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We’re getting nearer to the Saturn station on Nov. 4th at 1:34 am EDT this weekend as we alter the clocks formally at 2:00 am.   Saturn has been slowing all the way down to a crawl like a steamship on the brink of flip round within the huge ocean because it will get able to go direct.  It’s going to keep at 6-7 diploma and fortuitously this pada (6.40-10.00) is dominated by Sagittarius which soften Saturn’s vitality. Will probably be in Dhanishta Pada 4 (Dominated by Scorpio) till Nov. 24th and it is a Moksha Pada and I’ve felt the depth strongly with many deaths taking place round me. It’s going to keep direct in Aquarius till June twenty ninth and attain 25 levels Aquarius.

The excellent news is that direct malefics like Saturn are much less problematic than retrograde ones however it’s nonetheless Saturn. You probably have any key planets at 6-7 Aquarius/Taurus/Leo or Scorpio you’ll really feel its affect for some time. By mid-December, we might really feel some reduction.

Nervousness is rising on the earth extra so than in most years and the media continues to whip us right into a frenzy about nuclear struggle and something they will do to make us anxious.

In case you are dominated by Saturn resembling Capricorn or Aquarius rising or have Saturn Atmakaraka (planet with the very best levels) or have your ascendant or moon in Satabhishaka   Nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-20.00), you might be feeling the vitality most.  For a few of you dominated by Saturn, you might really feel extra grounded strong, and highly effective with the Saturn station. Nonetheless, for many of us, Saturn in Capricorn is the grim reaper and has created manner an excessive amount of carnage this 12 months and it’ll not cease, sadly.

Saturn is into cleanliness, orderliness, and punctuality and that’s how we will honor Saturn by being on time and conserving issues neat.  I’m discovering myself cleansing closets, desirous to tear aside my workplace and refile every little thing, and feeling very unsettled with a deep sense of unconscious concern that’s churning. Use this vitality to make the modifications you might want to make to scrub these previous piles as much as throw out the previous and put together for a brand new life by listening to the decision of Saturn.   In case you are Capricorn Rising or Aquarius Rising, this vitality could also be very empowering for you. Additionally if you’re working a Saturn interval on the first or 2nd ranges.  Decelerate and keep calm.

Saturn governs work for everybody and it slows down and goes direct and should lastly create some decision in conditions at work and at last take motion to make large modifications there.   However if you’re not clear about what is going on, then it causes frustration and irritation from the delays.

Concern might come up intensely if Saturn is influencing your natal Moon or Solar or rising signal lord.  Go deep into the concern and acknowledge the phantasm of it. You might be secure and safe and nobody or nothing can hurt you. 99% of that which we concern by no means occurs.  Keep in mind, you’re secure and guarded.

Keep on high of this wild vitality for the following 3 weeks by doing our yoga and meditation and consuming calming natural teas.  Keep calm and centered.   Turn out to be Capricorn the mountain, strong, unshakable, and soar excessive just like the eagle into nice freedom.  The world round you might appear to be transferring too shortly, supplying you with a way of untamed emotional churning that may explode however belief that God has a plan.

Saturn being highly effective will improve criticism and being choosy so keep away from being a perfectionist or you’ll drive your self and others loopy.   Understand the imperfection of the altering world and settle for the world and its flaws.

Saturn likes to train, meditate, yoga self-discipline, and onerous work so if you’re not rising to the event in any of those areas, stress, fatigue, and anxiousness can improve.  Keep in mind that Saturn is like good high-school teaching pushing you to your finest and in the end he’ll do nice issues in case you rise to the event.

If we fail to reply Saturn’s name, we might really feel victimized or undergo but when we rise with onerous work and face our challenges, Saturn will assist us journey the waves right into a richer and extra highly effective life.  Answering the decision and Saturn in Aquarius can result in main societal transformation.

All gratitude to my Jyotish Gurus and my religious gurus for his or her continued gentle and steering.

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