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Solar In Libra- Oct 17-Nov Sixteenth-Lack of Management however Sturdy Teamwork

Solar In Libra- Oct 17-Nov Sixteenth-Lack of Management however Sturdy Teamwork



The Solar strikes into Libra on Tuesday, October seventeenth, and stays there till November Sixteenth. The Solar is shifting towards the bottom level of the yr of the Solar on October twenty seventh at 10 levels Libra. The Solar governs well being, management confidence, and vanity for everybody, so this transit can result in well being points, despair, poor selections in authorities, and low vanity. The worst a part of the transit is often when the Solar is within the constellation of Swati, which is between October 23 – November sixth. This yr the tough a part of the transit is early because the South Node, Ketu is at about 1 diploma Libra so the Solar will go over Ketu on the 18th of Oct.  This conjunct will have an effect via Oct 22nd and tends to extend low vanity or create distorted egos and issues with leaders and authorities.    Jupiter is in Aries aspecting Libra this yr and that may assist towards the tip of the transit with the precise opposition on Nov. 3rd

In case you have an unafflicted Solar in Libra with benefic points from Jupiter, the optimistic aspect of this transit is that it might create some individuals that supply good sense, help, and appeal and will carry out the flexibility to work with others higher.  Libra and Aries rising could expertise this a bit extra. Scorpio rising could have probably the most hassle with it as a result of it’s a twelfth home transit and may make them hidden from view and trigger extra severe emotional and self-confidence points. Due to the Jupiter facet of Libra this yr, the intense aspect of teamwork and cooperation is that the Solar and Libra may be supported later within the month and the primary few weeks of November. 

Gemini and Virgo rising could do okay with this transit. Backside-line is that if the darkish aspect comes up, discover methods to do good self-talk and discover the fireplace to maneuver on and do nice issues should you really feel caught. Deal with your well being this month, which implies watching your weight loss plan and addictions and staying on high of your immune system.   Get extra relaxation and take immune system enhancements like zinc, Vitamin C, colostrum, Vitamin D, and all these good issues.

What does the Solar’s debilitation in Libra imply?  Right here it might are inclined to sacrifice its rules and management skills to get together with individuals and do issues collectively. Therefore it loses its energy and management which can thrive extra in isolation. There could also be a insecurity the place individuality will get misplaced in teams. If the Solar just isn’t bothered by different malefic planets, this will result in good workforce gamers who can do higher in teams than doing it alone. The Solar’s placement right here would like to do issues collectively reasonably than be impartial and be topic to the challenges of working in teams and coping with dissenting opinions therefore it loses its energy to steer. If the Solar is bothered, it might get unbalanced and could also be too tyrannical and demanding and lack compassion which is the hallmark of a superb chief. Whereas being extra diplomatic, individuals born with the Solar in Libra (Oct. 17-Nov. 16) typically fail to encourage or draw upon their energy.

President Biden has his tenth home of standing and energy owned by the Solar and the transit into Libra will result in new lows in management and new lows within the polls.   Biden won’t do effectively as a Scorpio rising as it’s a twelfth home transit for him and will carry surprising losses and expenditures and a insecurity in his displays. The eclipse may even amplify this downside.

The Solar represents our interior Divinity and in Libra, it might get drawn extra right into a relationship and sexual intrigue reasonably than following its important nature to be in meditation and looking for Oneness with the Creator. Therefore it may transfer out of Dharma and neglect its function. The Solar is debilitated within the constellation of Swati (Libra 6.40-20.00) which is a really materials constellation dominated by Rahu and right here the Solar forgets its non secular mission and will get caught up within the materials world.  This yr the debilitation is partially cancelled by Venus’s transit via Libra.

If you’re Leo rising and have Solar in Libra (born Oct. 17-Nov. Sixteenth) you might are inclined to develop extra well being points significantly should you deplete your energies with extreme sexual indulgences and conquests. Chances are you’ll lack the braveness and management to encourage others since you lack the interior confidence to help others and this may occasionally result in changing into a tyrannical boss to over-compensate in your lack of vanity.

The transit of the Solar into Vishaka Nakshatra (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20)  November 6 – nineteenth,  connects it to Jupiter and it uplifts it so the worst half is the transit within the constellation Swati when it’s linked with Rahu October 23 – November sixth.

For some individuals, the issue of a debilitated Solar is that the ego is simply too caught and encrusted in its place. However for extra individuals, it may create low vanity and despair, after which the ego just isn’t ok. It’s all an phantasm. You’re Divine inside. Battle off the unfavorable self-talk. Do extra meditation see past the puppet strings and notice your greatness! Solar salutations, the tree pose, and the peacock pose can help the fallen Solar this month. It is a third home bothered transit for Leo rising and may create conflicts with youthful siblings, and neighbors, or difficulties with communications. Leos ought to keep away from offended communication or face some extent of remorse.

As all the time, I stand on the shoulders of nice academics. Particular because of Sam Geppi and his guide, The Ascendant, for a number of the insights from this text to Invoice Levacy for his deep psychological insights, and to Sanjay Rath and Komilla Sutton for his or her deep understanding.

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