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Saturn goes retrograde tomorrow – Yasmin Boland

Tomorrow, Saturn shall be going retrograde, so let’s take a second to decode what meaning.

First off, a primary refresher.

In astrology, Saturn is called the planet of limitations, self-discipline, and construction. It’s the sixth planet from the Solar and the second-largest within the photo voltaic system. Saturn’s astrological image is a cross over a half-moon, representing the mixture of matter and spirit.

Saturn’s affect in astrology is commonly related to challenges, limitations, and hardships.

It represents the areas of life the place we might expertise difficulties, obstacles, or delays. However these challenges are usually not meant to defeat us – they’re meant to show us. Saturn’s affect can assist us to develop stronger, wiser, and extra disciplined.

Saturn is related to the component of earth and the zodiac signal of Capricorn. It governs the tenth home of profession and public picture, in addition to the eleventh home of friendships and social networks. Additionally it is related to the ideas of time, karma, and accountability.

In astrology, Saturn is commonly seen as a trainer or mentor, guiding us on our path of private and religious development.

Its affect might be tough, however it’s also extremely rewarding. Saturn’s vitality can assist us to develop a robust sense of self-discipline, accountability, and accountability. It could additionally assist us to ascertain wholesome boundaries, set practical objectives, and work in the direction of long-term success.

Saturn’s affect might be felt in lots of areas of life, together with profession, relationships, and private development. It could push us to confront our fears, face our limitations, and take accountability for our lives. By embracing Saturn’s classes and challenges, we are able to emerge stronger, wiser, and extra resilient than ever earlier than.

And what about Saturn retrograde?

Retrograde movement occurs when a planet seems to be shifting backwards within the sky, though it’s truly simply an optical phantasm attributable to the relative movement of the Earth and the opposite planets. And when Saturn, the planet of limitations, self-discipline, and construction, goes retrograde, it’s a time for reflection, reassessment, and reevaluation.

Saturn retrograde is a time of tearing down and typically re-building. It’s a time when the planet of limitations, self-discipline, and construction seems to maneuver backwards within the sky, urging us to decelerate and take a better take a look at the areas of our lives that will want some further consideration.

Extra about this tomorrow…



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