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HomeAstrologyFinancial AstrologySabbatai Zevi, the Dönmeh and the Turkish Republic │ Dejan Lučić

Sabbatai Zevi, the Dönmeh and the Turkish Republic │ Dejan Lučić

Turkey is dominated by the key society, Dönmeh. You may examine this on the web. They’re Jews who transformed to Islam in 1666. Thoughts you, 1666. Within the seventeenth century, seventeenth, 18th, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty first century, for 5 centuries, Turkey has been dominated by the key society, Dönmeh. Let me clarify who they’re. A man known as Sabbatai Zevi, a charismatic Jew, good-looking, two meters tall. Being accustomed to magic, a superb speaker, travels round Turkey, though folks know that he’s a buddy of the English, and retains boasting how he’ll set up a Jewish state. He’s supported by the Sufis, by the Kabbalists. Everybody admires him. So he has 50,000 followers, and the vast majority of them dwell in Thessaloniki.

 Enthronement of the false Jewish messiah 

Sabbatai Zevi  on June 6, 1666.

Sultan hears about this and orders his servants to arrest Sabbatai Zevi. He asks him: You idiot, do I hear that you simply’re speaking about establishing a Jewish state within the Ottoman Empire [which stretched back then all the way to North Africa and half of Asia]?
How are you going to determine a Jewish state right here? Who’s spreading
this nonsense? Are you insulting me? I’ll order my servants to chop off
your head, since you’re a subversive factor
. Sabbatai Zevi answered:
Maintain on, pricey Sultan, I wish to let you know one thing. In the event you minimize my head off, you’ll enrage the Jews in London, Paris, Berlin, who’re all interconnected, and they’ll overthrow you, reducing your individual head off. Your brother will turn out to be Sultan, or maybe your son, whilst you and I might be headless. So let me make a suggestion: Spare my head, and I’ll do my greatest to revive your honor by neglecting stupidities that I talked about. I’ll denounce my Jewish religion and can publicly convert to Islam, I’ll say Allah Akbar, I’ll bow and settle for it. The Sultan smiled and mentioned: All proper, do it!, and Sabbatai Zevi truly transformed to Islam and so did his 50,000 Jewish followers. Inside 5 years the Sabbatean crypto-Jews had been in a position to infiltrate each present pore within the Ottoman state, and taking full management of it. And ever since, Turkey has been dominated by this secret society, the Dönmeh, comprised of Jews, who quantity some 20,000, however are completely distributed. 



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