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The Defeat of the West │ Emmanuel Todd

The Defeat of the West │ Emmanuel Todd


Emmanuel Todd, historian, demographer, anthropologist, sociologist and political analyst, is a part of a dying breed: one of many only a few remaining exponents of old-fashioned French intelligentzia. Todd was the primary Western mental, already in 1976, to have predicted the autumn of the USSR in his e book La Chute Finale (The Remaining Fall), along with his analysis based mostly on Soviet toddler mortality charges […] The primary nugget regarding his newest e book, La Défaite de l’Occident (The Defeat of the West) is the minor miracle of truly being revealed final week in France, proper throughout the NATO sphere: a hand grenade of a e book, by an unbiased thinker, based mostly on details and verified knowledge, blowing up the entire Russophobia edifice erected across the ‘aggression’ by ‘Tsar’ Putin.

Todd focuses on the important thing causes which have led to the West’s downfall. Amongst them: the tip of the nation-state; de-industrialization (which explains NATO’s deficit in producing weapons for Ukraine); the “diploma zero” of the West’s spiritual matrix, Protestantism; the sharp improve of mortality charges within the US (a lot greater than in Russia), together with suicides and homicides; and the supremacy of an imperial nihilism expressed by the obsession with Without end Wars. Todd methodically analyses, in sequence, Russia, Ukraine, Japanese Europe, Germany, Britain, Scandinavia and at last The Empire. Let’s give attention to what could be the 12 Best Hits of his outstanding train:

1. Initially of the Particular Navy Operation (SMO) in February 2022, the mixed GDP of Russia and Belarus was solely 3.3% of the mixed West (on this case the NATO sphere plus Japan and South Korea). Todd is amazed how these 3.3% able to producing extra weapons than the entire Western colossus not solely are successful the struggle however decreasing dominant notions of the “neoliberal political economic system” (GDP charges) to shambles.
2. The “ideological solitude” and “ideological narcissism” of the West – incapable of understanding, for example, how “the entire Muslim world appears to think about Russia as a companion relatively than an adversary”.
3. Todd eschews the notion of “Weberian states” – evoking a scrumptious compatibility of imaginative and prescient between Putin and US realpolitik practitioner John Mearsheimer. As a result of they’re pressured to outlive in an setting the place solely energy relations issues, states at the moment are appearing as “Hobbesian brokers.” And that brings us to the Russian notion of a nation-state, centered on “sovereignty”: the capability of a state to independently outline its inner and exterior insurance policies, with no overseas interference in any respect.
4. The implosion, step-by-step, of WASP tradition, which led, “for the reason that Nineteen Sixties”, to “an empire disadvantaged of a middle and a mission, an primarily army organism managed by a bunch with out tradition (within the anthropological sense)”. That is Todd defining the US neocons.
5. The US as a “post-imperial” entity: only a shell of army equipment disadvantaged of an intelligence-driven tradition, resulting in “accentuated army enlargement in a section of huge contraction of its industrial base”. As Todd stresses, “trendy struggle with out business is an oxymoron”.
6. The demographic entice: Todd exhibits how Washington strategists “forgot {that a} state whose inhabitants enjoys a excessive instructional and technological degree, even whether it is lowering, doesn’t lose its army energy”. That’s precisely the case of Russia in the course of the Putin years.
7. Right here we attain the crux of Todd’s argument: his post-Max Weber reinterpretation of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, revealed just a little over a century in the past, in 1904/1905: “If Protestantism was the matrix for the ascension of the West, its loss of life, at the moment, is the reason for the disintegration and defeat.Todd clearly defines how the 1688 English ‘Superb Revolution’, the 1776 American Declaration of Independence and the 1789 French Revolution had been the true pillars of the liberal West. Consequently, an expanded ‘West’ shouldn’t be traditionally ‘liberal’, as a result of it additionally engineered “Italian fascism, German Nazism and Japanese militarism”. In a nutshell, Todd exhibits how Protestantism imposed common literacy on the populations it managed, “as a result of all devoted should immediately entry the Holy Scriptures. A literate inhabitants is able to financial and technological growth. The Protestant faith modeled, accidentally, a superior, environment friendly workforce.” And it’s on this sense that Germany was “on the coronary heart of Western growth”, even when the Industrial Revolution occurred in England. Todd’s key formulation is undisputable: “The essential issue of the ascension of the West was Protestantism’s attachment to alphabetization.Furthermore Protestantism, Todd stresses, is twice on the coronary heart of the historical past of the West: through the tutorial and financial drive – with worry of damnation and the necessity to really feel chosen by God engendering a piece ethic and a powerful, collective morality – and through the concept Males are unequal (keep in mind the White Man’s Burden). The collapse of Protestantism couldn’t however destroy the work ethic to the advantage of mass greed: that’s, neoliberalism.
8. Todd’s sharp critique of the spirit of 1968 would advantage a complete new e book. He refers to “one of many nice illusions of the Nineteen Sixties – between Anglo-American sexual revolution and Might 68 in France”; “to consider that the person could be larger if free of the collective”. That led to an inevitable debacle: “Now that we’re free, en masse, from metaphysical beliefs, foundational and derived, communist, socialist or nationalist, we stay the expertise of the void.” And that’s how we grew to become “a mess of mimetic midgets who don’t dare to assume by themselves – however reveal themselves as able to intolerance because the believers of historic occasions.
9. Todd’s transient evaluation of the deeper that means of transgenderism fully shatters the Church of Woke – from New York to the EU sphere, and can provoke serial suits of rage. He exhibits how transgenderism is “one of many flags of this nihilism that now defines the West, this drive to destroy, not simply issues and people however actuality.” And there’s an added analytical bonus: “The transgender ideology says {that a} man could develop into a girl, and a girl could develop into a person. This can be a false affirmation, and on this sense, near the theoretical coronary heart of Western nihilism.” It will get worse, on the subject of the geopolitical ramifications. Todd establishes a playful psychological and social connection between this cult of the faux and the Hegemon’s wobbly conduct in worldwide relations. Instance: the Iranian nuclear expensive clinched underneath Obama turning into a hardcore sanctions regime underneath Trump. Todd: “American overseas coverage is, in its personal means, gender fluid.”
10. Europe’s “assisted suicide”. Todd reminds us how Europe at first was the Franco-German couple. Then after the 2007/2008 monetary disaster, that changed into “a patriarchic marriage, with Germany as a dominant partner not listening to his companion anymore”. The EU deserted any pretention of defending Europe’s pursuits – reducing itself off from vitality and commerce with its companion Russia and sanctioning itself. Todd identifies, accurately, the Paris-Berlin axis changed by the London-Warsaw-Kiev axis: that was “the tip of Europe as an autonomous geopolitical actor”. And that occurred solely 20 years after the joint opposition by France-Germany to the neocon struggle on Iraq.
11. Todd accurately defines NATO by plunging into “their unconscious”: “We observe that its army, ideological and psychological mechanism doesn’t exist to guard Western Europe, however to manage it.
12. In tandem with a number of analysts in Russia, China, Iran and amongst independents in Europe, Todd is certain that the US obsession – for the reason that Nineties – to chop off Germany from Russia will result in failure: “Ultimately, they’ll collaborate, as “their financial specializations outline them as complementary”. The defeat in Ukraine will open the trail, as a “gravitational pressure” reciprocally seduces Germany and Russia.

[…] Regardless of the deadline, inbuilt in all it is a whole Russia victory – with the winner dictating all phrases. No negotiations, no ceasefire, no frozen battle – because the Hegemon is now determined spinning.




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