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The Astrological Weeble | ElsaElsa



If you happen to don’t know what you’re taking a look at, it’s a weeble.  “Weebles wobble however they don’t fall down.”

Some persons are Weebles.  They get pleasure from super help in life, proven plainly of their chart.

It’s not that nothing unhealthy can occur to them. It’s extra like unhealthy issues hardly ever occur and once they do, the issues are usually short-lived.

Everybody has some stage of resilience however I’m speaking about individuals who reliably skate by hassle. On some stage these folks have a look at individuals who reside within the eye of hurricane as in the event that they belong to a different species.

Some blame the one who at all times appears to we strolling uphill. Others might pity them.  It’s arduous for folks on both finish of this spectrum to attach and so they might choose it that manner.

It’s a bit like being very, very fairly.  It’s an exquisite present that usually ostracizes you.

I’d say I’m partly Weeble despite all of the issues I’ve been by way of. That is perfect for my functions.  Not too fairly, not too ugly; I’m approachable. I’ve an insane quantity of unhealthy experiences however I additionally had no drawback instructing myself to learn on a seventh grade stage earlier than I turned 5.  I determine it’s a wash!

Astrologically, Weebles have help from Jupiter in some type. I believe that is common to the Weeble inhabitants. They could even have a Grand Trine of their chart, however not simply any Grand Trine.  The configuration has to dominate the chart.  A Grand Trine with a Grand Cross isn’t going to do it.

Within the case of an individual with a dominant Grand Trine, transits will hit the much less favorable elements of their chart and issues will occur to them…briefly.  Earlier than lengthy they’re again in that trine.

You might surprise if this hinders their progress; I believe it does generally. The identical factor occurs with a dominant and harsh kind Grand Cross. For this reason the blended bag is preferable in my thoughts.  For me, that is. I would like my presents and warts and all.  You might really feel otherwise.

Paul Simon wrote a tune about this, you’ll be able to hear it under.

Are you a Weeble? Have you learnt a Weeble?



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