Home Astrology Summer season Solstice Astrology | Significance Of The Longest Day Of The 12 months!

Summer season Solstice Astrology | Significance Of The Longest Day Of The 12 months!

Summer season Solstice Astrology | Significance Of The Longest Day Of The 12 months!


Midsummer Thriller, Magic, Mischief and Insanity On The Longest Day Of The 12 months!

This yr Summer season Solstice is: Monday June twenty first 2021, 11.32 am Hong Kong / Monday June twenty first 2021, 4.32 am BST (London).

Whereas we consider this because the official begin of summer season, Summer season Solstice is definitely historically often called Midsummer.

Subsequently, we are able to both dub this second the center of the summer season season, with a neat starting Might Day (or Beltane). Or, we are able to honour this because the turning of the wheel, and the beginning of Summer season.

It’s as much as you!

Astrologically, this occasion is marked by the Solar transferring into Most cancers, the primary of the water indicators, so we are able to anticipate a shift in power…

We use the image of two crab claws, two hugging arms because the glyph for Most cancers, and we attribute the nice crustatious sea creatures to this signal with a tricky outer shell…

Broadly talking we are able to contemplate Most cancers Season a time to wash in consciousness of household, lineage, the place we’re from, and get a deal with on the emotional realms and our method to ‘residence’.

Most cancers is a Cardinal Zodiac Signal (like Aries, Libra, and Capricorn), these are the turning factors of the Zodiac Wheel that instigate, with motivation to take motion; Aries with a contemporary begin and the intrepid ardour for a brand new starting, Most cancers with the inclination to seek out safety and place, Libra with the impetus to attach on an mental degree, Capricorn to maneuver in direction of longevity, sustaining tangible builds over time.

Throughout Summer season Solstice, the Solar is at its best distance from the earth’s equator and travels its longest path via the sky.

It subsequently has probably the most daylight (it’s the ‘longest day of the yr’) – all the time occuring round June twenty first, the solar is instantly over the Tropic of Most cancers (a line of latitude circling the Earth).

It is a nice time to really feel established and settled, exhibiting consciousness of the place you reside – not solely your own home and 4 partitions however the land, lineage and previous you share with household, acknowledging the place you’re from.

Most cancers Season makes for an excellent month for reflection round our method to our dad and mom and parenting.

Even when you now not have a mom and father, even when you don’t like to interact an excessive amount of with them, it’s vital for you as a person to reside free from resentment to those figureheads, as a way to domesticate your individual sense of safety and peace of thoughts.

Meditate and contemplate your individual method to all that’s underfoot, and the way and the place you drop anchor.

Quarter Days

The Summer season Solstice is one of many quarter days within the calendar, the opposite quarter days being:

  • the spring equinox,
  • the autumn equinox (autumnal or fall equinox)
  • and the winter solstice (additionally referred to as midwinter).

Litha – Mark The Second!

Every of the 4 quarter days has a Photo voltaic Pageant: Ostara, Litha, Mabon and Yuletide.

The Summer season Solstice coincides with Litha, a celebratory pageant and time that’s ripe for divination, magic, and casting spells…

Learn extra about Litha, right here, with 5 methods to have fun the Summer season Solstice superbly

Summer season Solstice & Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Evening’s Dream…

“No matter is dreamed on this night time, will come to cross.” — William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Evening’s Dream…

In Shakespeare’s Elizabethan time, the night time earlier than summer season solstice was referred to as Midsummer’s Eve; it was a time of celebration, thriller and magic.

Younger folks would meet the particular person they had been presupposed to marry (maybe having fun with their nuptuals throughout Libra Season – Fall Equinox).

Simply as Halloween thins the veil between the residing and the lifeless, it was believed that throughout the solstice, the boundaries between the human world and the world of the fairies was skinny, with the 2 worlds assembly – and the fairies seen meddling with the love lives of people when within the fairies’ area (the woods)!

Watch: the 1999 film with Michelle Pfeiffer, Rupert Everett, Calista Flockhart, Anna Friel, Christian Bale as and my fave Dominic West to benefit from the spirit and story of this eve.

Anna Friel (Hermia) can be my muse for this second, as she posesses a beginning chart boasting a lot Most cancers! Born July twelfth 1976, Solar, Mercury, and Venus had been all within the Crab’s signal…

For greater than 5,000 years folks have marked this second, constructing monuments like Stonehenge within the UK and Karnak in Egypt as a spot to notice and honor the Solar’s path: on the Stonehenge circle the solar rises instantly consistent with the rock formation on the summer season solstice.


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