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We’re transferring towards Gemini season now with the Solar being the second planet to enter there this Thursday, June 15th round 7 am. The primary three days are a bit rocky because the Solar is weak within the D9 in Libra so low shallowness and power are up and the transit of the Solar itself from Taurus to Gemini between June 14-15 creates rocky power because the Solar is taken into account sandhi which is sort of a Western Void of Course when it’s between two indicators and it isn’t thought of an auspicious time to start out new issues.

The Solar moved into the constellation of Orion, the warrior of the winter sky, on June eighth and stays there till June twenty first  (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40). Its image is the deer. Mrigashira is fashioned by three faint stars on the head of the constellation of Orion. The constellation may be very non secular and promotes moksha and non secular liberation which conjures up folks to check faith and philosophy. The Shakti of Mrigashira is the “energy to provide success” so a very good time to rub your genie’s lamp and ask for a boon.   In case your Solar, Moon, or rising signal is on this constellation, it provides you a deep craving for one thing higher in your life. The deity of the constellation is Soma, linked to the Moon and the life and very important refined forces which are created to manifest the physiological elements of enlightenment.   Mars is pretty completely happy within the constellation of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Most cancers 3.20) till June sixteenth and so the connection is sweet however turns a bit weaker as Mars will get into weak point within the 4th pada (Pisces 0-3.20) till June twenty third.

The Solar has probably the most tough journey within the constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20) June 22 – July sixth as it’s channeling Rahu’s power and this constellation can deliver storms and deep struggling and teardrops within the quest to shed outdated patterns. Use this transit for transformation.  Issues with tornados and hurricanes can improve with too many planets in Ardra.  This yr they are going to each be in Ardra in late June as  Mercury strikes into Ardra on June 27-July 3rd.

The perfect a part of the transit is a wave of aid because the Solar will get extra linked to Jupiter July 6-Twentieth. Jupiter’s power within the constellation of Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Most cancers 3.20), is a optimistic place the place there’s a deep reference to one’s soul objective by means of non secular initiation and this could come up. 

Leo rising will most really feel this transit however in Gemini, it’s an eleventh-house transit and can deliver positive factors after struggles.  Most cancers rising may have probably the most bother with this transit as it’s 12 homes from house and the Solar will disappear from the horizon and fail to shine. For now, benefit from the quest for Reality and one thing larger on this very pure constellation and my favourite of all, Orion, the non secular warrior till June twenty first.





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