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Take A Quantum Leap With The Full Moon In Aquarius

Take A Quantum Leap With The Full Moon In Aquarius


It’s Leo Season and so the Full Moon naturally shines shiny in Aquarius. Learn your horoscope right here and use the celebs on today of illumination to essentially work the celestial climate…

Listed below are my high 5 ideas!

1. Elevate A Glass To Aquarius – And Dare To Be Completely different

Cara Delevingne, Born twelfth August 1992…

Take inspiration from the unimaginable Cara Delevingne, who boasts the Solar and Mercury in Leo, and Moon and Saturn in Aquarius.

The mannequin and spokesperson doesn’t draw back from the highlight and makes use of it to advertise equality for all! Brazenly pansexual, her Twitter byline reads: EMBRACE YOUR WEIRDNESS! 

Kim Cattrall, Born August 21, 1956, Solar-Pluto in Leo, Moon in Aquarius…

Take a quantum leap with the Full Moon in Aquarius – it’s completely the time to house out, and go your personal method – identical to Kim Cattrall, one other star with this mixture who isn’t afraid to go in opposition to the grain.

To thine personal self be true!

Of all of the characters in Intercourse and the Metropolis, Cattrall was essentially the most daring, together with her daring, dazzling Leo Solar, and refreshing Aquarian Moon!

Kate Bush is one other eccentric determine born with a Leo Solar, Aquarius Moon. 

Praised for her unconventionality, she has a Solar-Uranus conjunction – see her chart right here!

Melanie Griffith Born August ninth 1957, Solar-Uranus in Leo, Moon in Aquarius (see the chart)…

That is the mixture within the stars that’s capable of carry water – consciousness – and face power; Aquarius is the Water Bearer who brings a jug of nourishing water to the lots, and Leo is the lion, regal, majestic and fiercely entertaining! The King of the Jungle.

I really like this picture of Melanie Griffith together with her pet lion, presenting water to the beast! 

It’s a SUNNY day within the cosmos, because it’s Leo Season – discover the place you’re experiencing heatwaves.

However emotionally (Aquarius Moon) we might be cool, calm and picked up, acknowledging a second akin to awakening from winter. Aquarius Season is when all is chilly, brisk and blue – Saturn moved into Aquarius round Winter Solstice 2020, what’s advanced since then?

Put the highlight on the collective group of ‘folks’, the Lots, suggestions from the group, the audiences vote and what “all of us need”, collectively. But know Leo holds star high quality, the solo focus & highlight.

With this polarity within the stars – and the luminaries lighting up these two indicators, we will harness a bit drama and an viewers of cheerleaders…

2. Get On-line And Discover Your Tribe…

One of many items of our fashionable age (and a few would possibly say ‘the Age of Aquarius‘) is our capability to utilise the air-waves to hook up with folks.

Aquarius is the eleventh signal of twelve, an air signal that claims “I Know’, having amassed nice information (like Google!)

Sandra Bullock, Solar-Mercury in Leo, Moon in Aquarius – Gemini Rising..

Apparently, actress Sandra Bullock is a Leo with Moon in Aquarius who helped carry on-line pursuits to the lots (throughout Neptune in Aquarius, naturally!)

She starred in the Web, Hackers, and was a poster little one for Tech Genius.

Presently we will confidently permit our fingers to grace the keyboard, at residence and comfy with our ‘folks’.

Aliens and house journey is completely Aquarian too!

Though unidentified, mysterious objects and the unknown could be very Neptunian, venturing out to get a birds eye view (within the orbit and ether) could be very Aquarius!

We are able to watch the X-Recordsdata, starring two Leo’s with Aquarius Moons – Moulder & Scully!!

Dream Group David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are each born with the Solar in Leo, and Moon in Aquarius…

3. Future Pondering With Flouro!

Aquarius is essentially the most progressive of the zodiac signal, involved with enhance life on earth for her fellow girl!

Thus you’ll usually discover Aquarius consumed with humanitarian pursuits or deep in future considering.

She additionally has a aptitude for futuristic fashions, together with fluorescent touches!

Dominated by Uncommon Uranus, honour Aquarius trend on the total moon with electrical feels and shiny splashes of neon. Get into it for the total moon…

4. Ship For Your Squad & Get together On…

Probably the most sociable sign up astrology, Aquarius has a following to rival the preferred stars.

Like fellow air indicators gregarious Gemini and peace-keeper, balanced Libra, Aquarius operates from a considering or metallic perspective.

Air is the ingredient of Area and Sociability.

The airwaves carry our messages and every of the three air ingredient zodiac indicators offers with data and communication differently.

Gemini connects data, curiously selecting up expertise and information. Libra drives with a sociable power, making the whole lot civilised alongside the best way. Aquarius is the fastened one.

She has conviction and loyalty in the direction of her imaginative and prescient, confidence in her beliefs. A Full Moon illuminates, making it simple for us to see the stark reality and actuality – use it’s highlight to disclose development in your self. Use it to have fun and assert change.

And Flip Up The Turquoise! Align with Aquarius power utilizing their fortunate color, turquoise…

A contact of turquoise in your look stands out!

5. Use Avante Garde Aromas And Vegetation…

Aquarius has possession over blue and white flowers in addition to Acacia, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Additionally the Gardenia perfume, and the chicken of paradise plant.

Use Frankincense in your full moon therapeutic massage!

Keep in mind that the cardboard for Aquarius throughout the Tarot is the Star…

Use its power to have fun the unconscious and the aware, permit magic to move round you with a coronary heart filled with hope, and a soul that’s uplifted to the best highs.

At this Full Moon, realise desires – and aspirations – actually can come true.

Elevate needs made on the New Moon in Aquarius, and methods you’ve reached towards the celebs.

Kim Cattrall, Viola Davis, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, Sandra Bullock, Shawn Mendes, Cara Delevingne, Audrey Tautou, Joe Jonas, Kate Bush, Brody Jenner, Melanie Griffith, Andrew Garfield, Helen Mirren, Billy Bob Thornton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alicia Witt and Jaime Pressly…



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