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Scorpio Cities And Nations | Journey With Astrology

Scorpio Cities And Nations | Journey With Astrology


Selections, Selections – Let The Stars Be Your Information On Trip!

Which cities and international locations are dominated by the zodiac signal Scorpio?

Austria’s capital, Vienna…

What can be the perfect vacation spot for these born below the signal Scorpio? Take inspiration from this record, as a Scorpio or travelling in Scorpio Season! Each cities and international locations for this zodiac signal are instructed right here.

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Each ninth November, Cambodia celebrates its independence from France.

In 1953, King Norodom Sihanouk efficiently gained full independence, so this nation has the Solar, Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio. Venus, Mars and Neptune are in Libra, and Pluto is rising in Leo. It’s an exquisite place to go to, with essentially the most unbelievable temples.

Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple are essentially the most well-known however you may without end uncover an increasing number of websites!


A German-speaking, locked nation, bordered by Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest nation worldwide.

Situated within the Alps, it’s mountainous and has each pure and artifical lakes and reservoirs.

The chart for this nation options the Solar, Pluto, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, with Leo Rising. It’s forged for the accession of the present duke, November thirteenth 1989.


Turkey is a perfect place for Scorpio to go to.

Fashioned on October twenty ninth, 1923 at 8.30 pm, the Solar, Venus, Jupiter had been all in Scorpio – and Pluto was Rising in Most cancers. See its chart right here.

Ankara is Turkey’s capital and second-largest metropolis, whereas Istanbul is its largest metropolis and financial and monetary centre. A regional energy with a geopolitically important strategic location, Turkey has an unbelievable historical past. It’s one of many world’s high 5 vacation spot international locations, with guests largely from Europe.

I’d like to go!

Northern Cyprus…

An excellent trip vacation spot for Scorpio…

Formally the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the northeastern portion of Cyprus is Scorpio.

Gaining independence from the Republic of Cyprus on the fifteenth November 1983, the Solar, Saturn and Pluto are on this zodiac signal. Moreover, Pluto is at 0º22′.

Nonetheless thought-about by the worldwide group to be a part of the Republic of Cyprus, right here you may expertise Turkish Cypriot tradition and the MediterraneanIn June you may observe turtles laying eggs. In late July, the eggs hatch and the infant turtles head to the ocean.


The town of Berlin has a protracted and engaging historical past.

It was first documented on October twenty eighth, 1237 (at 12.01pm) as ‘Cölln’ giving a Solar-Venus conjunction in Scorpio.

Black Moon Lilith options in a stellium with the Midheaven in Scorpio. The zodiac Capricorn was rising. The Berlin wall got here down when the Moon was in Scorpio, plus a powerful line-up in Capricorn. Saturn was conjunct Neptune, and Venus conjunct Uranus on this earth signal.


The town of Vienna was granted its constitution on October 18th, 1221.

The Solar, Uranus, Midheaven, Mercury and the Moon had been all in Scorpio – see its chart, right here.

Its inventive and mental legacy was formed by residents together with Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud.

  • Nations dominated by Scorpio… Angola, Morocco, Queensland, Korea, Syria, Norway, the Transvaal, Bavaria, Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Latvia, Lebanon, Micronesia, Panama, Spain, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Zambia.
  • Cities dominated by Scorpio… Cincinnati, Liverpool, Newcastle, Washington DC, Vienna (pictured), Baltimore, and New Orleans.



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