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Solar Reverse Saturn — Ruby Slipper Astrology

Solar Reverse Saturn — Ruby Slipper Astrology


Solar/Saturn is limits on pleasure. There’s heavy work to be performed and nobody’s encouraging you. There is a main correction to be made and even in case you succeed there can be no applause. There could also be a battle as you are confronted by the next authority. 

Seems like punishment, however it’s simply Saturn. Generally you must put your head down and settle for that reward or speedy outcomes will not be on the desk. You make it harder in case you demand that somebody notices otherwise you surrender as a result of it is simply too exhausting. As an alternative, think about pouring your vitality into the one factor that your focus is being skilled on. Do your utmost to refine/assist/clear and tune into the pleasure inside that comes from figuring out you probably did the best possible you can below constraint. 

For some, this could be a dedication or final result that delivers outcomes. Within the Solar/Saturn cycle that is the end result of what started over the last Solar/Saturn conjunction (Feb sixteenth, 2023 at 27 deg Aquarius). For many who have been working with Saturn (disciplined, mature, fulfilling obligations) this opposition can ship a sober reward within the type of extra authority or a proper affirmation. For many who have been working in opposition to Saturn (avoiding accountability or attempting to flee) this can be a tough actuality test. Saturn’s Rx standing implies concentrated limits as a evaluation brings you to this end result.

Virgo could not seem to want extra humbling, however each signal will get their flip on the Saturn opposition. In Virgo’s case, this can be a reminder that some issues can’t be fastened and a few issues have to be fastened (procrastination is a Virgo trait). That is the place you get very selective- establish what you have to do and launch what you may’t management. Generally voluntarily accepting an ending takes a large quantity of restraint. 

Additionally at present, Mars into Libra encourages a special sort of restraint involving actions and anger. Steadiness your efforts with others. Reply as an alternative of reacting. Mars in Libra is sociable but steely actions -flirting is used strategically and anger is coated politely however nonetheless expressed (metal fist within the velvet glove). This could be a very efficient instrument for asserting your self with out shattering relationships however when taken too far, anger is repressed and actions are undermined by dithering. 

Once more, stability. Establish the quantity of drive/pursuit that is wanted (not an excessive amount of, not too little) and think about who you may associate with. Who tosses the ball again to you and who simply retains it (or refuses to play altogether)? In some instances you might end up swinging between extremes (passivity or uncooked aggressiveness) as a result of Libra’s stability level is commonly positioned this manner. Whereas Mars in Libra will not be sometimes related to extreme motion, there might be stunning shows if anger has been denied or somebody’s sense of morality offended. 

You need to play the social recreation a bit. And, you must make an effort to search out that stability. This takes work and goes together with the Solar/Saturn opposition – there can be a time to loosen up or minimize unfastened however that point will not be now. 



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