Home Astrology Surviving Venus Retrograde… What Is This Transit All About?

Surviving Venus Retrograde… What Is This Transit All About?

Surviving Venus Retrograde… What Is This Transit All About?



She Needs What She Needs, However Venus Is Retrograde…

Planet Venus is because of make an about flip, identical to Mercury does however that is so, a lot BETTER! Why? As a result of whereas Mercury guidelines the thoughts (emails, communication, commerce – all of the dry stuff) Venus is love.

Romance, style, friendship, affection, intimacy, candy moments and girlie issues (assume: sugar, spice and all issues good), they’re all dominated by the goddess Venus – cash and your financial institution stability too…

Identical to MRx, Venus Retrograde is an optical phantasm, the place the planet seems to be going backwards from our perspective right here on earth. That’s proper, the planet of romance, cash and what we worth does an about flip round each 18 months.

One of the simplest ways to think about any retrograde interval is to see the planets path turning into very busy. For instance, when Mercury goes retrograde the communication freeway will get tremendous lively – that’s why errors are occurring round Mercury issues – commerce, brief journeys and alternate, as a result of all the things is travelling at lightning pace. There are extra vehicles on the highway, metaphorically talking.

For the Venus Retrograde interval lets envisage a sports activities enjoying area, somewhat than a speedy stream of site visitors… Think about the video games get twice as busy. It’s a aggressive day (in any case, Mars and Venus are each in Aries now). Everybody’s getting a bit flustered and fraught, folks can’t see their teammates or the place to cross!

That is Venus retrograde.

It’s not communication that’s getting thrown off stability – it’s our sensual nature, what we worth is coming underneath scrutiny and individuals are considering, reflecting and reviewing what and who they love, how they present affection, flirt and entice a mate.

In case you hear folks complaining throughout a Mercury Retrograde that they messaged the incorrect individual and misplaced their cell phone, throughout Venus Retrograde hear for outlandish declarations of affection and look ahead to extravagant purchases, made on a whim…

Who Will Really feel It Most?

Venus-ruled issues fall underneath the 2 zodiac indicators Taurus and Libra, so these indicators are significantly delicate to Venus Retrograde (don’t overlook to contemplate your rising, moon and Venus signal!)

Taurus guidelines the senses (stunning scents, pleasing artwork scenes and landscapes, valuables, materials wealth, riches and so forth.) and the property with which to indulge! Libra guidelines style, magnificence, congenial social graces and partnerships, together with marriage. Taurus is akin to second home issues in astrology – the place we discover worth and our private energy (additionally linked to cash) and Libra is seventh home, how we relate to others and stability two egos harmoniously.


The Two Sides Of Venus In Astrology – Taurus The Bull And The Librian Scales…

In our natal chart Venus represents our internal goddess, what we like to purchase and spend cash on; it’s how we gown as much as entice a companion, the fashion wherein we flirt – even how we draw mates and lovers in with our distinctive female fashion. Learn extra about your Venus signal right here.

The place is Venus transiting in your natal chart? Does it side your Venus or one other planet? Your Ascendant, or Midheaven? In case you have planets or angles in Aries or Pisces it’s probably this can be an fascinating time for you!

Venus retrograde is an effective time to re-assess and re-discover our values. Who can we respect? What can we like and respect round us in the best way of fabric items, folks, mates – what qualities can we like in others? In ourselves?

How can we entice and worth cash?

Romance might come underneath scrutiny, and with totally different facets of relationships being re-visited (love and friendship) you possibly can anticipate previous acquaintances (maybe previous lovers) to reappear. It might or it might be essential to re-visit previous points round friendships and relationships and it’s a terrific time to cope with issues of the center.

Magnificence, style, re-decorating and make-overs might need to be ‘re-done’ when Venus goes direct. Cash and funds may wish going over and social occasions and events will not be as easy as deliberate…

Why not…

  • Reassess What Magnificence Means To You


Venus guidelines how we gown up and beautify ourselves and our environment (look to your Venus signal for clues in your private fashion, for instance should you’re an Aries your Venus may very well be in Taurus, mixing hearth and earth, dressing for motion and consolation.)

When Venus retrogrades you possibly can rework, redefine and rework your decisions. It is a nice time for reflection, and a temper or inspiration board will reaffirm and realign your distinctive, preferences.

Don’t nevertheless make main new modifications, e book in for drastic haircuts or get the decorators in simply but although – that is the contemplation stage.

Wait until Venus goes direct (dates beneath).

Venus guidelines over cash honey!

The retrograde interval is prime for reviewing, reassessing and rebalancing your figures. Maintain off implementing any concepts for reconfiguration – this era is healthier used for reevaluation somewhat than starting new monetary commitments. It’s about tying up free ends, revisiting previous money owed. It may very well be a good time to go and get a refund and have folks pay up, likewise you possibly can reimburse or repay others.

  • shopping-no-no-venus-retrogradeResist The Lure Of Luxe

Simply as shopping for digital and communications gear isn’t advisable throughout Mercury Retrograde you’re higher off ready to purchase luxurious items and wonder associated purchases. You may need to keep away from giant expenditures the place style and frivolities are involved – now could be not the time to drag collectively a capsule wardrobe of ‘funding’ items, undoubtedly not on credit score.

Your instincts may very well be off throughout this time so follow window-shopping or examine the returns coverage.

There’s no hurt in utilizing the Venus Retrograde to you benefit in relation to buying, the key is to know the true worth of what you’re shopping for and make an knowledgeable selection. It may be a good time to barter and discount, so long as you’re the one within the drivers seat. It may very well be a good time to manifest and entice some stunning impromptu items into your life – assume flea markets, second hand outlets or just a present from a good friend. One mans trash is one other’s treasure because the saying goes, and folks may very well be reviewing their valuables throughout this time. It’s an excellent time to assume about luxurious purchases however wait until later to place down a deposit…

  • Retreat From The Courting Scene

A relationship began throughout Venus Retrograde will carry the energies of that specific time; as Carl Jung mentioned:

“We’re born at a given second in a given place and like classic years of wine we now have the qualities of the yr and of the season wherein we’re born.”

Initiatives, relationships, folks and companies all carry an astrological imprint; a relationship commenced throughout Venus Retrograde might get off to a repetitive or exasperating begin. At greatest you can have an extended, drawn out honeymoon interval, nevertheless one’s romantic inclinations may very well be receiving a sensory overload.

A suitor might appear much more magnificent, charming and fabulous than they are surely, and when Venus resumes regular operate the rose tinted glasses come off.

That burning need might ebb and flicker to a low flame – don’t belief ‘the warmth’ of the second in the course of the Venus Retrograde, you possibly can reassess and commit when the planet goes direct. You’ll be in a greater place to make choices about your romantic inclinations on the opposite aspect… Simply sing “I can see clearly now retrograde has gone” for added will energy! Wait until after the occasion’s over and Venus strikes into the extra severe signal of Virgo to make agency commitments round relationships!

In case you’re in a relationship Venus Retrograde presents you a chance to resolve any points together with your companion and recommit to the connection – should you’re wed you possibly can even remarry! Reaffirm your love, rekindle and reignite the romance, rejoice and reproduce! If it’s time for a reshuffle now could be the time to reassemble the jigsaw to create a lovely image.

Extra Prime Ideas For Venus Retrograde…

Venus retrograde speaks of previous relationships popping out of the woodwork (that goes for each romances and friendships), or should you’re experiencing a break-up it might take fairly some toing and froing earlier than you’re capable of put it to relaxation. With Jupiter in Libra there’s much more emphasis on partnership and concord now, it’s good to observe persistence too, with Uranus in Aries inciting radical change that may be just a little hasty…


Reminiscing will be completely therapeutic, particularly should you’re prepared to return over the previous and dig up the treasures from the previous. Guarantee a reexamination is constructive by appreciating the nice occasions, understanding they had been proper then, even when they wouldn’t be just right for you now. Search gratitude for the height of happiness in that second, and should you resolve an previous flame may very well be reignited the universe might effectively help you now…

Venus is ruler of artwork, music and aesthetics – why not look to refresh your pursuits in a previous pursuit? Female hobbies are significantly favored – for instance jewelry making, magnificence and style, make-up and hair, baking, flower arranging and inside ornament. You’ll be able to rediscover them now…

Sounds foolish however should you undergo from sugar cravings Venus Retrograde may very well be simply the time to sort out your behavior! Venus guidelines over muffins, biscuits, sweets (sweet) and all the things discovered at Willy Wonka’s. There are such a lot of documentaries on the hazards of this extremely addictive substance (I’m speaking concerning the refined white stuff – not sugars present in fruit). Analysis and reeducate your self on this topic, it’s a supportive section to regain management over a candy tooth.

Invite the divine female into your world and cement its presence with the Venus Retrograde. Reestablish friendships with the ladies you’re keen on and respect their mushy but robust attributes – embrace womanhood and what it means to be an empowered feminine at the moment. Regroup or plan a reunion together with your ladies, recollect and have a good time them and why you worth their friendship. Restore and patch up relationships which can be missing.

I hope you’re employed this Venus retrograde to its greatest prospects!

Previous Venus Retrograde Intervals

fifteenth Might 2012 to twenty seventh June 2012

eighth October 2010 to 18th November 2010

sixth March 2009 to nineteenth April 2009

twenty seventh July 2007 to eighth September 2007

twenty fourth December 2005 to the third February 2006

April to July 2004

September to December 2002

March to Might 2001.



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