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Taurus, Venus & Worth — ASTROLOGY READINGS + BLOG


Understanding Your Private Values

Values on this case will be seen as private rules by which you reside. Most of us grew up very in a different way from one another and infrequently our world-view and worth system is initially formed by our mother and father and the individuals closest to us (buddies/household/faith/faculty) and so forth. Most people don’t get the possibility when they’re a toddler to know their very own values with out having the world push some on you, so whereas defining your values as an grownup, take a while to ensure they’re YOURS and never simply what society needed you to really feel.

Your private values needs to be requirements that you just maintain your self to and search in others. Do you worth honesty? Do you worth kind-heartedness, dedication, compassion, the pursuit of information, group?

Everybody’s values are totally different, which is one thing you’ll need to navigate and perceive whereas interacting with different individuals. Astrologically talking, astrologers look to the planet Venus to know somebody’s private worth system. Venus throughout the homes can present which space of life somebody would possibly search worth or outline their worth programs by. Under are transient explanations of Venus throughout the homes.

Venus within the first home – Worth self-understanding, self-expression, independence, passionate motion, bodily look, self-love

Venus within the second home – Worth stability, materials items, possessions, top quality, nutritious and scrumptious meals, sensuality and pleasure

Venus within the third home – Worth communication, concepts, psychological stimulation, siblings, being social

Venus within the fourth home – Worth household, emotional wellness, house life, understanding the connection of the previous to the current, artwork, emotional connections

Venus within the fifth home – Worth creativity, love, expression, romance, exhibitionism

Venus within the sixth home – Worth bodily well being and health, serving to others, animals, work, psychological well being,

Venus within the seventh home – Worth relationships with others, exchanging worth by vital partnerships: Enterprise/Marriage, (values can generally find yourself being outlined by others’ values if not cautious)

Venus within the eighth home – Worth psychological consciousness and wellness, intimacy, life’s mysteries, joint ventures and funds, privateness

Venus within the ninth home – Worth journey, data, tradition, studying, ethics, philosophy, spirituality

Venus within the tenth home – Worth contribution to society, profession, long run life objectives, public picture, utilized data, construction

Venus within the eleventh home – Worth friendships, group and humanity, know-how for good

Venus within the twelfth home – Worth spirituality, karma, unconscious understanding, collective acutely aware and unconscious, therapeutic, soul-mate relationships



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