues.  In some ways, Rahu in Pisces is a bit misplaced in a really mystical signal and Rahu wishes materials comforts and extra stuff.  The bottom line is to show to spirituality and notice that it’s the foundation for materials development.  As a result of Rahu travels backward via the zodiac, Rahu coming into the twelfth home is nearly beginning a brand new journey.    

The primary a part of the transit is extra bothered till late Dec. within the true node sector when Rahu will get out of the Gandanta space (Pisces 27-30).  When the nodes are on the sting, they will peer into an alternate universe.  Psychology will get eerie bizarre and distorted.    Rahu when bothered by being sandhi or on the sting could be extra anxious or paranoid, feels constrained by forces past his management, victimized by overpowering forces, could have extra nightmares or tough desires, or be a bit manic-depressive.  If in case you have your Solar or Moon 29-1  diploma of the water indicators/air signal juncture in your natal chart or in case you are Aquarius rising which is co-ruled by Rahu or in case you are in a Rahu interval or a Dasha interval the place Rahu is the nakshatra lord. It might additionally result in vacancy main towards addictive patterns, frustration, sorrow, dejection, psychological depth, and psychological anguish.

Rahu in Pisces can create scattered vitality, chaotic psychological exercise, intensification of dreamy states, sturdy instinct, mystical visions, and utopian pondering. This transit can assist healers, artists, psychics individuals doing humanitarian work, and film-makers with nice artistic energies.

If in case you have Rahu in natal Pisces, you might be compassionate and a loving soul and your problem on this lifetime is to simply accept the imperfections of others and never grow to be a sufferer. You are usually very philanthropic and are obsessed together with your religious development. You might profit from foreigners utilizing creativity to get assist on your wants. If Rahu is bothered by Saturn or Mars or different malefic influences, you will not be good with funds, get into bother with the federal government round fines and penalties have poisonous relationships, and be depending on associates.    A few of these energies will floor in transit.

Rahu will first transit backward via the constellation of Revati (Pisces 16.40-29.59) till July 5, 2024, within the true node system.   Revati is the ultimate constellation of the 27 within the zodiac and is linked to the search for liberation and enlightenment.   That includes acceptance of the place we’re in our lives, the individuals round us, and the loopy world that we dwell in.   Revati’s ruling deity is Pushan, who guidelines dying and rebirth and ferries us to different worlds.  Rahu in Revati quests much more deeply for enlightenment and religious reality. It is very important absolutely go for greater consciousness and extra meditation and sacrifice throughout this transition in order that Rahu can full its journey.




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