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Select Your Personal Journey – Massive Sky Astrology


The Mysteries Revealed

It’s generally understood that with the intention to navigate the world efficiently, we’ve got to “play the sport,” and play it in a really explicit approach. There’s some reality to that, so far as it goes, but it surely sort of relies on your model of success. What occurs in case you “succeed” in the best way prescribed by others, however not in any approach that’s actually vital to you?

Mercury in Virgo insists on naturalness, truthfulness, and integrity; that we communicate in our pure voice and signal our true title. That we determine what we’re after, and pursue it completely with out artifice.

Mercury makes the second of three trines with Jupiter this week (Sep. 4, 2023, 3:29 am PDT, 15º34′ Virgo/Taurus; the primary was on Aug. 9, and the final is on Sep. 25). Mercury is on the Sabian image 16 Virgo, An orangutan – we’ll go to that image once more later this week – because it trines Jupiter on 16 Taurus, Previous man making an attempt vainly to disclose the mysteries. Scanning the forest cover, the previous man spots an orangutan making himself snug in a tree, reclining on his leafy mattress, savoring a fig. He’s blissful in his solitude, relaxed in his pores and skin, without having to impress anybody. The previous man’s face softens right into a smile; the mysteries have been revealed.

Select Your Personal Journey

Author Edward Packard entertained his kids at bedtime with tales he invented concerning the adventures of a personality named Pete, who lived on a distant island. One evening, unable to provide you with an ending to the newest story, he requested his daughters what they’d do in Pete’s place. Delighted and enthused, they got here up with two totally different paths, and Packard devised a unique ending for every. He knew a very good factor when he noticed it and went on to put in writing kids’s books on this trend, in a style often called “interactive fiction” – which ultimately turned well-known because the “Select Your individual Journey” books.

Why had been Packard’s kids – and the thousands and thousands of readers who embraced the “Select Your Personal Journey” books – so enamored of this fashion of storytelling? As a result of it’s at all times thrilling to be a part of the journey!

Jupiter is the planet of journey and storytelling, however too usually, our adventures are constructed to a standard scale, like taking a trip to a spot different folks suppose is thrilling. When Jupiter is retrograde (Sep. 4, 2023, 7:11 am PDT, by way of Dec. 30), we’re supplied the prospect to decide on our personal journey – to choose the trail we yearn to discover, and to put in writing our personal ending.

The Story of the Household Tree

Households inform themselves tales about what they’re. They inform it by way of ritual and custom, usually unconsciously. As the Solar and Mercury come collectively in a conjunction (Sep. 6, 2023, 4:09 am PDT, 13º36′ Virgo) on the Sabian image 14 Virgo, A household tree, they convey a significant perception into belonging. What’s your home within the household, and the way has it affected your sense of your home on the planet?

When Mercury travels near the Solar, the Solar’s highly effective rays can forestall us from seeing the reality. However for the time being the conjunction is precise, Mercury is in a situation referred to as cazimi – “within the coronary heart of the Solar,” the place the reality is revealed. We see, with all our hearts, our true place within the household – each our personal, and the household of the world.

Talking One One other’s Language

The Final Quarter Moon is the section for reckoning with what we’ve achieved, what we’ve did not do, and what’s been achieved to us. Its signal tells how we course of this understanding; and the Final Quarter Moon in Gemini (Sep. 6, 2023, 3:21 pm PDT, 14º03′ Gemini/Virgo) turns to dialog.

The Sabian image for this Final Quarter Moon is 15 Gemini, Two Dutch kids speaking. However it might simply as properly be Two siblings speaking or long-time pals speaking, any mixture of people that communicate each other’s language. And this could imply something from sharing a local tongue to having spent years collectively in shared circumstances.

I bear in mind sitting in a restaurant north of Auckland, New Zealand, and out of the blue listening to an American accent from a close-by desk. My coronary heart leapt somewhat from the nice and cozy familiarity of it. It’s not that I couldn’t perceive the opposite conversations round me, however the accent of my homeland implied a unique sort of understanding – one that might be unremarkable if we encountered one another at a café in California, however that felt a bit extra treasured so removed from dwelling.

The Solar is on the Sabian image 15 Virgo, A decorative handkerchief. It speaks to the temptation to measure your journey when it comes to its perfection, and by appearances. However perhaps perfection is a much less helpful measure of success than whether or not the trail we’ve taken has introduced us to a greater understanding with others, and a hotter appreciation of what we share in widespread.

Our Greatest Model

I’ve usually been moved by Virgo’s nice love of the pure world, significantly animals. I suppose it’s their honesty and lack of pretension that makes animals so interesting. And perhaps it’s additionally that animals appear to lack the drive for self-improvement, the curse in addition to the present of humankind.

The signal of Virgo, in significantly, is related to the impulse towards perfectionism. However have a look at the Solar’s Sabian image, 16 Virgo, because it trines Jupiter this week (Sep. 8, 2023, 4:13 am PDT, 15º33′ Virgo/Taurus): An orangutan. It’s a superb creature, the orangutan, among the many most clever of the primates and essentially the most solitary of the good apes. There’s one thing daring and arresting concerning the orange beast. He’s not essentially the most stunning or sleek animal, and but we are able to’t look away from him. In his pure state, he’s good.

The Solar on this diploma whispers that if we let ourselves be, if we settle for ourselves in our naturalness, then the world will embrace us as we’re. We do should curb our extra anti-social tendencies, however general, we most likely spend extra power than we have to in making an attempt to evolve to a form that others discover enticing.

The Solar trines Jupiter in Taurus, an emblem of abundance that’s effortlessly acquired. It means that the important thing to gaining the world’s help is to know what we’re, as an alternative of making an attempt to be one thing basically totally different. To be the purest model of ourselves, moderately than a clumsy, unconvincing model of one thing else.

Writing and pictures © 2017-23 by April Elliott Kent

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