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Many people which might be interested in astrology are additionally interested in moksha or getting off the wheel of karma and getting enlightened. My first query 1985 to Chakrapani Ullal throughout my first studying was whether or not I might get enlightened. I’ve at all times had a fascination with it  It’s a very complicated query and there are some solutions in Vedic astrology. Recently, I’ve been blessed to be getting weekly darshan and directions to hasten my journey.   

Certainly one of my religious academics taught me that there are 750 lives that we undergo earlier than we get an opportunity for 7 religious lives and within the remaining one we could achieve religious freedom lastly. By way of my very own religious Gurus, I’ve discovered that common religious follow, service to mankind, and bringing spirituality to others are key to creating sufficient good karma to achieve the advantage to obtain that grace to turn out to be liberated. It’s a uncommon factor and I’m very grateful to my religious Guru to information me on this troublesome path throughout the razor’s edge.

The Rahu/Ketu axis reveals an ideal deal about our blocks to enlightenment as Rahu is at all times craving extra and Ketu needs us to let go and meditate and transcend.

In case you are fortunate to have good Ketu signatures, you continue to have quite a bit to work by and the planet Rahu, the planet of need is the most important block to enlightenment, and what home it’s linked to could point out your Achilles heel on the trail on this life.  For instance, if in case you have Rahu within the Twelfth, you could have a robust religious bent and need for Moksha however it may simply get misplaced in sexual conquest or a psychological curler coaster.  Rahu within the 2nd may provide you with such a robust need for cash or nurturing and help in household life that you just overlook your quest.  So one key’s at all times seeing how Rahu creates a life-long obsession and the way mastering it in any life is essential to getting off the wheel of Karma.

The Twelfth home in Vedic astrology is the home of Moksha however it can also deliver with it nice struggling. It’s typically misunderstood as a home of loss and expenditure however revered in Vedic astrology because the place of lack of ignorance.  The important thing to the Twelfth home is sacrifice and repair and shifting past your ego to assist others on the trail.

The signal that’s linked to it and the planets it might include provide hidden keys to unlocking a few of the karma on this lifetime. The issue with the Twelfth home is that it represents deeply hidden and unconscious patterns which might be blind spots that we can not see and that’s the reason Moksha is usually elusive as we can not see our blocks.   From an astronomical standpoint, in keeping with Ptolemy, the Twelfth corresponded to that a part of the sky, simply above the horizon, the place stars had been obscured by the “thick, misty exhalations from the moistures of earth.” In accordance with the Egyptians, stars right here had been misplaced in, and debilitated by, the solar’s mild at dawn.  Therefore no planets do nicely within the Twelfth home besides Venus and Ketu and even Venus will extra typically get you too caught up in sexual play and preserve you off the best purpose.

Sure rising indicators and their home owner-ships linked to who owns the Twelfth home can also give us some insights.  Gemini rising has Venus proudly owning the Twelfth  (Taurus)and fifth home so Geminis are so typically caught up within the seek for being beloved, significantly by ladies,  and the continuous romantic intrigues and sexual needs can simply pull them off the hunt to maneuver the kundalini up the backbone relatively than down. In fascinated by home owner-ships, I’ve give you a partial information to rising indicators and their blocks to liberation:

Listed below are some  blocks linked to the Twelfth home that I’ve outlined and are linked to planets and home owner-ships by rising signal:

  1. Sexual over-indulgence—power happening vs. up. Gemini, Taurus, and Scorpio rising could have watched this downside most with Venus and Mars and reasonable their sexual energies.
  2.  Over-spending creates cash and debt issues.  The Twelfth home governs expenditures and is reverse the signal of money owed, the sixth home.   Venus and Jupiter or Saturn within the Twelfth could create an excessive amount of extravagance or overspending to create sufficient peace to proceed on the religious path.
  3.  Worries about hidden enemies throwing our sense of security off.  The Twelfth home is the home of hidden enemies so planets linked to the sixth/Twelfth axis could throw off our sense of equanimity and forestall us from discovering peace.
  4.  Blind spots and dangerous judgment create deep struggling within the Twelfth home.  For instance, Mars within the Twelfth home represses anger and lacks the chunk to get its actions finished after which it explodes in vary and destroys any likelihood of peace, and creates deep struggling. So what planets are within the Twelfth home and their karakas and blind spots that they create could create enormous blocks for us.
  5.  Trying out.   The Twelfth home is linked with deep unconscious ache and previous life struggling and might create deep psychological and emotional storms. If we wouldn’t have sufficient religious steering and the grace of an enlightened grasp, they will result in psychological breakdowns, hospitalization, and the darker facet of the Twelfth home as we now have little means to cope with the depth of those issues. For this reason a private Guru is so wanted to get by the ” night time of the soul.”
  6. Self-punishment: Libra and Aries have lords of 1st and eighth as the identical and are usually their very own worst enemies and create their previous life crises and eighth home can be a Moksha home and one other place of deep religious mysteries.
  7.  Balancing materials and religious realms with correct expenditures vs. service.  The indicators of Virgo, Leo, and Gemini rising could have probably the most problem.  Leo is a really material-orientated signal however Solar because the proprietor does a deep religious quest for moksha.  The indicators of Virgo and Leo can have challenges with this balancing act.

The journey to Moksha is usually very rocky and if we will get by our Twelfth home points, we could have a shot at liberation. However that course of is so typically stuffed with turmoil As one nice astrologer famous in an article on the Twelfth home: ” There are occasions when being a Twelfth-house particular person means being misplaced within the darkness, tossed by mysterious storms whose origins are unknown and maybe unknowable, unable to face upright lengthy sufficient to take a compass bearing, not figuring out the place the journey is main, when it can finish, or whether or not one will survive in any respect.”

Our Twelfth home karma wants to steer us to meditation, religious retreats, and seeking to rework our blind spots and our deepest unconscious karma into the acutely aware realm in order that we will grasp it and never turn out to be a sufferer.  Twelfth home karma is probably the most troublesome to cope with but when we will grasp it we will deliver out our hidden skills and overcome our largest obstacles.

The hunt for Moksha and strolling the razor’s edge requires an enlightened religious grasp. This text comes out of a private curiosity within the topic however I’m hardly certified to information anyway and I humbly bow right down to my very own religious Guru who has seen into the blocks.   For me, it’s about unlocking my creative expertise as a poet and doing service work on the ashram that may result in extra freedom. I can see that within the Parivartana Yoga now between the third and the Twelfth home and Venus and exalted Saturn however he at all times knew by simply tuning in.   Nonetheless, the Twelfth home duties are the toughest to do and if we will get by them and give up to our religious academics, then we now have an opportunity at liberation. It’s a many-lifetime course of.

I’ll depart you with a lovely quote from one of many nice religious academics from my religious custom,  Swami Brahmanada Saraswati Jagaguru Bhavan Shankaracharya of Jyoti Math:

To get a human physique is a uncommon factor.  Make full use of it.  There are 4 million sorts of lives {that a} soul can collect. After that, one will get an opportunity to be human.  To get a human physique, due to this fact, one shouldn’t waste the possibility.  Should you don’t worth this, then you may be left with nothing in hand and you’ll weep in the long run.

Since you are human, God has given you the facility to assume and resolve good and dangerous.  Subsequently it’s best to by no means think about your self a weak or fallen creature.  No matter could have occurred to date could also be since you didn’t know, however now watch out…after getting human, for those who don’t attain God, then you’ve bought a diamond for the worth of spinach.

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