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Solar moved within the zodiac signal of Most cancers on Sunday,  July sixteenth, the pure home of house and supporting the “household.”

Solar in Most cancers will not be bothered this yr as there are not any main elements from malefics hurting it throughout its transit.   Solely the Pluto opposition into Friday, July 21st  could also be felt.   This transit can result in intense encounters with different folks so watch out who you decide a battle with. Keep away from being over-domineering to have your method and stroke your ego and this might result in a relationship breakdown.  Use the power to rework troublesome relationships.  Sunday, July 23rd, dominated by the Solar could have probably the most probability of manifesting this power.

When you had been born with Solar in Most cancers and it’s also unafflicted in your and your birthday is between July 16-August 16th, then you definately desire to comply with your recommendation, are likely to have a superb reminiscence, are delicate and economical, and have excessive instinct and luxuriate in journey and household.  A few of this power could emerge through the transit.   Chances are you’ll be drawn to actions involving nurturing and love to do group and household service and your maternal energies could come out in management. You may additionally be drawn to residing close to the water or having fun with water sports activities.  Occupationally,  chances are you’ll be involved in actual property, house gross sales, agriculture, working within the water or the beverage business, or being a counselor or baby specialist.

The Solar is in Pushya Nakshatra (Most cancers 3.20-16.40) on July 20-August 3rd and this constellation is dominated by Brihaspati who’s the priest of the gods and really linked to Vedic ceremonies and faith. He tends to bestow good luck and success and wealth on others and kids and loves non secular instructing.  The Solar doesn’t do properly on this constellation which is dominated by Saturn as it could possibly get wrapped in materials needs and veers away from its mission for Self-Realtization and should lose a few of its brilliance. Good reminder to do your non secular practices this month and keep centered in your non secular objectives.

The Solar is in Ashlesha nakshatra (Most cancers 16.40-29.59) on August 3-August 16th is dominated by the Nagas or snakes with occult powers and is linked to Lord Vishnu.  The teachings of this nakshatra contain following the Guru’s phrases and preserving the purity of the instructing. The nakshatra is linked to non secular knowledge so in transit, it could possibly foster deep non secular expertise. When you had been born with the Solar on this constellation, you could have points along with your father, be a superb pal and have hassle settling down into marriage.  Chances are you’ll be drawn to astrology and good at predicting the longer term.  The constellation is dominated by Mercury and may deliver nice mental inquiry to folks born underneath this constellation.  If Mercury is weak, one must be cautious of gossip or speaking an excessive amount of, or placing others down with a pointy tongue. 

The tip of the transit, August 14 – sixteenth is within the Most cancers gandanta (Most cancers 27-30) within the constellation of Hyrda (Ashlesha, Most cancers 16.40-29.59) is a spot the place the toxins of the previous are accumulating in a giant knot that’s troublesome to untie. Deep unconscious patterns and troublesome issues come up that appear daunting and crammed with regrets. Bear in mind you have got the ability of free will within the current second to maneuver by way of into new mild and wouldn’t have to reside within the shadows and errors of the previous. Allow them to go. They appear tangled and troublesome to cope with, however you might be robust sufficient to get by way of them.

Most cancers is a 12th home transit for Leos so expenditures and deep unconscious feelings can come as much as heal and this transit is tougher for Leo Rising or Leo Solar folks.  Could also be a superb month to take a meditation retreat and do the internal work because the outer ambitions could also be irritating.  Travels to overseas nations could also be fruitful as there may be little affliction to the Solar.




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