Home Astrology SPRING EQUINOX 2023 — The Hoodwitch

SPRING EQUINOX 2023 — The Hoodwitch

SPRING EQUINOX 2023 — The Hoodwitch


Set with intensely coloured cloths and inexperienced candles symbolizing the return of inexperienced to the Earth, fertility, and abundance. Spring flowers: wildflowers, crocus, pussy willows, daffodils, trilliums. Add eggs, honey, pomegranates, seeds, bread, and apples.

Important oils/Incense: Lily Of The Valley, chamomile, lavender, rose, patchouli, Jasmine, marjoram

Gems & Minerals: QuartzCitrine, Rose Quartz, 


Written by Scott Cunningham

Flowers needs to be laid on the altar, positioned across the circle, and strewn on the bottom. The cauldron could be stuffed with spring water and flowers, and buds and blossoms could also be worn as properly. A small potted plant needs to be positioned on the altar.
Organize the altar, mild the candles and incense, and forged the circle.
Invoke the Goddess and God in no matter phrases please you.
Stand earlier than the altar and gaze upon the plant as you say:

“O Nice Goddess, you have got freed your self from the icy jail of winter. Now’s the greening, when the perfume of flowers drifts on the breeze. That is the start. Life renews itself by Your magick, Earth Goddess. The God stretches and rises, keen in His youth, and bursting with the promise of summer time.”

Contact the plant. Join with its energies and, by way of it, all nature. Journey inside its leaves and stems by way of your visualization – from the middle of your consciousness out by way of your arm and fingers and into the plant itself. Discover its internal nature; sense the miraculous processes of life at work inside it.

After a time, nonetheless touching the plant, say:

“I stroll the earth in friendship, not in dominance. Mom Goddess and Father God, instil inside me by way of this plant a heat for all residing issues. Educate me to revere the Earth and all its treasures. Might I always remember.”

Meditate upon the altering of the seasons. Really feel the rousing of energies round you within the Earth.
Works of magick, if obligatory, could observe.
Have fun the Easy Feast.
The circle is launched.




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